Ascension Seems a Done Deal


by Georgi Stankov, November 24, 2013


As already said on many occasions, we witness now an avalanche of new messages and signs that herald the imminent ascension of Gaia and a small part of humanity – the light warriors of the first and last hours – to the 5D and higher dimensions. The portals of ascension are now fully opened as GaiaPortal’s latest message confirms one more time “Intention of Gaia Portal Keepers brings correction of dis-harmonies and upgrading of planetary structures on all levels.

A the same time Carla has been urgently ordered to move to my portal in Bavaria from where the start signal for the detonation of the PAT Supernova will be given and the first big wave of ascension will be initiated.

My young Swiss friend Marc Gamma has just published a very good message that highlights one more time the coming of this Big Event. The timing of this channeling is also significant – November 23, the day on which Carla left Vancouver on her way to Munich and the day on which a MPR happened on a grand scale in very near-by 4D holograms. I assume that some of you have personally experienced this powerful event, which commenced as usually with a huge cc-wave on November 22 and a subsequent massive purging of collective dark dross on November 23, accompanied by collective patterns of dread of the human masses that died in the floods of this devastating MPR.

I did not mention to you this event as I assumed that you are tired of hearing from me all the time about MPR happening on lower 4D timelines, no matter how important these events for our ascension are, but this one was the precursor to the MPR on our timeline, which can commence any moment from now on, as announced in all recent Jahn’s messages and also discussed by myself in several recent publications.

This message from Marc is auspicious for one particular reason. Although Marc has been told repeatedly by his sources that he will not participate in the first wave of ascension as he is not ready yet, he has explicitly addressed in this latest message the role of the PAT as pioneers of ascension, who have prepared the energetic conditions for this Grand Event to occur (see below).

Only last week I wrote to Marc Gamma and suggested that he should read our website more carefully as to gain some new insights into the intricate ascension scenario which will surely improve the quality of his messages on ascension, for which he has been chosen by his soul, and he promised me to do so.

Now this message is the reward for his effort. I wished I could convince more light workers and channelers to do the same, but their intransigence is a huge hindrance for this educational effort on my part and the main reason why most of them will not ascend now with us, the light warriors of the first and last hour.

I was somewhat more effective in popularizing our ideas in a major German esoteric website “Nebadonia” recently, but the comments of the readers there to my contributions and that of Jahn are so disgusting and brainless that I have given up hope of saving these failed light workers, if they have ever been ones. But I tried it at least.

Enjoy now this excellent message from Marc Gamma on our impending ascension.


Ascension is possible now and it is upon you to make your decision – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma ~ 23.11.2013

[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans.

Today I shall speak to you as always and simultaneously I welcome our Father too. He will tune you in already at the beginning of this message, my beloved humans, here on earth, being shortly before your ascension.

My beloved humans, my little lambs, after I looked so many times again and again, I, your heavenly Father, welcome you with this most important message and its also an important piece of information.

We have already informed this channel that today there will be some energy that are entailed in our message, which never before had risen to such height of frequency. Again we shall increase the energies substantially in order to assist the process of ascension.

I, your heavenly Father, am much delighted to announce to you that the portals of ascension are right before you now! The energies and your potential have kept their level enabling us to proceed forward with a  further step. Today we announce that you have reached the portals of ascension and that all that is left for you to do now is to transgress these great openings.

You have to do this very step quite consciously with all your inner hearts! You have to step forward with all your “I AM” ! Nobody may outwit this very portal without carrying the inner pre-requisite for it.

I, your heavenly Father, shall welcome you on the other side.  I, your heavenly Father, together with all my children, the Angels and Archangels,  shall expect you on our side with Angelic choirs. Do not be afraid to transgress these portals – and do not fear to leave a world having given you nothing but grief’s and sorrows.

Step over this threshold to the New Earth. Gaia will await you in the realm of 5th Dimension and assist you to anchor yourselves there and to connect you safely with her new reality. This will be somewhat difficult and complex process too, turning up before you in orderly sequence.

Go through these Portals and accept the present of your All-Creator.

Archangel Raphael, my son, will now take over again and continue with his message here.

With great love to all my children – your Father, your creator of “All-there-Is”.

After you were able to enjoy the energetic shower of our all Father, The Creator, I really recommend that you go through another grounding with Gaia before continuing to read this message. After such fresh grounding to Gaia all the flooding energies can be spreaded in your “I Am” for further anchoring. Otherwise, it may need some while, until all these energies will be anchored in your reality and your body too. Gaia will gladly assist you in this process.

My beloved humans. I, Archangel Raphael, shall continue now what has been announced already by our heavenly Father. I also shall give you some more details so that you may comprehend all that will be built up before you.

In the next days to come you will have the choice and the opportunity to transgress the portal of ascension. Some of you have chosen this path some time ago. They were the forerunners – pacemakers – in order to prepare the ground for you. They were those having taken on themselves everything in order to safeguard the well-functioning of this ascending process. They agreed to act like experimental guinea pigs for you since such complex process has never been enacted before now.

Even our heavenly Father has experienced this for the first time in all of his past existence. This means that all previously undertaken attempts of it were to prove and to find out whether this was possible at all. We always have assumed that this would be functioning since there is not any expression in our language for “Failure” .

(This paragraph addresses the mission of the PAT as the key ascension team of wayshowers on behalf of Gaia and humanity, In particular, it refers to the first ascension through transfiguration in body, spirit and soul of a human being that has ever been accomplished under such circumstances in the whole universe when Carla ascended on August 13 and then the entire PAT followed her example in August and September. I am sure you remember the great joy and excitement of the higher realms when they announced this success to us. note George).

We do know one and only and that means to be successful!

And now we have finally reached our target – so that we could push opening the Door of Ascension. This door is a barrier that is sensitive to energies and their frequency levels. This door will let pass only those who have decided on their soul level to go solely the road of love. There is not any soul able to outwit this door. If their heart is being prepared accordingly, even skeptics and gangsters will  be passed on through ….

However, this door will prove invincible to all those strictly religious believers having lived a lie and not having subscribed themselves to Love. They will experience solely one matter standing at this door. They will not be permitted to pass through and access to the Nova Earth will be refused to them.

They will have to acknowledge that because of the lie they have lived on so far, they will be denied any access to something that is not in accordance with the resonance of their hearts.

Key to this door is always your heart and it will act as your compass when you make your passing through the various portals of your ascension.

Do not worry that you might not find your portal since your soul will know about the route to take, as all your souls will be shown where it is located.

It has been manifested in your reality and has come to all of you being the Portal of Ascension. All portals have been elaborated and prepared for you by our Creator and all his Archangels. These are the Portals of your Ascension now.

If you have followed the sequence of our words in some explicit way, you will have found the plural of the term “portal” and this is not due to some mistake of ours. For it is the matter of Portals into differing dimensions. Since there will be some humans not ascending into the 5th dimension. No, these are humans going further up as they have finished their mission now. They will go to 6th and 7th or even to the 9th dimension and they will continue living in some other realm or location of some different dimension of an alternative surrounding and accordingly other vehicle resp. body (This statement clearly speaks of the PAT, many of whom will ascend beyond the 5D and will be the new Earth Keepers and Elohim, note George).

This will be experienced by many humans which have incarnated to Earth here. Their missions have been completed successfully and wonderful moments of rest and recreation will await them. Their journey has ended now yet only for some short time. Since afterwards everything will be continued as there are still other planets in the universe being shortly before their ascension and these have to be supported and assisted by you again.

And now I am about to conclude my message, my dear humans here on earth. The way of our communication will also undergo some change. When having ascended, all humans will be re-endowed with their telepathic capabilities. Thereby you will be re-connected to our cosmic network of communication. You have never been separated from it but now on grounds of your newly attained state of consciousness everything of it will be available to you again without any impediment.

I shall embrace you when it is the right time – I shall embrace you in due time and all my brothers and  sisters will assist me thereby. Be set and prepared to proceed on your way – making use of your heart as navigating compass towards some location which will be your new home located in higher dimensional realms.

Yours loving you – Archangel Raphael


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