Sensational! On November 20th the First 5D-Hologram was Laid Upon This Earth

by Georgi Stankov, November 22, 2013

(English translation of the message)

The following report of Jahn from November 20, 2013 is sensational by all measure. On that day a major ascension test run took place and a whole 5D hologram was laid upon this earth in preparation for our imminent ascension. It came synchronistically with our measurements of the huge fluctuations of the earth’s magnetic field, which is now rapidly losing its power and is about to reverse any moment. I am now measuring fluctuations of up to 50° displacements of the needle to the east, depending on the position of the compass. Actually it is no longer possible to make any reasonable measurements of the earth’s magnetic North pole any more. This is due to the fact that we now experience the superposition of the new 5D holograms that now encompass this reality in an invisible manner for most people, but visible for some of us, such as Jahn.

He and his family have namely directly experienced the establishment of a new 5D hologram over Vienna’s skies. I must admit that I have missed this cosmic miracle, although I very carefully observe nature as I live in the country. It’s a pity, but I noticed the next day, November 21st, that the sky had changed significantly, although it is rather cloudy in Bavaria at present.

The quintessence of this report and the subsequent confirmation and message from Asana Mahatari on the successful establishment of the first 5D hologram in our reality is that ascension will happen in the easiest possible way, almost unnoticed at first. The people will be doing their daily chores and all of a sudden they will find themselves in another environment, as this was recently reported by the Syrian crystalline child Joon from Germany.

This is how many people who have qualified for ascension will find themselves on a lower 5D level /hologram all of a sudden and then will notice how the whole energetic atmosphere has changed for the better. Whether their consciousness will immediately expand, remains to be seen. But I am sure that as soon as these people realize that they have left the old Orion matrix of the current 3D reality, they will experience all of a sudden a huge expansion of their awareness and this will reveal to them all the miracles of the New Earth.

From an external point of view, these people will simply disappear, will be raptured to new landscapes, while those who will stay on the 4D timelines and have chosen to experience the MPR and the many natural catastrophes accompanying this Mega-Event as to finally awaken, will not even notice the disappearance of the few ascended people as they will be in a state of cataleptic shock and their only thought will be how to survive. If they will survive, they will forget about the ascended ones and will believe that they have died in the deluge and the other natural catastrophes. Besides, their memory will be manipulated, so that they will forget this short period of ascension and will resort to their old way of life for a while, after their timelines will be sealed from the newly created 5D holograms. For those, who will ascend at a later date, e.g. in 2014 or later on, there will be a continuous reality, which will relatively quickly improve after the MPR when all the necessary social, political and economic changes that will transform the current Orion society to a more loving, spiritually oriented mankind will take place

This is one possible way how many people will ascend as Asana Mahatari confirms in his latest message below. These people will ascend in their physical bodies and will acquire step by step their crystalline bodies in the new, favourabe for such transfiguration 5D environment. That is to say, there will be an interim period of adjustments and adaptation to the new crystalline 5D holograms.

However, what I get from my HS is that we, the PAT, will have a different form of ascension. The detonation of the PAT Supernova is still on the table, as it must render the fuel for the final MPR and the ID split  This is also the energy which Gaia needs to firmly ascend in the higher dimensions (5D to 12D) as an energetic system. We shall deliver this energy by delegating our three lower chakras to Gaia’s core and thus trigger the final MPR as this process has been extensively discussed on this website.

That is why I believe that the PAT will undergo a full and immediate transfiguration into light bodies and we shall leave all 4D and 5D holograms upon our ascension. There will be a merging of our spirit with the Source and this will be perceived by us as the greatest cosmic orgasm of all times. Only after that shall we be able to descend /to project our energies as distinct sentient beings, as avatars in the higher 5D levels of Celestria, where all excarnated soul fragments dwell and will begin from there with our creationary work as Earth Keepers of the new 4D and lower 5D timelines of humanity. Some of us will create new 3D and 4D worlds for new souls, where they will commence with their incarnation cycle. This new mission is described in another Jahn’s message, which I will also publish today.

Thus, the cities of light, about which we discussed recently, will simply emerge out of nowhere and many ascended human beings will find themselves all of a sudden amidst them. This will be a simple one step out of this matrix and into the new paradise of heaven and the easiest experience in their whole life. Surely, the most ecstatic surprise a human being can experience under these circumstances, when the old Orion matrix still heavily weighs upon one’s shoulders. I myself begin to get a flavour of this beautiful and hilarious transition.

At the same time the 4D holograms beneath these new 5D holograms will break away when the MPR will hit them hard. The ascending humans will not notice anything as they have chosen a different reality. These few enlightened ones have sacrificed themselves to bear the light in the old matrix, so that the others, the still slumbering, consuming masses could enjoy their life in relative material prosperity and alleged freedom. The high light quotient, which the PAT and the light warriors of the first and the last hour were able to hold under huge sacrifice, prevented the cabal from establishing the NWO and fully enslaving the masses on these upper 4D timelines, as they did on all lower twelve 4D earths after the MPR.

Now this disequilibrium will be reversed, this social and cosmic injustice will be abolished for ever and those who lived at the expense of the few light bears and wayshowers, such as the PAT, will have to experience their Armageddon as to awaken. Those who have taken upon themselves the sufferings of the whole humanity will be spared from these last catastrophes and will swiftly transition to the newly created 5D holograms, of which there will be very many, depending on the level of LBP progression of the individual. This is a completely new playfield when everything will profoundly change. In particular, linear time will be abolished and all life will occur in the simultaneity of All-That-Is. It is impossible to relay this new life feeling in human language, which, itself, is sequential and subjugated to the illusory linear time,


Cosmic Light Bell Laid
Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on November 20, 2013
first published in English on November 22, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Jahn’s report of November 20th:

It’s late in the afternoon. I step out of the door only to find out how dark it is already. When I am ready with my purchases in the supermarket 15 minutes later, it seems to be as bright as day outside. The whole sky is bathed in yellow / white / orange colours – unreal, but true. When I arrive at home, my beloved son NOAH tells me immediately that he has seen an orange sky “very bright” and my wife confirms this by saying: “As if headlights had been turned on,” I do not know how many people experienced this so, for us anyway it was something very special and appropriate for this time (End of Report)

I am ASANA MAHATARI and herewith I acknowledge the fact that a “test run” of a 5D hologram has taken place, which was lowered like a “light bell” over your field of experience. This was visible to all who should see it. But the fact is that the conscious perception and correct assignment of this manifestation of the sky is impossible to most people and remained hidden and was only regarded as a caprice of heaven.

It’s that easy how your ascension will occur, this is the message!

Suddenly, you will find yourselves in a new environment, and that, while you go about your usual activities. This is one ascension alternative, which is going to happen and know this: There are many ascension scenarios that can all occurs at the same time and in parallel and will occur in this way in their vast majority.

Have faith and rejoice, it’s all taken care of. In infinite love and pleasure  I am announcing this good news to you now, because the time for it has come, and I bless every man –


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