Energy Update of the PAT – October 22, 2014

On the Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of the New Age Movement

October 22, 2014

Dear Georgi,

The new age movement is a total embarrassment. Would we not have done better if they had all stayed silent and not paraded their self-deceptive ignorance as messages from on-high? What fools to turn around and showcase their meager learning devoid of anything real, in masturbatory self-aggrandizement, as if they had traversed some mighty chasm by their spiritual bypass. I am so done with these people and have zero desire to await their revelation.

The PAT, schooled by gnosis and guided in morale by you, have been discredited by wrong association with these crystal-holding nonsense-chanters. So of course the new agers have been infiltrated by manipulative interference. What better way for those opposing ascension to create disharmony than by corrupting every modality and facet of life on earth? Thus to leave the secretly ascending PAT as challenged as possible. (Note to the offended: I am in fact wearing a crystal from Machu Picchu on a necklace, but it is a happy token of love, and is not encoded with 108 magic spells that if said backwards while envisioning dolphins will open a portal for Jesus.)

The truth is self-evident, to those evident to themselves, and the very fact that you had to go through all the false teachings and painstakingly deconstruct them in order to point out the very obvious Truth (as translated as Universal Law) to the scientific community, absolutely sickens me. I do not have the patience, willpower, or high-frequency stamina to participate in correcting anyone’s weltanschauung. These supposedly intelligent science morons, who are only accessible by academic prose, solely exist as brains with flesh and limbs attached. I have known many of these people and was dumbstruck to find how dissociated they are from their emotional and physical bodies. So there is no helping these people, who are assumed the brightest among us, because any true understanding would have to flow through an open and balanced chakra system.  Science pre-ascension is a total joke and everyone’s brains need to be erased.

Unlike the older PAT who have bushwhacked through jungle for decades, I have been fast-tracked to participate in the PAT roller coaster. Let me be clear though: my cosmic initiation began in earnest because of the pervasiveness and depth of ongoing existential crisis, the years of worshipful devotion to God, and an exhilarating and 3D-reckless audacity to know Truth and God, so therefore to ascend at any cost. I feel like some parallel of this was required among the first wave, and such commitment or coherence is an extremely rare occurrence. This statement (or other PAT self-assertion) is only self-aggrandizing to the extent that I ‘get off’ from declaring it, am fearing the truth is its negation, or that it is wrong. Other than that, it’s fact. And that’s just one bold conclusion among many (that could potentially be fallacious), but at least it and other claims are precipitated from conscious time in multi-dimensional awareness, unlike new age rhetoric’s warped echoes of truth.

Point being twofold: One, after all the multidimensional highs and lows, I am still not taking my experience and generalizing it to write prescriptions or how-to-ascend courses, or ‘channeling’ repetitive nonsense (e.g. copy, paste, scramble, to create any new age 101 article). And if I’m not doing it, then maybe the overnight-gurus shouldn’t either. And point two, it seems to require a substantial confluence of conditions to light the fire of ascension efforts in the incarnated personality. The chosen must fervently choose back. Such reciprocity is the package deal for being among the PAT. So while our efforts to tunnel through to the mired population have been an inevitable function of who we are, and precipitated by higher inspiration much to the chagrin and depletion of our human selves, they will not be met with a visible arising of mass consciousness until a multitude of conditions align in optimal resonance.

If we are who we believe ourselves to be, our interim experiences must be serving to meet this ultimate goal. So godspeed, may any misunderstandings be rectified, and cheers to our meeting the necessary conditions as best as possible through this and any future auspicious gateway.


Greeting George,

Your latest article Part Two about failed New Age-ers really hits the proverbial nail on the head! No ability to think critically or to discern truth from falsity on the part of so many who had seemed to be candidates! The absolute rejection of any attempt to shake them out of their stupor was, in my own experience, always met either with outright dismissal or at best [ha!] their eyes glazed over and their minds went south in a fog of fear at the very suggestion that all they hold dear is just not a truth to be adhered to! Oh well! I can see the validity, however in your putting this info out there at this juncture; if there is to be any solid advancement at this point it would be through a deeper understanding and acceptance of multidimensional life and transcendental truth.

Almost there now!

Love, Pam

AA Hermes Channeling

I must say I really enjoyed that channeling you posted about. I do not give much credibility to most of these new age channels, but this one always seems to offer pinpoint information of actual value. It predicted a large solar flare would happen, and today, it did!  A M 8.7 solar flare, almost an X class!  Its hard to argue with facts!


Dear Czar,

thank you for your affirmative comments regarding my recent article on the quality, or lack of it in many channeling sources with respect to actual energetic events leading to expansion of human consciousness and ascension.


Dear Georgi,

thank you so much what you mentioned about Kathrin May and Susy Ward. When I first saw Katrin May’s photo I couldn’t stand it and I had to delete the email I got from someone. For me it was a very dark energy. I am really happy that you speak about it and I hope that many Lightworkers will read it and will come to this understanding too. Thanks again!

Heidi Stadler

Dear Heidi,

thank you very much for this confirmation of my assessment of these very dark sources. I must admit that I also feel such a strong reluctance to read them and that I only do it from time to time just to register for the sake of objectivity how deep in the morass of the dark archons these channellers have sunk.

With love and light

October 21, 2014

Dear Georgi,

I read your last message Discernment for the Channeller and your opinion about K. May and I wonder how can Prime Creator, The Source, talking with a channeller… that’s seems to me to be a non-sense, because I think The Source is “neutral”, isn’it? She/He is Above, is Everything, is All That Is, and I see no way to “speak” with someone in particular, in that manner …how can those channellers think that Prime Creator choose to speak about His Creation in this particularly 3D mode, like we’re living?! Do you agree?

PS: I’m waiting with great hope the day of days!

Dear Cristian,

this is a key point where one can discern a 4D archonic channel from a higher source. The former always talk about human 3d affairs while the higher sources never address such issues, unless it is a personal message and has to do with transpersonal light work as is the case with the Elohim. But even they never tell us more than we already know in an intuitive manner as this can be proven by reading my initial energy reports which are based on my personal experience and interpretation of pivotal energetic events and the subsequent confirmation by the Elohim in a message.



I felt compelled to write you and thank you for your work (on all planes). I resonate very strongly with your messages, particularly those referring to the outlandish social systems that have been imposed (RE: Orion financial system, state government).

Thank you.

David Campbell

October 20, 2014

On the new human template

Hello Georgi and Carla,

I did contact “Celest” and my lord, Georgi and Carla, what an amazing amount of energy came through me when I asked of him to visit me. I felt as if I could be crystallized completely as I could not move at all.  My muscles were constricted and moved only by the energy that pulled me upwards and outwards. I surely felt that if anyone were to see me at that moment that I would appear disformed. I saw so much Gold like I was seeing us move into our new residence. I have also experienced on numerous occasions the definite elevating of ourselves and energies like this as they also would grab me completely and hold me tightly so as to not be able to move. Also just to add here about “Celest”  it was the most truly amazing experience ever as nothing matched the energy from him. I am utterly honored to have received him. I have asked of him on a couple occasions so far.

Well that is all for now as I know how busy you are and I thank you always for your replies, and I send you both so much love always.


October 21, 2014

Without English translation

Lieber Georg,

ich habe gerade deine neusten Artikel gelesen und ich verneige mich in tiefster Dankbarkeit und Ehrfurcht vor Dir. Ich habe eine  große Erkenntniswelle danach gehabt und obwohl ich kein “genaueres Wissen” gerade zum Thema Geld bis jetzt hatte, waren meine Entscheidungen und meine innere Einstellung dazu bis jetzt richtig. Ich schaffe es jetzt nicht, alle deine Artikel von 2011 bis Juni 2014 nachzulesen, aber ich bin mir sicher, dass das, was nötig ist, weiterhin zu mir finden wird.

Du kannst Dir gar nicht vorstellen, wie dankbar ich bin, noch zu Deiner Seite gefunden zu haben. Du und Jahn habt mir den Weg nach Hause gezeigt. Unermesslichen Dank dafür.


In unendlicher Liebe

The Captain and the Crew

Lieber Heizer Georgie!

egal wie die anderen fühlen und wie oft die auf die Nase gefallen sind, weil deine Vorhersagen sich nicht exakt, Daten genau sich erfühlten. Ich bin dagegen unschlagbar jedes mal, wenn du als Heizer das MPR Feuer im Meinen Herzen anfachst.

Jeden Tag auf standby zu bleiben ist nicht mein Ding und ich brauche die Generalproben. Ich brauche einer manuell geführte Feuerung. Ich bin mehr wie eine Dampflokomotive/Dampfschiff, die das Schüren des Feuers braucht, um nicht stehen zu bleiben. Egal wie oft der Termin des Aufstiegs verschoben wurde, ich sage ganz klar: ich verdanke dir Lieber Georgie, dass ich bis heute ausgehalten habe und dabei bin.

Und mit dem Wort -unschlagbar- wollte ich nur sagen, dass ich dann zu Taten bereit bin, die ich sonst nicht vollbringe. Mir ist bewusst, dass es einfach ist, ein Held der Endzeit zu sein, wenn man keinen Ausweg hat oder in dem Fall, wenn man einen Ausweg hat, so nach dem Motto: ich mache, was ich für richtig halte und dann gehe ich und mir kann nichts passieren!

Die Wahrheit ist, dass jedes mal wenn ein Termin bekannt ist, überkommt mich ein Gefühl unbesiegbar zu sein. Ich habe dann Kraft ohne Ende und fantastisch gute Laune. Natürlich wenn dann doch das erwartete nicht kommt, gehe ich wieder in Modus – Mama, Ehefrau … Aber die Momente, wo ich Berge versetzen kann, möchte ich nicht missen. Dann bin ich Kriegerin, dann fühle ich Wind in den Segel, dann bin ich einfach ICH. Dann bin ich die Lokomotive, die man nicht bremsen kann.

Und alles dank den Heizer Georgie und den Telegrafist Jahn Johannes. Heute bin ich wieder in Modus standby. Wie “langweilig”. Wie der Matrose, der wartet auf langersehnte Befehle. Alle warten auf den Wind. Alle warten auf das Signal, um endlich das Land zu erreichen.

Ich brauche den Kapitän, der ruft: Land in Sicht! Alle an die Arbeit! Bewegung, Bewegung, Bewegung !!!

Danke für das Feuer im Meinen Herzen, das du immer anfachst, wenn bei mir das Feuer ausgeht.

Malgorzata Sherina


Liebe Sherina,

ich danke dir für die wunderbare moralische Unterstützung und Bestätigung meiner Arbeit. Jeder ausgebliebene Termin war eine wichtige und unumgängliche Perle in unserer Aufstiegskette. Wenn nur eine einzige Perle ausgefallen wäre, wäre auch die ganze Kette ausgefallen und der Aufstieg ausgeblieben. Mit jedem “ausgefallenen” Termin haben wir in Wirklichkeit eine neue Höhe erklommen auf dem Weg zum Gipfel und ohne diese Anstrengung würden wir auch den Gipfel nie erreichen. Und all dies geschieht im Jetzt und ohne diese Anstrengung im Jetzt wird es auch keinen Aufstieg im Jetzt geben. Insofern machst du alles richtig und die Begeisterung jedes Einzelnen ist der Brennstoff für den globalen Aufstieg.

Vieles spricht jedoch dafür, dass wir nun in der Tat kurz vor einem großen Sprung nach oben stehen. Ob dies der endgültige Schritt sein wird, vermag ich nicht zu sagen und ich habe auch kein Bedürfnis es zu sagen. Aber ist dies vielleicht das wichtigste Zeichen, dass wir wirklich angekommen sind.

In Liebe

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