Short Energy Update – October 15, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

Since the seeding of the new human race during the night of October 12, 2014, we are in a constant, relentless ascension spiral. Since then I am a conduit of massive source energies from the Source without a pause. For the last three days my soul completely retrieved from my physical body to avoid this inhuman effort and I felt personally as if buried alive in this dense matter. She stayed in the HR to prepare the final phase of ascension from there, as this has been revealed to me in the dream state.

Yesterday evening my soul came back all of a sudden, after a powerful invocation by myself and Carla on the beach, when we moved one more time to a much higher timeline and the weather suddenly improved only to deteriorate again in the night and today. When my soul entered again my body, she caused such a sharp nausea that I had to vomit, which never happens to me. Then I felt much better all of a sudden.

We are now moving up and down the numerous timelines and this can be very exhausting and confusing. In particular, the third chakra, which is now responsible for our bilocation as multidimensional beings, is under huge stress. Gastric pain and nausea are very common symptoms during these timeline travels.

Another very pronounced symptom is the total emotional and mental emptiness. This is due to the fact that these energies from the Central sun are now cleansing all our deepest compartments and deleting many negative past memories. This process is associated with a total rejection of this reality and an almost painful physical resistance to all social forms of contact and communication.

This morning (Pacific time) there is a another huge cleansing wave associated with burning skin, heat bouts and a headache. Huge fears are released again from the collective.

What I am getting now, is that we are reaching a very vulnerable period of time when the Orion monetary system will crash for ever. It will most probably begin with the equity markets, which have since September entered a bear market and will fall much deeper in the coming days. The famous crash in the fall of 2008, when the whole investment banking on Wall Street was wiped out within a week in October is just a bleak reminiscence of what will come this fall.

The world economy is in full recession. The EU and the most sound Western economy, Germany have just announced this. The USA economy is in a downfall since 2008 and had already a prolonged recession period this year that has not finished yet, no matter how much the dark Obama government is trying to rig the statistics. China’s growth has substantially slowed down and Russia is hard hit by the decline of the ruble and the Western sanctions. There is not a single market worldwide that shows a positive growth.

Notwithstanding the two ongoing major wars in Ukraine and the Middle East that were unleashed, among others, with the aim of pushing the oil price much higher, it has actually fallen more than 25% since June this year. This is the most reliable indicator that the world economy is in full recession and that the world consumption has already significantly dropped. Even the IMF and the World bank admit this dire situation in their latest reports from this weekend and warn that the world economy is sailing into troubled waters, as was the case in 2007 and 2008 before the last major financial crash came and triggered the current biggest depression since the Great Depression.

Since then none of the problems that led to this depression has been resolved, quite on the contrary, all the problems such as national debt and lack of true economic growth have only been aggravated by austerity policies, numerous bailouts of the big Orion banks that doubled the national debt, and rampant printing of money out of thin air by all central banks.

In addition, we have the horrendous debt of all Western states. The USA is borrowing each year 8 trillion US $ (more than 50% of its BSP) from the rest of the world and its actual fiscal debt is rising a trillion $ each year for the last four years. How about the famous ceiling which led to the shutdown of all governmental activities last year? You do not hear anything anymore about this huge pending problem that was postponed by the Congress for its final resolution in the spring of this year. The reason for this is that the US debt is going through the roof and all commitments of the US representatives in the congress at that time were wiped with a big broom under the carpet of total collective forgetfulness. Even the so called alternative media are no longer talking about this huge debt problem, as they are as mired by this crumbling reality as the MSM and display the same short memory and compartmentalized thinking that now very much assimilates the state of insanity, which has been so excellently observed by Kari, the shinegirl, for the USA the other day.

Now the only likely scenario is a second dip into the Last Depression of the current dysfunctional Orion economy, before the Ascension can take place. This final Depression is now palpable everywhere and one must be blind not to see it. I reckon with a total shutdown of the banks in the days ahead, before the shift will come.

For this reason, I would like to recommend you to have some cash money at home, in case you can afford it, as to meet the coming financial challenges. You know all too well that nothing can happen to you anymore and all the events, leading to the collapse of the Orion matrix and the MPR, will occur within a couple of days and then we shall ascend, so that this financial crash will not really affect our daily life. But some cash at home may indeed mitigate the onset of these events as you will be able to meet your existential needs and that of your families in this short period of time, while we are still functioning in this reality as close observers and pillars of light.




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