The Shift Portal to Higher Consciousness on October 25, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, October 21, 2014

Yesterday I published Part 1 of my article on the

Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy

There I addressed the issue why all light workers failed to use their intellectuality and establish a coherent view of the world that is immune to any dark archonic manipulations. I mentioned in particular the idea of NESARA as a very dark, insidious idea of the Reptilian archons from the astral plane to mire the light workers and deter them from their pathway of soul evolution.

Synchronistacally with the finishing of my article, Carla forwarded a letter from Larry to me that exemplifies the total confusion of these “Moechtegern”- Lightworkers (wishful lightworkers) to use a German term. You must have read in the meantime my response to Larry and the much more comprehensive elaboration of Carla on the “Discernment for the Channeller“. There is nothing more to add to this topic.

We have left the time of pleasantries and entered the time of frank speak. There is no time left to continue playing the beloved New Ager’s role of the “offended virgin” when the defloration of the soul by dark entities can no longer be hidden. This holds true both for dark channellers and their admirers. In particular now, on the eve of the most dramatic leap in consciousness which humanity has ever experienced.

Those who know what is currently happening in preparation of what will come next, that is to say, the diligent readers of this website, can use their discernment and establish a truthful weltanschauung what is important and what is relevant in these days, as Pamela writes to me today:

Dear George,
I am not sure why you suggested re-reading “The Day of Days” message as a prereq. to your very comprehensive article “The 10 Reasons Why the New Age Failed” , but I had just re-read it myself and was going to reference it in my note to you today. My reason for doing this was that everything I recalled from that message from the Ascended Masters seemed to be a compelling description of what these new higher Source energies must indeed bring. And, as you mentioned [in your Oct 18 article] “this huge shift must be associated with a huge expansion of human awareness”, and surely the resulting explosion  from the Avalanche Portal must  bring the sort of revelatory experience that is described! Isn’t that what the Great Event really is? A monumental insertion of Source Light Energy that transforms everything and would naturally include, for those who are ready for it, their own enlightenment and transfiguration? So, as this is what we have been given as a sampling of what is to come, and it certainly fulfills my idea of a great day! I am in eager anticipation of the New Moon Portal.”

And indeed it is all about the powerful new moon and solar eclipse portal on October 23rd and what will happen after that. According to our personal information the most likely date of the expected huge expansion of human awareness will be October 25th, but as you know linear time is rather malleable and changes should be always considered.

Below I would like to publish a link to a good message from AA Hermes, which also addresses this big Event and confirms most of what we have discussed so far. This message establishes a very comforting opposite to the dark messages, which such infested sources as Kathryn May and Suzanne Ward (Matthew) receive and publish. It is a disgrace for both those websites that publish such dark messages and for these women who have become a mouthpiece of the dark Reptilian archons.

I approached personally Suzanne Ward almost two years ago and made her aware of this fact and that her messages have nothing to do with her deceased son, no matter where he now dwells, but she was so furious at me that there was no chance to reach her mind and soul. Since then I have given up any hope to save any light worker whatsoever, but only to publish how I see the things.

It is therefore a great consolation for me that very soon we shall experience the time when:

Many who have long remained in denial of what they know deep within is their truth, shall no longer be able to dismiss it. They will finally find the courage to stand and act for what they have long known, is what they should be doing. The bondage and energy draining aspects of their everyday matrix lifestyles will begin to fade away, and some of the events that will lead up to this from their personal lives, shall be quite severe.

as AA Hermes clearly states about the effects of the coming portal of massive expansion of human consciousness:

FinalIy I would like to make you aware of a recent channelling from my old friend Suzanne Lie, whose lack of personal courage three years ago alienated her from me. Here the Arcturians give us a very credible explanation, why most of the star seeds failed in their current incarnation and why their HS were helpless to awaken them. This has always been a leitmotif of this website and I cannot suppress my suspicion that this message is a very personal warning to Sue why she did not make any tangible spiritual progress in the last three years, as this is mirrored by her rather redundant and dull messages from her HS, which of course carry many different names:

If you think that this is my final sum-up with the light workers community, wait and see, the truth is yet to come and I will be the inexorable bearer and executor of most of this truth.

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