The Beatitudes

channelled by JahnJ Kassl on September 24, 2014
first published on October 4, 2014 in

Blessed are they, who fully devote to God, Because they will find entrance into Heaven.
Blessed are they, who totally accept life,
Because they are accepted by God; God is Life.
Blessed are they, who fully commit to becoming God and Spirit oneself, because they will encounter God before this world will go away.

Blessed are they, who see oneself as servants of one’s assignments, because they will partake in its fulfillment.
Blessed are they, who guard the flame of ascension and stoke the Light of Life, to them God’s Kingdom is certain.
Blessed are they, who serve on earth, in this time of cosmic transformation, even though they have overcome this world long ago; they will truly be raptured, way beyond the Light that casts no shadows.
Blessed are they, who love God.
Blessed are they, who live in God and
Blessed are they, who act through God, because the acts of these human Beings shape worlds and imprint indelibly in these worlds.
Blessed be you, who follows these words, because the Creator’s invisible hand guides you across space and time.


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