Short Energy Update – September 12, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, September 12, 2014

This will indeed be a “short” update, as I know how tired you are to read about the next peak in energy waves that flood this mother planet and humanity and prepare them for ascension. However, exactly this is what happened yesterday.

For me and some members of the PAT it was the strongest cc-wave in the last two months and surely the most intensive experience since my operation a month ago. There was no more protection for me from my HS during the convalescence phase and this fact says everything about the importance of the huge ascension leap of this mother earth to higher frequency yesterday.

What we actually did was a massive cleansing of all the 9/11 dross that has been amassed since then in the collective memory and has prohibited the evolution of mankind. Now this dross was released all at once and all light warriors of the first and last hour participated in this massive cleansing. Hence I am sure that most of you have felt this huge stress in your bodies and also the marked relief  today after well accomplished job.

Needless to say that the dark cabal used this day to promote their war-mongering strategy. Obama announced his readiness again to bomb Syria in order to fight the Islamic terrorist organisation ISIS, which he and his government created in the first place to oust Assad. These rascals, together with the most criminal faction of humanity, the Zionists, cannot give up their initial heinous plan to conquer and destroy Syria, come what may, after the Russians, with our help as Logos Gods, prevented them from doing so last year.

This happens only a few days after the West experienced their greatest defeat in modern history when the Russian patriots defeated the troops of the Kiev’s Nazi Junta and Poroshenko was constraint to sign a humiliating ceasefire treaty with the insurgents in Minsk, thus accepting them as a legitimate party in the conflict. Initially he wanted to avoid exactly this and sign the treaty with Russia, but Putin said “Njet” and ordered this former Mafia boss to do what he must do if he wants to survive in the absence of any material help from the West except for empty rhetoric. And he understood well.

Remarkably, none of Poroshenko’s former masters, the USA and EU were part of this humiliating treaty. They were so duped at the NATO summit to learn about this disastrous defeat by Poroshenko personally. Driven by their despicable hatred for Putin and Russia, the only thing they could do, was to resort to an irrational revenge by announcing further sanctions against Russia. And this exactly at a time when Putin has been able to establish a fragile peace in Eastern Ukraine and has saved the Kiev’s Nazi Junta wisely from a total military defeat. A fact that has also brought this clever statesman a lot of critics at home, in terms of betraying the Russian cause in Ukraine by those extremist nationalists, who wanted him to march till Kiev.

Putin does not have an easy life, no doubt about it and I do not wish to be at his place even for a second. But he has the support of all ascended masters and forces of light, first and foremost of the Guardians of the New Golden Galaxy, ourselves, and this is more worth than the many battalions he undoubtedly has, to quote a famous statement of Stalin with respect to the pope.

Putin has what the West will never acquire  – the moral supremacy in this conflict that guarantees him a sound victory over the dark Western cabal, as this is also the victory of the light over darkness on this mother planet. I will publish today an article that elucidates the Russian view of the world on this topic.

Now what comes next? I believe that we are on the verge of some huge revelations. However, none of them will have the profound impact on the masses, as long as the people disregard them and decide to stay in their comfort zone of barely functioning human zombies, as I witness them here in North America in an extreme and massive form.

Any sweeping revelation that will trigger a paradigm shift must begin with the core revelation of what a human being truly is – not  a humble and weak biological species, but an immortal multidimensional Creator God. This must be demonstrated in an unequivocal manner. That is why we are now receiving our divine attributes in order to demonstrate precisely this truth about the true nature of humanity.

Only then can we start to highlight all the other crimes of the ruling cabal, before they can be ousted from power for ever in a sweeping chain of very rapid, domino-like events, as this happened exactly 25 years ago when the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall crumbled within several days and the former Communist empire became a history.

Please observe that these historic events followed the same schedule as the current End Time scenario. Like then (the first major opening of the Iron Curtain on the Hungarian-Austrian border), the major event, the beginning of the creation of the new Galaxy also began in the summer and we seeded it finally on September the 4th. A week later, we had another massive cleansing peak and a huge ID shift yesterday that has propelled us to much higher frequency levels, as most of you must feel today with respect to the improved energy quality.

Only three days ago we were informed by the Guardians of the new Galaxy, who are our future versions, that after the seeding of the new Galaxy by us, the final events of transformation, including the coming of the MPR on this mother planet,  have been accelerated now and that everything we have been expecting so far, will enter our reality.

However, the most important new development is that we shall now receive our divine attributes of Creator Gods and this will mark the end of our self-imposed limitations as human beings in order to experience the perils of this life in a realistic manner before we recuperate our pristine multidimensional nature.

As I have mentioned to Jahn, I personally have begun to experience this huge expansion of divine attributes, such as conscious bi-location on many places at the same time, constant movement through many timelines, rapidly expanding telepathy and an inner knowing what comes next, etc. All of these attributes, and many more, have been promised to all of us these days. And it happens in the Now and not in the future, as the future does not exist, because this timeline has no future. It only awaits its radical transformation that will also be the end of this life for the majority of humanity.

Hence the emptiness and loneliness many of you may experience these days before the real Change comes, as Daniel wrote to me yesterday.

Dear George, these days it feels like emerging from a long and heavy cleansing process. I am noticing a strong increase in multidimensionality and everything related, but on the other hand an incredible loneliness that makes it very hard to enjoy anything. This condition has always been with me, but I reached the point some time ago that I know it no longer is useful in any way. And although it has definitely sparked some transformations, now is the time for change. Not just for me, but for all.

Finally, I recommend you to read the latest space weather reports, which confirm huge CME peaks with proton and electron floods on September the 5th (4th in Vancouver) during our seeding of the new Galaxy, when they caused huge disruptions of the power grid in Egypt and now one more time on September 11th and today. This superficial astronomic observations validate the huge wave of source energies that now flow through our fields and flood earth and this humanity in preparation for the ID split, the MPR and our ascension. The final events of Change are now unstoppable and it is important that you perceive their coming and know it beyond any doubt.


Check this space weather report:




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