A Huge Creationary Portal Opens Between All Saints Day (Nov 1) and Solar Eclipse (Nov 3)

by Georgi Stankov, November 1, 2013

The Elohim told us in a personal message to Carla and myself only yesterday that we “have created a great divine opening this day (October 30) upon our timeline“. Then they continued recommending us to make use of this new unique energetic situation on this upper 4D earth and to start creating from the inner realm of our mental intentions within the emotional field of utter joy and creative experimental optimism: “Do not forget to focus upon the immediate creations of joy, of love, of truth within your waking life-line, for this shall ultimately be the fuel for your ascended life upon the New Earth, that is now very close indeed.”

My HS tells me that between my birthday on All Saints Day  (“Allerheiligen”), November 1st, which is a national holiday here in Germany, and the occurrence of the full solar eclipse in Southeast USA and North Africa another major cosmic portal will be opened that will firmly and for ever establish the energetic foundation for immediate, direct creation on this upper 4D timeline. This is the most auspicious return to normalcy on this former darkest planet, which has been the exception in this universe and in Al-That-Is, where immediate creation is the usual way of Being in all incarnation holographic models and of course in the higher realms.

This is the “Singularity of mass upgrading of human consciousness, which is “the point of no return” of this former Orion civilisation. The latter is still trapped in the illusion that the human species is the crowning product of a random biological evolution according to the Orion principle of the “survival of the fittest” (flawed Darwin’s doctrine) that has been ongoing on this planet for billions of years, notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence in the last few years that this planet is on the verge of ecological collapse. This observation is made independently of our knowledge that in the meantime 12 4D earths and three further upper 4D holograms have been created by us and destroyed by the MPR in the last 4-5 months. This last comment is just to illustrate the profound blockages in collective human thinking and weltanschauung and why this entire Orion matrix must now finally plunge into a total creative chaos, so that humanity can get rid of its mental shackles and begin finally to evolve to a transgalactic, multidimensional civilisation. There is no time left, that is to say,we are already in the “No-Time“.

While we are well advised to stay open and flexible, free of any fixed expectations as to how all future miracles and surprises will play out in the End Time of Change, we are nonetheless well advised to contemplate in creative curiosity what may actually happen in the coming days. Most of it is already in the messages which I have published on this website in the last days and weeks.

Ultimately any fundamental change ends up in demonstrating in an unequivocal manner that humanity is not a fixed biological species, a cumbersome product of billions of years of slow evolution, but a highly dynamic conglomerate of powerful multidimensional entities /souls, coming from all corners of this universe to experiment with the unique density and maximal separation from the source on this most toxic, tiny planet, called “earth” or “Gaia”, in order to overcome the limitations of physical matter in this extreme holographic model of incarnation through a rapid augmentation of the frequencies of the personal body and field by employing a new, unique technology called LBP that leads to a rapid ascension from 3D to 5D, and even much higher, and which has never been tested before in this universe. Period.

And how will this “reality change” be achieved? In the latest Aisha’s report her source makes a key comment which is also a leitmotif in all my argumentation throughout the years: “For you humans tend to complicate everything you interact with, but as we have told you already, simplicity is the key here. ”

Make it simple” has always been my motto and that of my HS. This is how I discovered the Universal Law and developed the new Theory of Science. This is how I eliminated more than 100 distinct natural laws that current physics proudly declares to exist in Nature and have reduced them to one single Law of Nature. Further more, I eliminated the whole complexity of applied mathematics in physics that makes this science a total mess, so that nobody understands physics on this planet (except myself), by reducing all these equations to asingle rule of three – the most simple equation in mathematics. And finallyI eliminated all SI dimensions and corresponding units as flawed iterative ideas and reduced them to the two fundamental dimensions /constituents –space and time – building the unity of “space-time“.

Then I showed in the new Gnosis of the Universal Law that these two dimensions are the cognitive foundation of the human 3D illusion andcan be reduced to one quantity as time f is reciprocal space s and vice versa, so that we only have energy and frequency f which is (absolute) time f (reciprocal conventional time 1/ t = space 1/s). In other words,conventional time t and space s are one the same. This is the utmost form of simplification of reality, which the human mind can achieve in theoretical, scientific thinking. For ever! – make no mistake about this ultimate, irrevocable fact.

Hence, immediate creation of space-time forms is not a complicated faculty, which one has to learn with the help of tedious mental and spiritual techniques, but a matter of remembering what we have always known and done as unlimited ascended masters and creator gods in the higher dimensions. And are constantly doing now from the fulcrum of our HS. Period.

That is why I recently advised Carla not to bother too much about practising bilocation through tedious meditations as this ability will come to us “like Merry Virgin to his alleged son Jesus” – as an “immaculate conception” without the usual pains of defloration. I have nothing against the joys of sex, quite on the contrary, this is the only real joy on this toxic planet. But just as we shall very soon not need any sex to reproduce in 5D and above, but only project a light body, we shall also not need any meditation or other tedious practices to learn to create. We must only begin to remember how it has always been.

The new portal that will open in the next three days will bring back this pristine state of Being. Not to all humans of course, but surely to the most evolved light warriors of the first hour as the PAT, who have already gone through their transfiguration this summer and are now standing on the “last cliff“, one step away from ascension and full mastership. It is time to begin believing that this is possible – Now!

In order to underline that these actual energetic developments are not a fiction but the only true reality, I recommend you to read the last message of Aisha. While still sticking to its traditional lack of any factual information, this very cautious, iterative source tells us this time quite a lot about what we should expect in the coming days – the blossoming of our pristine ability of immediate creation:


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