Final Transmutation of Earth

Conversation with Sananda

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, published on November 27, 2014

translated by Franz


by Georgi Stankov

This latest message from Sananda reiterates one more time the simultaneity and immediacy of all major events, such as the collapse of the old matrix, the MPR and our ascension at the End Time in a very impressive manner. Only recently I had an email exchange with some readers of this website – I stress readers and not PAT members, as the latter know all this too well – regarding their still very much distorted ideas on the ascension scenario in its final stage.

Forget all about any gradual linear evolution of this society. This reality will end up with a singularity – the MPR and Ascension to the new 4D worlds, while we, the new Logos Gods, shall ascend to 5D and higher. This is the only truth and that is why I am repeating it like mantra so many times, as obviously some readers still don’t get it. And these final, big transformative events will happen all of a sudden, within a few days.

That is why I am making you aware of all major developments that lead to this end, such as the financial crash of the gold, silver and equity markets, the shutdown of all banks, the economic infarct, the last-ditch effort of the ruling cabal to throw humanity into the abyss and their subsequent demise, etc. etc. Everything I am publishing on this website has the purpose to sharpen your perception and discernment for one single reason – you are the Creator Gods, the demiurgs of this final ascension scenario and the more clear your minds are as to how it will unfold, the more powerful our creation will be.



Dream: I see that the whole earth is destroyed. An unbelievable energy sweeps across the whole earth; the scene has a “final” character. Thereby it is notable that I do not perceive a single human Being on this earth. (End of dream)


Among human beings,in these days of truth, in the days, which change one world and let another world evolve. This dream image shows the earth after human beings have already left it. Forlorn and ready for the final transmutation.

JJK: This means that mankind leaves this world before the “Great Eevent”?

SANANDA: At the same time with this event. In the dream you already perceive yourself being on another level and many human beings will go through this; Immediately after these events occur, nearly simultaneously human beings will be taken from this world.

JJK: Also those, who have chosen another experience of suffering or those, who were not able to become friends with the ascension?

SANANDA: Also those human beings, yes. Human beings, who stay far away from ascension, will receive exactly the experience, which their soul has chosen for them. They will be switched into a dynamics of suffering, as it serves the further unfolding; they will be free of it, as this is no longer necessary.

JJK: How does it take shape for the ascending ones?

SANANDA: These remain unharmed in all areas and ascend shortly before this event or they remain close to the transmuting earth as custodians and guardians of this process. The potentials are manifold here. In essence there are so many different ascension scenarios, as there are ascending ones.

New Energy Quality 

JJK: Since yesterday I perceive an entirely different energy quality. It feels like if all provisions have been completed. And I also see that the “collective impatience” of the ascending ones yields to a new certitude. From my perspective much has indeed changed.

SANANDA: Yes, the new earths (4D worlds) are fulfilled with new life. This means that human beings already begin to anchor in their new home. Thereby the bindings are released, which keep human beings in this world. Human beings become lighter and more transparent.

Connected with it is the attainment of the ability to experience the simultaneity of all events. This is a new quality in order to experience daily life in this world with joy, and in order to let go of the waiting for the ascension and of all expectations, which are connected with it.

It happens now and the souls of the ascending ones are now “attuned” to this knowledge. This process creates a tremendous inner certitude, creates calm and brings human beings into deep inner peace.

JJK: Are these the last developments before the “Event” manifests?

SANANDA: There are other developments, which have to be accomplished in this space-time by the limited human consciousness: until every ascending one is interlocked with the Now-consciousness and has anchored this knowledge.

JJK: Actually, I perceive also the progressing awakening of many human beings. Also even if I cannot recognize a spiritual awakening in most cases, human beings increasingly realize that the ruling class is leading them by their nose ring.

SANANDA: This is a significant sign that this system is in an upheaval and breakdown and that the great cleansing occurs. On all levels the switches have been set for the turnaround of the world and the turnabout of mankind. This occurs on all levels, which means that great measures follow.

At this point we end our conversation – new levels of awareness are created and in these days you become fully aware of it. Stay on course, whereby you wring daily with your own shadows, which distort the sight toward the great Light. And know: The greater your divine assignments, the more encompassing must be the redemption of your being, so that you can also live up to these assignments.

Today, there is no task more important for a human being than to put your life into the Light on a daily basis, which means, far from imaginations and wishes, to see what is and to remove inappropriate thinking, feeling and actions from your life. Your transfiguration comes to you; there is no need for further activity, except the unconditional willingness to look at yourself in God’s Light and to remove any shadow (this latter condition has been fulfilled by the light warriors of the first and last hours, by the PAT, long time ago; note, George).

Act accordingly and you have done everything that fosters the well-being of the world, that paves the way for your ascension and affects your arrival in Heaven.

I am amongst you. Together we return to God.

I am


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