The Washington Liars Are Back-Peddling One Day After Our Invocation

by Georgi Stankov, July 22, 2014

The war propaganda machinery of the West is coming to a grinding halt only one day after I published the invocation of the gold-violet flame in order to accelerate the revelation of the true perpetrators that shot down the Malaysian airplane MH17 over Southeast Ukraine – the Western backed, rogue Nazi-putsch regime in Kiev – in order to trigger a third world war, as Putin has just announced in an emergency session of the Russian security council meeting. We are still on the brink of WW3, hence continue with your invocation of the gold-violet flame.

Until yesterday Russia and Putin were unanimously and directly blamed for the crash by all Western politicians and MM without any exception (see all the headlines on the crash) and without presenting any forensic evidence whatsoever . There were for instance forged videos on Youtube produced by the Kiev Ministry of Internal Affairs, headed by an outspoken Nazi-criminal one day before the actual crash took place that were immediately debunked by the alternative mass media, although the official spokesmen (women) of the US defence and foreign affairs ministries continued to support their fabricated narrative of blaming Russia and the freedom fighters in Southeast Ukraine based on such Youtube videos until yesterday.

All evidence that clearly pointed to the criminal Nazi-putsch regime in Kiev being the only possible perpetrator of this capital crime (cuo buono), as presented on this website, were completely neglected or even censored by Facebook and the Kiev authorities (the messages of the Spanish controller in the Kiev airport tower shortly before and immediately after the downing of flight MH17)

Less than 24 hours after the PAT members and readers of my website made collectively our invocation of the gold-violet flame, as many emails have confirmed, the Washington liars began to back-peddle and dropped in the first place their direct accusations against Putin and Russia, by admitting that they have no direct evidence for any involvement of the Russian state and government in the crash (see article below). This is the beginning of the end of the lies and deceptions of the dark Western cabal as the revelations will not stop here but will sweep across the globe.

The notorious US liars and dark-op machinators  were first forced in a corner after the renowned investigative US journalist  Robert Parry, who revealed the Iran-Contra-affair, published an article, where he cites a reliable source from the U.S. intelligence agencies, according to whom the US secret services have evidence that Ukrainian military personal from the war zone in Donetsk district has activated a surface-to-air missile and has shot down the Malaysian airplane.

A liar never admits the whole truth,  but only piece by piece. This is what the Washington liars are now doing. They have given up their main objective – to blame directly Putin and Russia for the airplane crash – in order to trigger a new global war and instead continue to blame the freedom fighters in Southeast Ukraine, although the chief prosecutor in Kiev officially announced immediately after the downing of MH17 that the Ukrainian president has been informed by the military that the rebels have no such missiles with which they could shoot an airplane at that altitude and that they also do not have the expertise to do it.

This will be the next retreat of the US liars until their whole false war-mongering propaganda fully collapses and they will stay there like the naked king. Please observe that the current retreat is based on anonymous sources given to AP – the citadel of US governmental lies – as these dark entities usually do in order to have their back free for further lies or revelations, depending on how much they are put under pressure and have to admit their lies, as was the case with the false allegations by Bush, Blair & Dark Co. of Saddam having WMD that led to the invasion of Iraq or the chemical attacks in Syria allegedly ordered by Assad, while in fact the Western backed islamist rebels were responsible and so on. False flag operations have been the “causa belli” of all major wars on this planet.


U.S. Officials: No Evidence Of Direct Russian Link To Malaysia Plane Crash

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