The Principles of Successful Creation

by Georgi Stankov and Marilyn Cohen, October 15, 2013 

Hi George,

I just wanted to thank you for you report about Obama Orders Nuclear Attack….  I felt a need to connect with you about this. This is an important message you give to us all for many reasons. I am aligned with your experiences and what you share today and loved what you relay to us.

First regarding the Obama story, our HSs (husband and I) followed this story from various sources and knew of its accuracy as a buildup to another attempt at WW3. My cells also informed me because they are still dealing with the chaos on 4D, 12th level with strong symptoms. So experiencing the reality of it in my cells further confirmed something big was happening. Your story reinforced my confidence to trust events in my life more than ever as we are but willing conduits for our HS promptings.

Next regarding immediacy of creation and your plea to fully recognize our potential now, you demonstrate ‘turning over’ family concerns to HR creates immediate solutions for others as well. Creational immediacy became apparent to me in September regarding housing. I turned over the conundrum to HR and a solution immediately came. The apartment management signed a legal document containing a “typo/error”. As a result our 2013/14 annual lease lowers our monthly rent payment for one full year! From this I recognize the conditions are now ripe for immediacy upon the asking.

Regarding helping others for ascension, every extended family members, all ages (on both sides) came to us in the month of September with problems asking for our interaction. It became obvious we were simply conduits of energy for them as real change is happening in their lives. Each in their own way we notice they are upgraded energetically. Difference is, I don’t recall verbally requesting anything for any of them. We simply cared enough and gave of our energy and something passed through us to them that was life changing in simple but meaningful ways.

Regarding your plea to fully recognize our potential now, my understanding is I am responsible to maintain my imagination and keep myself tuned to higher energies traveling through my bodies, however I do this. In so doing, these energies impact all places, people and timelines. This is how I currently comprehend contribution in each moment to prepare the people for ascension.

But now you go further and suggest we take these impulses from our soul spirit into feasible forms and events. Could you expand on this in another article? I sense and feel the result of your request. Problem is, I am challenged to care about 3 or 4 D activities as I experience diminishing resistance within me. Sometimes I’m hardly here. It feels more like I am dissolving… in love. Do you feel that when you are writing for your website and carrying on with your daily chores?

All that being said, thank you, George.  I am paying attention to your words

In Love & Light,

Dear Marilyn,

There is no definition for creation as it will constitute a limitation of it. But there must always be some principles and rules of individual or collective creation, which are of arbitrary character and can be altered according to the free will of the creators.

This is precisely what is now happening with the old holographic 3D model of the earth. In the past, creation was very slow on this dense planet and the ego-mind experienced himself as an object of this creation, most of the time as a helpless victim of this artificially created, illusory 3D reality. But in fact all conditions and even the natural laws we observe are based on arbitrary principles and rules, upon which we as souls have agreed as long as we participate in this model. This is what I define as “consensual reality of creation” – one is allowed to create only within the artificial limitations set by all participants as the creators of this reality.

Dense 3D holographic models have the characteristics to be very slow in creating new conditions and changing the reality, that is to say, they display a big inertia. Although we have now moved to the higher frequency levels of the 5th dimension as a group, where the rate of creation has hugely accelerated and the time-lag of materialisation is rapidly approaching zero, we must still observe the old principles of creation on this planet to some extent in order to be successful creators. This will stay so, as long as our minds and souls interfere with these still existing, past 3D overlays and our minds are still connected to the very slow operating physiological brain. This connection alone hampers decisively any all-encompassing and true creation.

After our transfiguration and ascension, all these obstacles will be removed and we can begin to create all we envision. In fact we will then do nothing else.

Now let me say some words on how creation can be effectively realized under these interim conditions, where the old matrix still has a huge impact and limits our creative potential, but also our creative abilities grow exponentially.

The success of creation depends on the energetic level of creation. There is a reciprocal correlation between success and the level of creation. Let me explain. Creation may occur at the lowest level of physical human existence as to fulfil physiological or social needs, such as survival and sustenance of human civilisation as an interacting society. Most of this creation occurs very smoothly and is managed by our HS in an invisible manner.

One must be a highly evolved soul to discern the artificial character behind this perfect creation that enables the existence and sustenance of the whole 3D holographic model. Few people perceive this omnipresent life-spending force behind our existence as human beings on the earth and out of these enlightened only a small fraction are able to consciously change their living conditions at this level and create a better environment. The evidence is overwhelming as soon as one analyses the esoteric scene.

This failure has to do first and foremost with the aspirations and ideas of the other people who are unconscious sleeping entities in their vast majority and are entirely managed by their HS, so that they are very rigid in their behaviour and cannot adopt easily to quickly changing external conditions. Hence it takes a lot of work and linear time behind the veil before they are adjusted and balanced with the personal intentions of the human being that has decided to begin as an individual sovereign creator of his destiny and ask heaven for a help.

For instance, if one wants better living conditions for himself, he may wish this as an egotistic service-to-self-intention or he may desire it as a service-to-others. For instance, if I address my HS and ask him to solve some existential and financial problems of my daughters, my argumentation is that in this case they will not bother me personally with their problems and I will not be disturbed and distracted from my primary activity to dedicate myself full time to the ascension process and the editing of this website. That is to say, I need a minimum of calmness in my family environment to fully concentrate on my mission. This is not a service-to-self-desire as I am wanting this not because of complacency and egotistic self-centeredness, but because I set priorities in my life that are in congruence with the highest good of humanity and I expect that my humble human needs as an ascended master in a physical vessel should be appropriately considered and supported by the HR. And they do.

This situation is then discussed in detail with my HS and all arguments on behalf of a more fluent and easier life stile for my daughters is weighed upon the desire of my daughters’ souls to have some pivotal experiences and to overcome some social or other personal challenges and turmoils that will help them advance in their spiritual awakening. Hence I cannot expect a massive, exuberant help from my HS on behalf of my daughters and family. I know very well what negative experiences they need to make as to resolve some personal issues and that I cannot spare them this kind of experience that always have repercussions on myself as a devoted father and husband.

But wherever I see a potential for a positive intervention and help on the part of my HS that will also provide a smoother existence for myself in these last days, I ask my HS for help and most of the time I get it – mainly in homeopathic portions but it still helps. Notwithstanding my full detachment from this reality, I still feel obliged to help my daughters and family and in this case the help comes from my HS and not directly from me as do not even have the physical power to do something tangible for them. In this case I carry on with my tedious life  “with a little help from my friend” – my HS.

What this example teaches us is that one must be very modest in his wishes to the HS and always contemplate and analyse the whole picture from the higher vantage point of view of the soul by considering a multitude of factors that may run counter to the individual desire for a positive change. Of course this approach demands a very high level of spiritual evolution and the completion of all personal problems during this incarnation that may infringe upon one’s objectivity to perceive and analyse the situation in an impassioned and impersonal manner.

Hence true creation also needs a crystal-clear, rational mind, whereas I use this word in the sense of cosmic rationality, which has nothing to do with human pseudo-rationality or common sense that is unduly highly praised these days and is another word for human blindness. These are unprocessed dark Orion habits that have been adopted by the masses without any reflective thinking whatsoever, much like bio-robots that are animated by a sophisticated software program which prevents any self-reflexion of the robot, so that he cannot evolve to a human being. This is a common leitmotif in science fiction.

Now this is the lowest level of creation, where we can only achieve minor improvements through a conscious intervention and dialogue with our HS.

The higher we move in the abstraction ladder of creation, which is equivalent to higher frequencies and levels, the more liberated we are in our scope what we can create. This is so because we are now less dependent on the existing physical, material and social conditions of the underlying dense 3D holographic model.

Let us take the next example – the creation of this website. It is a mental product that depends to some extent on the existing software programs and on the digital technology of the Internet. But apart from this electromagnetic background and its inherent limitations, which determine the rules and principles of creation of an Internet website, one is free to design it according to his personal ideas and preferences.

For instance when I decided to open this website, I studied very carefully other similar websites and worked out all their deficiencies and limitations in design, form, presentation and content. Then I established my design before I knew if it could be technically realized and presented it to Chris, my webmaster, for realization. Fortunately, most of my ideas could be realized by Chris as I did not expect and want more than what is already possible with the existing software programs such as WordPress.

As you see, even with this personal creation, which is seemingly independent of my HS, one must also take into consideration the existing principles and rules of creation, upon which one can now gestalt his individual website. But I could not expect, as I would have liked to, that my website is interactive in the sense that when the reader thinks of a certain topic, it will render him all the publications automatically in a telepathic manner as the new 4D communication means on the 4D earth will be able to do. The current cumbersome digital technology is still much too rigid in its essence and allows only a very narrow scope of personal creation.

But above this technical level, one is much more free to design his website to his own gusto without considering external rules and limitations of creation. I can define the content of the website entirely by myself. Or I can establish a new principle of interactive communication with the readers and allow them to actively participate and modulate the content and the selection of topics.

I achieved this by establishing a new form of communication, which I first developed (created), where a reader addresses an issue in an email of general character and then I discuss it in depth and thus make this presentation a co-production (collaboration) on a topic, which I would not have dealt with on my own. Of  course this kind of co-operation presupposes that the person who responds has the ubiquitous knowledge and the creative ability to tackle various topics. As far as I am aware, I am the only editor of an interactive website that has adopted this approach /principle of creative communication and regularly publishes articles with co-authors from his readers as is the case with the last article with Joe or with you now. Another example is our regular energy update, which is entirely a collective contribution and unique in this form.

My decision to adopt this approach and to refrain from a blog with unlimited access to it by all unwanted readers and trouble makers was based on my analysis that such a forum or platform of communication is immediately spoiled by idiots or consciously disrupted by Internet trolls as they always represent the lowest, worst level of human intellectual and moral behaviour and most of them are also carriers of very negative destructive emotions. This is the way, how most esoteric websites were contaminated and completely derailed and the New Age became a huge failure on the Internet.

Hence conscious creation must also consider means (principles) of protection from destructive interference due to chaotic energies. We do not create in a vacuum but within All-That-Is, which is energy = infinite creation. So that each individual creation must interact and superimpose with infinite other creations and must prove to be more stable and advanced than the rest as to prevail. This is a rather complex physical aspect of creation, which most people do not even realize that it exists and never consider in their personal, most of the time futile efforts to create something. There is a lot more to be said on this topic and after our ascension this will be a big issue in the 5D and even on the 4D earth.

Now let us move several steps higher at the level of creation, where the General theory of Science of the Universal Law dwells. This is the highest level of abstraction which a human mind can create under the current limitations of the physiological human brain. But also the scope and freedom of creation at this level are virtually unlimited.

Why this? Because this new theory is a reflection of All-That-Is, of its nature as energy, as an all-encompassing entity of infinite levels and systems that superimpose, interact and reflect the essence of the Whole, which is also the primary term of human consciousness.

Hence, although this theory is moulded into human language that is three-dimensional and sequential and thus rather limited, it contains, nonetheless, the structure and the nature of the Source and All-That-Is. It goes from the highest possible dimensions to the lowest 3D without any barriers, blockages or inconsistencies. This is as if one creates heaven on earth out of clay under most limited conditions. Until now it is reported that only God was able to create a human being from clay and the result was anything but spectacular. God did not even attempted to create a science out of this stuff.

To create such a theory one must first dissolve all recorded sciences so far and substitute them with a complete new edifice of human knowledge. This is abstract creation par excellence. When I wrote down this theory, I had first to eliminate all flaws in human science and thinking in general, which ultimately ended with the rejection of all verbal statements, concepts and conclusions in physics. Only the mathematical formulae remained but they had to be presented in a completely new manner (see below).

Creation is a dialectical process of destruction and creation. Before you know how to create you must learn how to demolish. Even the PAT is doing this all the time. We must first destroy the old dark Orion patterns that enslave humanity before we can create new patterns of light and substitute with them the old ones. In reality destruction and construction are intimately linked, dialectical aspects of creation and occur simultaneously. But the aspect of destruction is very often neglected by humans who are terrified by the idea of destruction during creation as they perceive themselves as vulnerable, mortal biological species and not as immortal, highly creative souls. Hence creation is first and foremost a question of perspective.

Now the establishment of the New Theory of the Universal law was not a scientific achievement, where I simply juggled with some mathematical formulae in physics and derived them in a clever manner from the Universal Equation, which I also did. The actual creative process was how to mould this intuitive knowledge, which I received directly from the Source in a very abstract and formless manner, into a linguistic categorical system of science that does not contain a single contradiction. Creation is first and foremost problem-solving.

For instance, what you may not know, is that I also created a completely new mathematical symbolics (symbolism) and thus substituted not only all mathematical numbers in science, but also all physical SI-dimensions, variables and constants that make this discipline such a complicated non-sensic mess.

Let me mention at this place that for instance all new developments in arts (painting) were created after the painters first begun to contemplate on the means of their visual presentation. By doing this intellectual work, they realized for the first time (second half of the 19th century) that colours can make form (French Impressionism) and that light as colours exists in waves and particles (wave-particle dualism), so that colours can be reduced to elementary points (French Pointillism and later on French and German expressionism). And that all visible forms which are objects of painting can be reduced to several elementary forms, such as cube, cone, triangle, sphere (Cubism, Braque, Picasso) ) and that even these forms can be freely rearranged to create a virtual abstract reality (Abstract painting, Kandinsky in Munich) etc.

If this holds true for arts, which are the epitome for human creation par excellence, then this must be even more true for science, which I restructured in a completely new way by rearranging all its basic semantic terms and concepts into a flawless, stringent axiomatic system of human thinking that eliminated for the first time in the history of this civilisation the inherent compartmentalization of the human mind and thinking that is the foundation of its ongoing enslavement and energetic debasement.

Dear Marilyn, of course I can go on like this and write another 10, 100 or even 1000 pages discussing the nature of creation and will only scratch on the surface. But I think that I have given you some important glimpses into how I perceive the process of creation and what factors I consider under the current conditions as to be a more effective creator without cherishing unduly, unrealistic expectations regarding the outcome, because this will only engender disappointment and ultimately hamper our ability to create.

With love and light

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