The MPR Hit 12th Level of 4D Earth on October 11 to Avoid a Nuclear War. Our Ascension Is Imminent.

by Georgi Stankov, October 12, 2013

We have made it. The Magnetic Pole Reversal (MPR) has finally hit the 12th level of the upper 4D earth on October 11 (1.11 pm CET) and has devastated this last 4D timeline before the dark ruling cabal were able to trigger a nuclear war. Joe’s dream of a nuclear war was correct and my announcement yesterday that the MPR is coming has been confirmed. But the situation is very convoluted and I must admit that even I get lost sometime in this complex cosmic plot. Hence I will try to bring some clarity into it as well as I can.

Exactly two months have passed since the MPR hit the 7th earth on August 11th. This event was directly witnessed by Carla who bi-located on this earth and saw first hand the dreadful destruction that took place on this timeline. In the meantime the ascending portion of humanity had ascended to higher timelines 8th to 12th levels of 4D, which we the PAT have been relentlessly creating since May when the 3D earth was separated and experienced the MPR as first timeline on May 25th. Simultaneously the seven new 4D earths were built as holographic models to harbour the soul fragments of those souls who had a potentiality to ascend.

Later on I presented to you the propulsion multi-stage rocket model to explain didactically the dynamics behind the ascension process. With each MPR that devastates a lower timeline, there is a huge thrust of the upper timelines to higher dimensions. This separation of dark. low frequency timelines from higher frequency, more light-filled timelines is an antagonistic movement, where the parts move in opposite directions. The devastated earths by the MPR sink deeper into physical density and darkness and the higher timelines are free of ballast and can ascend higher and higher. Now it is very important to keep this model in mind as it is in the core of my explanation of what is happening currently on the multidimensional earth (omni-earth), we most often describe as Gaia.

With each MPR on a lower 4D earth we, the ascending portion of humanity and in particular the PAT, move to higher frequency timelines and thus only experience this catastrophic event in our fields as ascension test runs (cc-waves with a headache and other symptoms, emotional depression etc.). Superficially regarded, nothing changes in the linear world we live, but this is just a facade as beneath huge re-allocations of souls and soul fragments take place, where whole worlds are created or destroyed, as Babaji told us in one of his messages, so that with each passing moment our world changes for the better.

We had this experience with the Syrian conflict, which was on the verge to become a global war and then all of a sudden the bellicose impetus of the criminal Obama administration and the dark US cabal simply dissolved into nothing. The forces of light behind Russia took the upper hand in this conflict and transformed it into a real opening for true peace by beginning with the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction. It is as if we now live in a completely new world and this impression is correct.

The same holds true before and after the MPR on the 12th level of the 4D earth, as I shall explain below. The higher we ascend the quicker the realisation of our creations as the inertia of the old earth has been finally overcome and the time-lag between imagination and materialisation is now approaching zero.

This explains why we were able to create in the last several months numerous parallel timelines between the 4th and the 5th dimensions, where the ascending portion of humanity was distributed as soul fragments according to their level of individual evolution, so that they can make their personal and very subjective experiences with the collapse of the old matrix. This fact also explains why we cannot speak of a consensual reality anymore as we did on the old earth, because we have now a multitude of parallel realities /timelines and experiences with a different degree of turmoil and destruction.

Here we have to deal with a complex holographic model of infinite superimposed overlays which oscillate between highest 4D and lower 5D levels. Some individuals have risen much higher. The PAT now dwells in the mid 5D levels and Carla and I have risen to the 6th dimension. This all is said with relation to the vibrational levels of the individual energetic fields, while our physical shells still preserve the outer appearance of the old 3D matrix. But not for very long.

In the 5th and higher dimensions, there will be quadrillions of subjective individual timelines and experiences, so that the situation there will become even much complicated than on our current timelines. However we will acquire after ascension an unlimited awareness and will be able to assess and process these different timelines simultaneously to the full extent. Hence we will not have so many questions as to “what and why this is happening”, which now are evoked at the level of our limited human minds that are still anchored and thus imprisoned by the very slow operating biological brain.

As we now enter this multidimensionality very rapidly, while we are still trapped in our physical vessels, we poignantly feel this discrepancy between inner knowledge at the soul level (inner dimensions), to which we are beginning to have an unlimited access, and the frustrating experience that our minds are still not able to process this huge expansion into new realities and unlimited inner awareness. This is the most vulnerable period in the ascension process for all of us and I urge you all simply to accept this mental deficiency as a temporary affair and not succumb to depressive frustrations. You should know that this metamorphosis is very short and that any moment from now on a beautiful butterfly (as an epitome for the soul) will emerge from the current ugly chrysalis.

Finally let me highlight one more time why so many parallel 4D timelines were created, which now float above the last, devastated by the MPR 12th level of 4D, from where some of the most discernible light warriors of the first and last hours can observe the calamities beneath them as one observes sharks in an aquarium from a safe distance and fully protected by a thick glass. At the same time the vast majority of mankind is not even aware of what is happening on the omni-earth and they continue to live their illusory dream of the uniqueness of the old 3d linear reality. Never before have reality and illusion been so close to each other.

That is why these people need some huge transformational events in their external reality that will awaken them from this perennial nightmare and show them the bliss of the true multidimensional reality. However before they fully awaken, they will fall in a state of a total shock for some time before their minds and energetic fields are fully rebooted.

Hence the MPR and the huge changes of the earth’s crust must very soon occur also in our timelines above the devastated 12th level of 4D, but they will be of a different nature. Why? Because we have now completely separated from all dark entities that have ever lived on Gaia as omni-earth. The last ones stayed on the 12th level and were swept away by the deluge of the MPR yesterday before they could trigger a nuclear war.

As we have discussed on many occasions, the HR /the Source have made a principal decision that no nuclear war will be allowed to happen on Gaia during her process of ascension in the End Times, as this will contaminate many levels in this universe. For this reason the 12th level of 4D is now completely sealed from our higher timelines where we dwell and will no longer have any effect on us. I will publish separately a message from the Elohim given to Carla yesterday that confirms this fact.

Since yesterday we have got rid of all dark forces and from now on our ascension process will be very smooth and much more pleasant. We have now moved much higher as a group and as humanity and we are also protected from any negative influences for ever. The last powerful surge of negativity happened yesterday and this night, but the job is now done and we have made it. Now all miracles and divine gifts such bi-location (teleportation) can descend upon humanity and make our life paradisaical.

Let me recapitulate at this place the rational behind the final ascension tactics of the Source and the HR as experienced by us and presented to us by our sources. This very clever, but also extremely exhausting tactics was actually realized by the PAT and other light warriors on the ground. Hence it is important to speak about it one last time.

We decided as early as March, when it became clear that it is impossible to perform a clean ascension according to the old three-earth-scenario, to create as many 4D timelines as possible of the steadily ascending Gaia as to distribute the soul fragments of incarnated human entities among them and to thin out /dilute their number on each timeline /4D earth. The rationale behind this tactics was very simple. The dark archons and other entities from the Orion/Reptilian empire can only sponge on human souls that come directly from Celestria (upper 5D) respectively from the Source and carry huge amounts of soul energy during their incarnation. I reported that more than ten such dark entities from the astral planes can sponge on each incarnated human being with a full soul fragment.

In addition, the dark forces need at least 500 000 human slaves, which means human entities that are fully possessed by demons, with the help of which they can suppress and manipulate the rest of the incarnated human population on each earth’s timeline. Therefore this critical mass had to be lowered on each newly created timeline by establishing as many timelines as possible and distributing the soul fragments among them. This was the reason why our ascension was postponed for so long, but the effort was worth it.

The final thinning /elimination of the demons happened during our epic battle at the equinox portal when we purged all these demons and dark archons from the 12th level of 4D and liberated many souls, while we as a group and with us the ascending portion of humanity raised to higher vibrational levels at the lower 5D and thus above this last 12th 4D level. That is why we did not directly experience this most catastrophic MPR on this timeline yesterday.

The darkness on the 12th level increased significantly after our glorious victory over the dark archons during equinox because the ascending portion of humanity now left this timeline. Only those humans who carry dark fragments or emanation remained there. This fact was mentioned by Jahn’s sources recently, but out of the context, so that one can only retrospectively understand the proper meaning of this information.

Hence it was only a matter of a few days that this accumulated nastiness without the presence of any light bearers anymore had to explode in a global war. It would have been a disastrous nuclear war between the different dark fractions as all other soul fragments have left this timeline already. For this reason these dark remnants were not allowed to realize their heinous plans to decimate humanity as in fact they would have only decimated soulless, empty physical bodies and Source does not allow this kind of excesses anymore.

Instead they were swept away by the MPR yesterday, October 11th, 2013 which was a massive event of cosmic proportions, very much like the first MPR on the lowest 4D earth on June 8th.

For me, it was the most devastating experience since that time and I am sure that many of you have felt this most dramatic event that has now opened the doors for our ascension in a similar intensive manner. I will publish a separate publication with the latest Elohim message from Carla, where I will discuss in some more detail my personal experience during this event.

Let us now proceed with the chronology of the events that have led to this final catastrophic MPR on the 12th level of 4D earth. I say “final” because the MPR that we will experience on our upper timelines at the lower 5D that still harbour the old 3D reality as a camouflage, will be our actual ascension and transfiguration into crystalline light bodies. Parallel to it these interim timelines, which now serve as ascension portals (see also GaiaPortal) will be fundamentally reshaped. These epic changes may take the visual form of catastrophes, where vast stretches of land will disappear or will be depopulated.

But the big difference to the MPRs on the twelve lower 4D earths is that this time this event will not cause physical death to any of the ascending candidates, as we shall move ourselves through bi-location / teleportation to safe higher dimensional places, which we can as well describe as “light cities” that already exist and have been built and/or anchored by the PAT in the last two years after we first opened the stargate 11.11.11. Of course the GF and the other forces of light (angels) will be helpful by these bi-locations, but this is always the case on all higher dimensions.

Hence It is very important to make this significant distinction now between the MPRs we observed and reported on this website on the lower 4D earths and the epochal changes that we will soon experience simultaneously on the numerous lower 5D timelines, where humanity now dwells, that will mark our transfiguration into ascended light beings.

Here is the short chronicle of all MPR that led to the last such event on the 12th level of 4D. After the 7th earth was devastated by the MPR exactly two months earlier on August 11th as reported by Carla and confirmed by the Elohim, April’s HS and Jahn’s sources, end of August, the beginning of September the MPR reached the 8th level. This event was then reported by Jahn’ sources on September 4th (Rescue Squad on 8th /4D). Then within the first two weeks of September, the MPR reached all three higher levels of 4D, 9th to 11th, in preparation for our last epic battle with the dark ones during the fall equinox portal. Retrospectively all our experiences begin to make a lot of sense. Finally it was the turn of the last 12th level of 4D.

If you go back and re-read the regular ascension reports and articles on our website, you will find out that since the end of the equinox portal on September 26th, the PAT has been steadily ascending to higher frequencies. Carla for instance underwent a huge transformation as reported, although she had already fully ascended as to reach the 6th dimension and join me.

At this place it is important to stress one more time that since Carla’s first human ascension on August 13th, all PAT members have also undergone their transfiguration and have ascended. This was the actual energetic force that allowed the performance of this most complicated ascension scenario that implements infinite 4D and 5D timelines, the reallocation of numerous souls to different earths and the ongoing creation and destruction of many worlds as to reach this final goal.

Now we must expect a miraculous autumn. This perspective has been just announced by Asana Mahatari in his latest message from October 10/11 at a time when I had already informed Jahn about the occurrence of the MPR on the 12th 4D earth. This would say that from now on we can expect all kinds of miracles – bi-location, various openings of consciousness etc. I do not want to specify now in order not to limit my and your expectations as to the scope of all possible surprises that awaits us by issuing some fixed judgments and statements.

We have made it, even it may not seem so at first glance as long as the turmoil from the MPR on the 12th 4D earth has not yet settled. But my forecast from yesterday that we will not experience any global and devastating war anymore and that the onset of the epochal changes of the earth’s crust will be at the same time the start signal for our ascension have now been fully validated.


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