The Great Revolution

channelled von Jahn J Kassl on November 5, 2013
first published on November 6, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Georgi Stankov

This is the second message of Babaji in two days which again confirms that we are on the cusp of the cataclysmic events, of the Great Revolution of humanity that we are expecting for such a long time. I have comprehensively reported in the last days that the energy conditions are ripe for this. The immense and in its intensity unprecedented energy spiral that unfolded on the earth during the last creationary portal November 1-3, and continues to do so thereafter and has, like a conflagration, completely eliminated all the negative residues from this 4D hologram, must have been powerfully felt by all the PAT members who are involved in this final cleansing process.

There is nothing more to add to this. Only those, who remain outside these revolutionary processes, may still have doubts that ascension has been postponed once more. Mischief! The ascension is already here, in our midst and in our fields, it has been created by us throughout the long LBP, when we have raised our frequencies and extended our fields so far that we have not only lifted us into the 5D and higher dimensions, but have also contributed significantly to the building of the cities of light and the ascension of Gaia and humanity.

Ascension takes place through our personal energy fields and portals, not only for us, but also for all the people who are ready to ascend. The ascension portals are there and we, the PAT, have already performed our transfiguration into the light body and ascended in August. We are required here to the very last minute only to initiate and drive this transformation of humanity from the ground, this time supported by droves of light warriors who have now come to this timeline in order to accomplish the final phase of ascension together with us.

Beloved children of men,

this timeline is encompassed by upheavals. The infinite growth of creation is steadily progressing. Phuro! Rejoice and let be inspired by all the events.

I have come once again to this world in order to fulfil what I have announced, so that the “Great Revolution” could be unleashed at all levels of the ascending worlds until the light of God, the reality of God, and God-realization will be accomplished everywhere.

The enthronement of the light and love of God is impending on the upper levels of the 4D worlds. And for this reason these levels will be exposed to change in order to transform themselves. The Great Revolution, triggered by the light forces, which are now firmly established on this earth, is imminent.

The preparations are now complete on the upper levels of the 4D-holograms and the cosmic break is over.

Remove the time out of your thinking, then you will also look forward to these days in relaxation. Delete any expectations because what will come cannot be expected, since it already exists. This space-time level gets a new structure – beyond time and space, as it will be directly connected to the primary source of all being, which dissolves any reference to time and space.

This is done step by step and after the “Great Revolution” has erupted, after the eternal fire of life has transformed everything spoiled. At the same time, and only in a few days, always obeying the divine logic, the events will roll from the coil of all life.

The concepts of time are losing their power over you, because these structures dissolve and the space becomes different, because it is experienced as boundless. States will collapse over night and new states will be created out of nothing, whole nations will be uprooted, so that they can root deeper than ever before into the new world.

The sky sends its mightiest light warriors to the earth! The End Time has reached the upper levels of the 4D earths, the Word of God and the lightsabre of the light warriors have taken power over this world.

I am
The earth is in my care

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