Orion Detoxification

by Georgi Stankov and Zoltán Görömbey, November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I’ve been meaning to ask you a technical question before, and now as I read the latest elaborations on the messages of Sananda and Babaji, it came to mind again. It is obvious that all in the PAT are evolved enough to recognize Christmas for what it is, and I reckon the same holds true for Jahn’s readers on his blog.

While reading through the publication about the falsehood behind this “feast of love”, an incredible amount of anger was building inside me, which I managed to process by now. This emotional reaction caught me by surprise, as these facts were not new to me.

I figured out that through our web-of-light connection to the ascending people on multiple timelines must be so close, that whenever we read a message of this sort, it probably reaches the collective energetically through our personal fields, and triggers intense reactions, outdated energies, surfacing to be processed by us. I reckon this is what Sananda was counting on, when conveying a message, stating such obvious facts. Do you reckon this theory is correct?

I respect your desire to refrain from e-mail communication, so if you have no energy to answer, I fully accept that.


Dear Zoltán,

your interpretation of this message and its purpose is absolutely correct and that is why I translated it in the first place and asked for additional comments from Babaji to round up the whole story.

We are indeed now processing in a profound manner basic collective false patterns that are so deeply ingrained in human thinking and behaviour that they are not perceived as negative and detrimental to the spiritual evolution of the incarnated personality by most people, even by those who are considered enlightened.

I have dealt with this process of systemic deletion of subconsciously adopted forms of behavioral patterns from the environment during my childhood in my dissident years in Bulgaria when, after my spiritual catharsis and a massive descent of my soul into my earthly personality structure at the age of 21, I began to rigorously reject all the communist indoctrination that imbued all human behaviour at that time.

I had to delete all these adopted patterns of thinking and behaviour step by step until nothing was left. At the end I could no longer live in this claustrophobic society of total enslavement of the individual. That is why it could as well be said that I accomplished my personal homework of total detachment from this Orion reality when I was in my early 20s in the 70s.

After that, when I emigrated to the West, I was already immune to any seductions on the part of this rotten Orion society, which made out of myself a foreign body to this world for ever.

I could only adopt temporarily to this life, while studying at the university in Germany, but as soon as I started working for the Orion economy, the incompatibilities surfaced again and I had huge problems with my colleagues and bosses of course.

Ultimately, I founded my own company / clinical research institute for some years before my HS pulled away the rug from under my feet again and I went bankruptcy.

After that there was no possibility for me to return to the old way of life, especially as I had discovered the Universal Law in the meantime and had established the new theory of science, which proved beyond any doubt that not a single basic human idea that is accepted in this society is correct.

The rest is well-known. That is why this message of Sananda is for me indeed of no relevance, as I wrote to Jahn, but it will have a huge impact on the masses when the big changes commence.and millions of people will read our website.

That is why I have so diligently revealed all the atrocities of Obama, knowing perfectly well that they will be widely discussed very soon.

This is how new reality is created in a conscious manner in the long-term perspective and why one must be very patient with Al-That-is that manifests independently of linear time. This affords a lot of inhuman patience and confidence in the ultimate goal.

I have always followed this path of deep faith in my soul in my whole life and I have never been disappointed by heaven, but this life style affords enormous mental and emotional endeavour and personal discipline to stay the course.

Hence this existential pathway of being a perennial dissident and a rebel that leads to total purification from all forms of Orion impregnation is not for faint hearts and that is why the number of ascended masters will be very low when first ascension wave will take place very soon. It is a very steep road to follow and the air on the mountain top which one climbs prior to ascension is very thin at the end.


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