Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 8

By Georgi Stankov, October 29, 2014


10. The intellectual inability of the New Age movement to understand the Theory of the Universal Law as the Theory of Ascension and its sweeping consequences for human weltanschauung, science, new technologies and soul evolution.

Let us face the current situation with open and critical eyes. There, we have a weak spiritual movement, barely surviving on the fringes of the Orion matrix, completely unable to present a convincing new point of view, a compelling ideology of the human spirit, that is able to challenge the basic mainstream ideas of this Orion society and recommend itself as a viable intellectual and spiritual alternative for a New Life and a “New Age”.

Here, we have the new theory of the Universal Law, which is undoubtedly the greatest intellectual achievement of the human mind in the history of this civilisation. Past civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis knew and implemented the Universal Law. which they called the “Law of One”, in the organisation of their societies, before they forgot it or deliberately neglected it under the influence of the dark Orion /Reptilian archons and experienced their total destruction.

This historical fact reveals that no civilization of sentient beings can survive on the long run, unless it fully accepts and implements the theory of the Universal Law in their daily life (as common weltanschauung), in the organisation of society (as social and economic theory), in their spiritual evolution (as human Gnosis), in science and in the introduction of new sophisticated technologies based on free energy and immediate creation from the fulcrum of the soul (soul technologies).

You have all this in the new General Theory of the Universal Law as presented for free on this website. And how many light workers were able to appreciate this generous gift from the Source, given to them through me, and made a practical use of it – to enlighten themselves, expand their consciousness and thus more easily enter the LBP and ascend?

Only a handful of light warriors of the first and the last hour, also referred to as the Planetary Ascension Team, because they were able to raise their personal frequencies and expand their energetic fields to such an extent as to become very effective conduits of source energies and massive cleansers of dark human dross on a global scale. In other words, by accepting the new Theory of the Universal Law and its implications, even though they could not follow all the derivations of this Law in physics (which were only meant for scientists to convince them in the ubiquitous validity of this new Theory of Ascension and why they must discard their present-day failed physical theory), these light warriors made the best of all choices and will be rewarded with ascension to 5D and higher dimensions and eternal bliss. This is how Heaven operates and anything else is New Age bullshit.

And what will happen with the rest – with the ignorant majority of the light workers, who not only did not take any notice of the existence of the New Theory of the Universal Law, but even rejected it as devil’s work and wanted to eliminate it by killing the character of the messenger? In this, the New Agers only proved that they still carry all the vices of the old Orion matrix and are mere impostors in the field of spiritualism. Never before has this truth become so obvious as in these last days, when famous New Age gurus crash under the overwhelming evidence of their dark infestation and the esoteric scene is void of any new ideas and has nothing to offer, but shock and regret that the time of self-perpetuating illusions is now over as one shamanic moron recently wrote, after he declared K. May to be the “best channeller of the world” several weeks ago. 

But the more so this website of the new Ascension Theory of the Universal Law. And to read and understand the eternal truth of the Universal Law, you do not need to pay for expensive courses and webinars, but only to focus your mind and read the new axiomatics of the Universal Law as an introduction to the Theory of Ascension, as many times as it is necessary until you internalize every single idea and axiom and make it the foundation of your personal thinking and behaviour. There is nobody else, who will do this effort for you, just as nobody else can ascend for you. You alone have to make it. This is the bottom line of human life and this truth now becomes more evident than ever before.

For many years my effort to disseminate and propagate the ideas of the Universal Law was equivalent to Jesus parable (Matthew 7.6):

“”Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

Indeed, many light workers behaved in the past like dogs and pigs and that is why their soul fragments have already descended to the dogs’ planet and other lower 3D and 4D timelines. This truth has always been there – you either evolve spiritually, morally and intellectually and ascend or you slumber, degrade and descend to lower and denser timelines. But precisely this truth is stubbornly rejected by most self-proclaimed seekers of the light, by the New Age fraudsters, who substitute unconditional love with mere complacency towards their total bankruptcy as ethical, moral and intelligent human beings.

By the way, the dogs have already ascended to 5D as they are incarnations of the collective spirit of Sirian ascended masters. When my dog Kimbah died and ascended  at the beginning of this year, this transition gave me such a powerful shift to higher dimensions, as I have never experienced before. Since then he is very often with me in the dream state and waits together with my previous dog Metcho my imminent arrival in the 5D.

Hence, there are dogs as ascended masters and there are humans, who behave like dogs and swines, as it can be observed with great dismay in the New Age scene. This is what Jesus (alias Apollonius of Tyana) correctly observed 2000 years ago and nothing has changed since then in the human behaviour. The truth is always the most painful revelation for all those, who stubbornly reject it. But it is unavoidable in these final days. After all the “Day of Days” should be the Day of the Last Judgment and one should not blame the messenger for repeating this divine fact of All-That-Is, which is, by the way, in the core of all world religions of Advent and one of the few pieces of eternal spiritual truth they have to offer to their believers.

The new Theory of the Universal Law is not the next arbitrary theory as most esoteric trash theories, void of any scientific understanding, currently are. It is the ONLY and all-encompassing categorical system of  human knowledge available to humanity that does not contain any logical contradictions and paradoxes. And it will stay so after ascension. That is why it is the Theory of Ascension for all upper 4D worlds and of course for the 5D and higher dimensions, where this verbal theory will still be valid, but no longer necessary in this form because all information will be acquired telepathically and immediately, while human language will be recognized as a very slow and cumbersome form of communication and will be discarded.

But the founding ideas of the Theory of the Universal Law – its Axiomatics – are valid for all dimensions up to the Source as it reflects the Nature of All-That-Is = Energy. That is why this theory of eternal character and its validity will not be challenged by any expansion of human consciousness, no matter how multi-dimensional and all-encompassing it will be.

Hence make use of this divine gift in these last days and study this theory as intensively as you can, as it will be your springboard to individual ascension. No other mental and intellectual activity will bring you quicker upward on the ladder of ascension, because when you begin to understand and internalize the beauty and open infinity of the new Theory of the Universal Law as a method of logical thinking, you shall begin to experience also a huge clarity of all your feelings and your emotional body will undergo a huge expansion and liberation from past mentally tainted, inappropriate emotional patterns. Then human intellectuality (6.chakra) and emotions (4.chakra) go hand in hand in the new unified chakra of an ascended master and you can only refine your emotions by refining and streamlining your thoughts. And the best method to do this, is to follow the new axiomatic thinking of the Universal Law.





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