Heritage of Mankind

Maam Te‘ Elias
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 14, 2014

first published on July 22, 2014 in

translated by Franz


from the Universe of E’, Regent of Light realms, which are responsible for the balance of Creation. I am the “first” brother of the universal Logos E’, the guardian of the heritage of humanity. And as such I condense myself today into form and Gestalt, so that humanity can partake of my presence.

I come, in order to initiate your arrival with us and in order to attune you to the actual dimension of your work. And I come, in order that with joined forces we may give this galaxy, the galactic Logos E’ SU AN AMARIS, the necessary stability, so that the worlds can separate from each other and a new universe can emerge.

I administered the heritage of humanity until today, and this meant to put the sacred deeds of each human Being in front of God’s throne, so that God’s Grace could be pulled down to this world.

You were never forgotten, never were you alone and your deeds, which enable this ascension now, were always seen in its true value, were illumined by the divine Light and were embedded in the timeless All-That-Is of the Now.

Humanity’s heritage is determined by the soul essence of humanity. And this one is sacred, perfected and immortal.

Today you were lifted up to Guardians of this Galaxy and this means that today the great elliptic ring closes itself. The human Being, once breathed into reality, now returns back to the origin and to the starting point of his birth.

You descended to the deepest and darkest matter and now you soar up to the highest. An infinitely long arch, which completes itself here and now; it occurs in these days and in the middle of the presently dissolving Orion culture.

I have come in order to give you back to yourself, in order to bring you earth and to transfer this Galaxy to your wisdom, strength and Love; now, as you depart, in order to bring wisdom, Life, Light and Love as new Creator Gods to all worlds, which were created by you.

Before you begin the new, the old, the past will be fulfilled – in the Now. Birth and death happen at the same time and yet the constant becoming and passing away are only part of the illusion, as a limited experienced Being.

Garment of Light

And these limitations lift from you and are discarded, taken off, like worn clothes, because the “garment of Light” is handed to you, of the Light where from you came from an infinitely long time ago.

The Guardians of the Galaxy take on the guardianship for this world; and all souls, all beings of this world, receive awareness of this appointment of enabled human Beings, who function as galactic Regents from now on. It behooves me now to accompany in your presence all further events of the galactic departure, so that the change may happen on a stable energetic foundation, until it is fulfilled whatever has been required.

This world is returned to the original seed of souls, and you, the light warriors of the first and last hours, represent this.

Under God’s care, in the presence of Heaven, in the wisdom of all, which perform the sacred service for this world, you have returned and the world has been given back to you.

Decreed, mandated, created – according to your almightiness and your creative power, which is hereby given to you. I remain among you, because together we return to the Source of All-That-Is.

The day is close, when the course of the worlds on all levels will be perceptible for every life and may be experienced. To escape the illusion, to obtain reality, as Gods, who rise up above this world.

I am the center of all Life. And the world returns now to the center, after movements are carried out from the center, which give it a new countenance.

For Eternity.

I am

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