The Time of Truth and Revelations

Georgi Stankov, October 8, 2014

We have entered the time of truth when sweeping revelations will wipe out the old Orion order. The reason for this is that the high frequency energies coming from the Source are now flooding this planet and humanity as never before. Only this morning I performed in a powerful alchemical reaction, a huge cleansing for the x-time of the Western judicial system, which I know very well from 14 law suits that were enforced upon me by my HS and by the system itself in the last 20 years.

These law suits dealt with German law and revealed the insanity of any kind of Orion jurisdiction, no matter what nationality. But now I am also indirectly involved in the insidious British understanding of jurisprudence that goes back to the most devious group of dark archons and Reptilian shape-shifters – the British crown and their stooges in court and politics. The barristers in all colonies of the British empire, such as Canada are still under the jurisdiction of the British crown and they display the same confused dark understanding of true human rights and ethical values as their dark precursors on the sinking in poverty island of England.

But the most heinous combination of all is when such jurisdiction works in cahoot with the Western medical system and the state. Then we have the most poisonous and perilious mixture of Orwellian totalitarian enslavement of humanity, as this can be ubiquitously observed nowadays in the Empire of Evil just a few miles away to the south from where I now live.

Then we have the obnoxious marriage between CIA and other secret services and  journalism, which is supposed to follow the principles of free and independent press.

I remember when I worked as program editor for Radio Free Europe in the 80s and run into big troubles precisely for the same reasons as depicted in the following interview with the German journalist Udo Ulfkotte. The first address I was sent to discuss my problem was a CIA agent who had a special office in this huge sender that was supposed to defend the spirit of freedom in Eastern Europe as its name suggests.

As you can imagine, my quest for truth and transparency led to my dismissal by the CIA and their presstitutes that called themselves free journalists. This did not bother me much as I intended to leave this institution on my own, but wanted the management to act first and feel ashamed for its deed. But I had also the most rewarding satisfaction in my life as many of my colleagues came to me and expressed privately their admiration for my bold opposition and wished they could do the same thing, if they were not afraid to lose their job. Being a young medical doctor at that time, this was only a short excursion for myself in the field of journalism, to get some intimate experience with its abysmal corruption by secret services.

This summer all the critical and honest experts on foreign policy were flabbergasted by the uniform war-mongering propaganda of all Western media in Europa and North America with respect to the civil war in Ukraine, which the USA (CIA) and EU unleashed in this impoverished country by supporting a criminal Nazi-Putsch regime, and in total denial of all facts and truths on the ground. This was a major topic of my articles since the re-opening of this website. Now the Western presstitutes have reverted to total silence after the West lost this war against Russia, which is another form of total denial as the civil war is still ongoing in this country and causes numerous victims. The CIA-pimps ordered their presstitutes to fuck other countries  – Syria and Iraq.

Now the energetic waves of personal sincerity seem to have reached the ranks of the Western presstitutes. The famous German journalist Udo Ulfkotte, whon I know very well from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a leading newspaper of the dark cabal in Germany, has just written a new bestseller ” Gekaufte Journalisten” (Bribed Journalists), about which I have already reported. Here, I am happy to present you his interview with Russian Television (RT), where he frankly describes the methods by which all presstitutes in the West are bribed and become stooges of the dark ruling cabal and their secret services. There has never been true democracy on this planet, and foremost not in the West, just as there has never been a “free” press, because this humanity does not know what freedom really is.

Enjoy this interview with all the reservations you are entitled to cherish when former darlings of the press fall from grace and discover the charm of personal honesty. This does make for the big change we are waiting for, but it is a beginning and a very promising one.

The Art Of Deception Official Full Movie & Dr Udo Ulfkotte, Journalist And Author, On RT – It Is All A Deception



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