A Very Short Energy Update – November 15, 2014

Georgi Stankov


I do not want to complain, but since the opening of the 11.11 portal  I am in a terrible condition. I have severe pain due to a sore throat caused by a massive cleansing wave as I have never experienced before. It feel as if I have undergone a tonsillectomy and suffer from acute postoperative pain. I have a feeling of fever all the time with burning eyes, although there is no elevated temperature and my body aches all over like a severe flu.

Can barely sleep in the night and feel as if I am suffocating. Haven’t had such an episode since spring this year and thought these kinds of experiences were behind me. Barely cope with the daily life.

Today is another huge cc-wave with a severe headache, when I thought we would be spared after these three days of incessant torture. Carla suffers from the same symptoms as I do.

We were told by the Elohim that it has to do with the activation of the 5th chakra of truth in all people as to begin finally with the revelations, but Carla is also very ill and unable to finish the message. Hope to be better tomorrow, although such episodes last usually 2-3 weeks due to a prolonged broncho-pneumonitis with chest pain, coughing and expectoration. In my case, it goes on like this since 1999 and enough is enough.

I am indeed very much pissed off with this interminable cleansing and if you are going through the same ordeal, you have every right to be pissed off with your HS and the whole shebang. And do not hesitate to express this indignation – you have every right to do so. If some idiot intercepts your daily trajectory and angers you, forget all rosy, fluffy, tepid recommendations how an enlightened being should behave and do not hesitate to aggress him as a manifestation of the new energy quality of truth that we now introduce on this uppermost mother planet. I can assure you, you will feel much better after that, and this is what counts these days. Forget the empty soulless shells around you, they have no feelings whatsoever and there is no way how they can avoid their dreadful destiny anyway, which must start at some point in time. Why not with you? This, in case you need it and you can always put the blame on me. I do not mind taking the full responsibility, now, while we are saving the asses of so many slumbering light workers.

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