Center Planet of Ascension

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 20, 2014
published on September 27, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Georgi Stankov

I was not able to publish this pivotal message from Jahn, channellend by Seth on August 20th, because during this time I was on my way back to Vancouver, Canada after my surgery in Munich and it took me a couple of days to recover from it, after Carla removed the clips and the drain. I deplored this fact as this message gives you an excellent explanation of the actual energetic function of this upper mother planet and why it takes so long for it to undergo a MPR and an ID shift in order to finally ascend, respectively to shed off its lower timelines, and move to the new Galaxy.

Now I am happy to publish this message simultaneously with Jahn on his website. It is a key stone that completes the complex mosaic of the current ascension process that runs simultaneously on numerous levels and defies our limited human perceptions. But this does not preclude our endeavour to try and present a coherent picture of what is currently happening on infinite energetic levels, as these processes will very soon materialize in this 3D reality and will obliterate it for ever. This affords the utmost clarity of thinking from everyone of us in these days, if we want to be conscious and sovereign creators of this reality and of many new worlds that will emerge on the surface with our ascension.



Why can the dark conditions on this level of experience stay for such a long time? Because this level of experience is the center and at the same time forms the end of the ascension chain; all in the Now and yet at different times on the space-time level, as long as a human Being maintains his awareness on this level.

Beloved Ones,


Living consciousness of Creation, omnipresent and  always a loyal and devoted servant for human Beings. The deep darkness in this world will be overcome, whereby layer after layer of it is taken down and whereby the divine Light captures layer after layer. The spiritual Light penetrates every condition and captures all unresolved conditions in the world, as the time has come for it. The sluggish energies stay the longest in those earth holograms, which form the center of all ascending organisms in All-That-Is.

It is like that, because all transformation steps on all transforming planets are guided by the “center planet of ascension”, only from where this uplifting of all additional worlds becomes possible. The significance of the ascension work of human Beings cannot be assessed and regarded high enough, because, while things on other levels already turn toward the Light and the Beings turn toward the Light, the dark ones on the center planet of ascension hold against it to the bitter end.

Critical Mass

Thereby a critical mass of incredible explosive power is built and the discharges sweep everything away, what could be seen, touched, experienced and lived in this world so far. Your level of experience will be redeemed in one go, after all holograms of the different worlds have already been redeemed.

This world is the beginning of the transformation, yet it is not at the beginning of the transmutation, instead at the end of all processes, which you human Beings have so far successfully breathed into Life.

How great is your service for this world, how great is your service for this mankind?

Now you can fathom it out, Because to endure until the end means: To give precedence into the Light to all living organisms of this galaxy, on all levels of their Being, regardless if they also attain it, and to supply energy for it and to hold it, from the “center planet of transformation”.

Transformation in Completion

The transformation is being fulfilled. More and more levels find their place in All-That-Is, their new place in Creation. This process is rapid, so that one can say to you: The waiting without end ends now and will be banned into the realm of illusion. With your multidimensional overview you can understand and capture this moment, this divine hour of truth; the purely human levels of consciousness and conditioning only let you sense a soft notion, yet not a deeper insight.

You are called the light warriors of the first and last hours, and this is correct in a proverbial sense and it is correct in the sense of a higher reality of who you are: Gods, who in pure Love heal worlds and at the end of all healings consider themselves.

Essence of your Love

The essence of your Love cannot flow greater and more powerful; and it flows incessantly to human Beings and to billions of worlds in this galaxy. Star after star enters into a new circle of Life. The guardians of these processes, with an essential part of their consciousness, are located on the planet that is still mostly shielded from these processes – the earth. More and more frequently the reality of this transformation flashes through. And you, who see, know the signs of time and you know  how to interpret them, and only to the blind ones the visible remains hidden and the taste of a new time remains alien.

The dark conditions stay, as it seems. Actually they are already being redeemed, layer after layer, until everything is revealed. The time of revelation is the time of truth and it has also captured this world.

I complete this message with the words: Redemption occurs on all levels. Light penetrates darkness and a great bang ends the depressing silence – and at the end of this process this world uplifts; the center planet of the existing and the new galaxy uplifts into God’s infinite Creation. Whereby the ascension process of this galaxy is completed and whereby the new galaxy is fulfilled with the breath of the enlightened ones.

In deep love to all my siblings, who are the Light for the earth and incessantly provide new hope for human Beings, bring them new knowledge and open inexhaustible fields of healing,


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