Energy Update of the PAT – November 24, 2014

Archon Battles and Waves During the Portal of Truth, Nov 11 – 21, 2014

November 23, 2104

Dear George:

As always, your most recent energy report is a relief. Sharing all the body symptoms except the fever.

Massive sense of foreboding over these last 3 days. Exactly as if a battle would be waged and the resolution was of greatest import to all.

One night it was as if I was plugged into a huge energy source.  Everything I had in me was being used for a larger purpose. I was electrified and awake throughout. Exhausting.

And the night after, came a battle.  I fell asleep only to be completely startled from sleep by an explosion in the air, right next to my bed.  I saw silver and smoke and wisps of light and knew that the event took place in another dimension so close, yet so far away.

My throat continues to be cleared, night after night. A huge excavation.



Dear Malechite,

thank you for this verification of our epic battle with the archons on November 18th.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Our friend reported some hours ago that the dark ones started to attack us for preventing our approaching ascension. She has got this warning from her helpers, which are standing close to us, who are candidates for ascension.

We had to state the following sentence verbally:

I forbid the dark ones to do me harm now and anytime in the future!

The consequence of this words is that our light starts to spread out into our world with high influx. We think that if sufficiently many people do this invocation, Light explosion can take place. If you agree with this, please confirm and spread this information!

Your Sincerely



Dear Georgi,

Yesterday I noticed the start of respite after 11 days of literally dying. Today I am experiencing constant awareness expansion. However I do feel like pace of this expansion could be faster (but it’s still better than nothing) .

All the Best,



Dear Georg,

Today I got a message from you from the 21th of November..I read the energy update and, not to my surprise, I read nothing but attacks and more attacks on the PAT members… well Georg, I have been under attack lately now for about the last 2 years but things start getting heavier for me.

I won’t let my spirit be broken but every time I get back on my feet so to speak, there is another attack. Last Friday when I felt a lot better after having all those physical attacks like lung problems, lots of coughing, headaches muscle aches all over… I was thrown to the ground while walking.

Now, I know for sure that I was calm and collected. walking carefully and relaxed and all of a sudden I felt my right leg collapsing from under me and I could not stop myself from falling, this happened to me many times before, but now I was totally conscious of it… I was pushed!!

I live my truth, my heart chakra and my throat chakra are fully open and I cannot help but speak my truth and nobody can stop me now anymore!

It is a hard time for conscious people in a land full of sleepy people. I don’t mind ‘they’ think I am crazy, not at all, I am glad that they think of me as crazy, it would be worse to be ‘normal’.

Thanks for your uplifting reports, they keep me on my feet.

With love

Wilma Ouwerkerk from the Netherlands


Dear Wilma,

thank you for this validation of the constant cleansing waves of dark human dross and also associated with malicious attacks on us, as there is not much difference between the two conditions.

I congratulate your decision to stay firmly to the truth and no longer be silent, especially now that the 5th throat chakra is opened in many people and they must finally begin to accept the truth. It will be interesting to know if you notice a higher level of acceptance now when you present the truth to the people from your environment compared to before.

With love and light



Dear Georg,

yes, indeed, you are so right, the people that I speak to accept the truth at a very different level now. It is like talking about the weather it is so easy now, it seems the truth really hits home… there are very special conversations.

And in my little studio, where I give ayurvedic massages and acupuncture, I have these conversations as well and the most interesting people enter this place, it is so balanced and feels so good, like a dimension in a dimension.

Before this opening people where more stand offish, if you know what I mean, now they are more susceptible to it.

Love and Light to you and my love to Carla



November 24, 2014

(Another huge cc-wave with splitting headache and gastric pain (3rd chakra) this night and in the morning due to activation of the gold flame of ascension and illumination, note, George)

no English translation

Lieber Georgi,

was passiert gerade. Geht mir nur so oder betrifft das alle. Gestern Nacht hat angefangen wellenweise mein Herz zu klopfen. Ich konnte nicht einschlafen. Minuten lang schnell so das ich hören konnte und dann wieder normal.

Heute seit ich aufgestanden bin kann ich fast nicht mehr gerade stehen. Nicht das mir nur ziemlich übel ist aber auch die Zeit ist heute so schnell. Ich bin “gerade aufgestanden” und jetzt haben wir schon 13:24 und ich habe gerade geschafft meine Zähne zu putzen. Was geht ab? Was passiert gerade? Ich dachte wir haben das “schlimmste” überstanden.

Ganz liebe Grüße


Liebe Sherina,

es ist sehr hart und es wird so bleiben bis zum Ende. Ich leide ebenfalls unter dieser Welle und habe die ganze Nacht und jetzt starken Kopfschmerz und Magenschmerzen.

Liebe Grüße



November 22, 2014

Dear Georgi.

I can’t say now exactly which day has been the last attack I’ve suffered, but very likely it was on the 18th. What I can confirm is the strong battle fought this 3-4 last days including awakening in the middle of the night and jumping from bed using the Lighsaber almost in a knee jerk move. I’m every day as a crazy woman using my Lightsaber many times a day, with no stop. I’ve been so since the first moment Jahn talked about it.

I’m also doing what I call “Killing the evil-doers” in a non-stop manner too, killing the humanoids that are the carriers of this astral dark forces which could not enter this reality were it not for this humanoids carriers. I thought about sending you an email elaborating this but I have no strength, neither physical nor psychic, believe me. All of us, the warrior of the first and the last hours, are suffering an unending burnt-out warrior syndrome, as I see it.

Yesterday, I’ve realized that my body is suffering a severe serotonin deficit due precisely to this life and I realized too the enormous sacrifice we all are doing simply by living physically incarnate in this reality (our physical presence is energetically supporting this reality together so to say at the cost of our very lives at all levels). And I’d like to ask you what could I take to increase this serotonin levels healthily.

Much love to you and Carla.



Dear Carol,

to begin with your last question. We also have lower serotonin (5-HTP Histamintryptophan)) levels and we take pills every evening before going to bed, You can buy it in any drugstore.

Yes, I fully agree with you that the life of a light warrior is the most exhausting and unrewarding life one can choose on this dark planet and that the battles do not end until the very end.

I can only hope that this one on Nov 18 was the last one we have had.

With love and light


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