My Heart Leaps With Joy

by Alice Davidson, November 24, 2013

Dearest Captain,

I could not contain my tears of joy as I read your new message this morning. Your following words made my heart leap with joy: “The detonation of the PAT Supernova is still on the table, as it must render the fuel for the final MPR and the ID split. This is also the energy which Gaia needs to firmly ascend in the higher dimensions (5D to 12D) as an energetic system.

For the PAT is indeed a Team, even though we have never physically met each other and are spread all over the surface of this planet. We have gone through so much together and have such a unique awareness of our physically debilitating and emotionally challenging journey, day after day, week after week, and year after year. Even though all of our journeys have been only in impersonal service to God and to humanity, to make our final Ascension together makes so much sense from an energetic point of view. If we can “do this” together, all the more glory to God. This is what we have trained for. This is what we came here for.

Whereas each one of us can stand in the Light of our own God Presence without the need of resting on the arm of any other human being (which is what has brought each one of us through this journey), we have nevertheless become “companions in battle” throughout this most incredible chapter of All-That-Is on this beloved planet called Gaia. This makes us brothers and sisters for all eternity. To make our final Ascension as a unit, as a Team, as a final blessing to Gaia and to humanity would bring doubtless joy to God. The energetic boost that will be created by the PAT detonation can only bring an enormous blessing and would appear to be a most divinely logical conclusion to this final chapter of “The Great Shift” upon this beloved planet.

To hear our Captain announce that the PAT detonation is “still on the table” gives a renewed and ecstatic sense of Mission. Dearest Georgi, I so firmly believe that your Higher Self drew us together as a Team for this very purpose. There is indeed greater power and efficacy in numbers, and this is why you built your Team, and why each of our hearts responded so strongly to your website. You volunteered for a seemingly “Mission Impossible,” but you have nevertheless built your Team and pulled off this seemingly “Mission Impossible” through your daily devotion to God, through your steadfast, dauntless Discipline, Vision, and Commitment to your Mission, and in spite of countless frustrations, delays, physical agony, and human nonsense. You could have given up numerous times, but you never did. As a result of such Herculean determination, it makes absolute divine sense for this Team to be tapped as an awesome, unified, simultaneous source of the Will of God in the “Final Game.”

With eternal love and gratitude to both you and Carla,


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