Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 4

By Georgi Stankov, October 25, 2014


5. The Redeemer Syndrome: No knowledge of Health, Disease and the Regulation of the Biological Organism among New Age Healers and Gurus, but only Naked Ego

The New Age movement evolved to a large extent around healing oneself and other allegedly ill people. Healing them from their real or fictional emotional blockages and disbalances, from their karmic past and present wrong patterns. New Age gurus and healers abundant, telling you for money, often a lot of money, why your past karma has led to your current failed life and how they can heal you if you only follow their precious advises, which they obtain from a divine source, to which only they have an access.

Most of it is in fact simple parroting of previous healers and gurus, driven by the egomanic desire to be accepted as a guru-healer who redeems the people from their suffering and ascends to lofty heights in the peoples’ admiration. This is the same perpetuation of the Christian religious myth of Jesus as a miraculous healer through divine dispensation that fascinates so much the stupid sheeple in the churches.

In this sense, the strive for channelling and healing comes from the same source of human vanity. This acitivity is widely accepted by all New Agers as a valid and legitimate ambition in the field of spirituality, but never properly analysed under the premises of unprocessed human ego that hinders personal evolution. And above all, this trend prevents all these wishful healers from acquiring a true knowledge of what regulates the human organism and determines the state of health and disease that requires a subsequent treatment by an external healer.

Nowhere in this already entirely derailed human race will you find so many stupid opinions, misunderstandings and outright dangerous recommendations about health and disease than in the current New Age movement. While correctly rejecting most of present-day established medicine, and less so the highly pecuniary health care system in the West, the healing alternatives that modern esotericists offer are at best appalling and at worst criminal, as none of them are based on sound knowledge and in their vast majority do only harm as they run counter to basic principles of biological regulation. All this is based on profound and deliberately induced ignorance.

Let me specify on this key topic that is not really appreciated even by the most pronounced critics of the New Age as it affords a deep knowledge in bio-science and medicine. Here I will argue as a medical doctor, who has worked for decades at the front of clinical research and as somebody who has established the most profound and all-encompassing theory of biological regulation that includes and explains the most advanced knowledge in biology, biochemistry, physiology, immunology, genetics, pharmacology and medicine practised as clinical research.

To begin with, one must realize that current bio-sciences as listed above have no idea how a single cell is regulated as to function as an ordered whole and even less so how trillions of cells that constitute the human (or any other) organism operate in an immaculate manner as to establish the perfect state of health for most part of human life of any individual. It is matter of fact that diseases are comparatively short termed experiences, even though their incidence is rapidly growing in the last years. These bio-sciences operate in a state of total agnosticism as to the nature of the vital force that “holds the pieces of each organism together” (Goethe).

If somebody tells you a different story, he is an absolute ignorant and has no idea of what he is talking about. In this sense, the New Age movement had the moral right to reject the current medicine and health care system that is based on false basic concepts and has no idea as to how the regulation of the human body operates in order to justify any external intervention in form of various treatments, such as drugs, surgery, radiation etc.

This intuitive conclusion was indeed made by many New Agers without being able to explain why modern science has failed in this effort as in any other respect to understand Nature and All-That-Is, and there has never been any attempt to bridge this huge gap in human gnostic knowledge. In reality, all New Age healers and  gurus and their followers have simply amplified the same vices of obsolete modern medicine by creating  a kind of a New Age vodoo medicine that is even worse than established medicine.

Nowhere would one find so many idiotic statements about health and disease and what one should do as to heal or prevent them than in the current New Age medicine. And all these advises and recommendations come from outright charlatans who cannot even spell DNA as a full word. But they would nonetheless tell you what your DNA contains and how you can use it as to be healed and progress in your spiritual evolution.

This is one particular example of total cretinism in the New Age, but there are infinite more, which I will spare you at this place. I will also refrain from citing any names, but this conclusion is based on a thorough analysis of the medical New Age literature and I assume that you also know many of the names of these charlatans. I have discussed some of them in past articles on this website and every argument I present here is based on the irrefutable foundation of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation as presented in volume III, which you can read as ebook on this website.

This elucidation reveals the immeasurable abysses of New Age stupidity and ignorance on any major topic of interest that have ultimately led to the total moral and intellectual bankruptcy of this movement. Or to put it in a biblical form  – rather a camel would go through the eye of a needle than a New Age Charlatan-Guru or a healer to ascend and enter the kingdom of God with this mind-set.

The inability of the New Age to comprehend the basic principles of biological regulation that determine the states of health and disease has one key implication that has not been well elucidated so far in this particular relationship. One cannot understand the LBP in its full energetic and physiological impact on the human body, unless one has resolved all scientific aspects of its regulation at the biological level and as an infinite energetic system of superimposed waves that is closely connected with the Source.

This was only possible after I discovered the Universal Law in 1994 and developed the new General Theory of Biological Regulation, which I then expanded to include all the relevant gnostic knowledge as presented in my six books on this topic (available as ebooks on this website). This kind of universal approach to the LBP is unique in the whole New Age literature. I will discuss the LBP as a separate point below, but I mention it at this place as all ten reasons that have led to the failure of the New Age movement are closely interrelated and interdependent.

To me it is the greatest conundrum of all – how could one expect to evolve spiritually and eventually ascend in the current End Times if he /she has shut his /her mind for new knowledge and rejects any source that offers such immaculate knowledge as this website. This is the mother of all questions, with which I address one last time the New Age movement, knowing that all my efforts to open their eyes are futile and that their soul fragments have already descended to much lower timelines and have started with another very long and dreadful incarnation cycle before they reach the future point in time when I shall appear one more time in front of them as Logos God and ask them the same question. Hopefully their future response will be more enlightened than now.


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