Upheavals Reach This Timeline

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on Novemebr 3, 2013

first published on November 5, 2013 in

Loved ones,

in a few days that are measured for the final step in the transformation of this world, the inevitable will happen, the unexpected will occur and the unimaginable will become reality. Some will experience it as a feast of joy, others  – as a time of horror.

Everything will be turned upside down and everything will be subject to the restructuring of this world.

Suddenly, and at a time when even the most enduring light warriors have turned away from the light path, in a single night, when even the bravest of the light warriors despair about the state of the world, it will happen, what needs to happen, because the time for it has arrived.

To stand firmly until the very end, is something that only a few people will succeed. There are those who understand the passage of time due to their long incarnation cycles and can no longer experience themselves in the transition of (linear) time. There are those, who have left the concept of time and who saw themselves as prisoners of time. There are those, who carried heavy loads and are now expected by God.

And all those, who breathe a reality into this illusionary world, will remain prisoners of same. Changes that have been announced to you are now reaching this timeline. Be ready and rejoice: you are meant, you who have been waiting for it.

I am
The ALL-THAT-IS consciousness and God.

Dear Jahn,

I, personally, expect every day that something will happen. The energies of the last days were, and still are, intolerable and have, for the first time, reached an almost inhuman quality, they do not fit any more into any human emotional and mental structure. It is as if immense alien energy structures descend into my field and are literally stifled there by the narrow confines of my body and I, myself, together with them (see my energy update of today).

The energy intensity of the vibrations is unimaginable, indescribable and I am wondering how they (the HR) still keep me in this pitiful physical vessel. Carla is also very stressed.

The coming of the inevitable cannot be denied and he, who feels this immense energies, flowing through his body, cannot despair because the ascension process is allegedly not progressing. Even my wife, who does not believe in the LBP, was seriously ill in the last few days with the typical symptoms of the LBP, and I have never seen her so sick, she is usually very healthy and robust.

Hence all the people are now fully thrust into their transformation, cost what it may. Also among the PAT members, there are those who suddenly suffer from severe outbreaks of illness and even have to be operated,

The last portal between All Saints Day and the solar eclipse (Nov 1-3), in particular yesterday, was an incredible floodgate of cosmic energies that must surely have washed away all the dark residue completely.

I, myself, had two days ago a significant dream in the night that the old world has already collapsed and that we are now urged to respond rapidly to this new situation. And I am not the only one who has dreamed of this  – other PAT members also wrote me about similar dreams. So the cataclysmic events may come at any moment, as heralded by Babaji here and most probably in this month, in my opinion around the portal 11.11.13 until mid-November.

This is my energy update to this topic. I wish you all the best and especially an inner peace, so that you can really enjoy the coming cosmic events. It will be a unique spectacle.


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