On the Latest Developments in the Ascension Scenario

by Georgi Stankov, October 22, 2013

I am pretty sure that most of you have already sensed the recent adjustments in the ascension scenario in the follow-up of the cosmic break – after our epic battle at the equinox portal when we freed numerous incarnated human soul fragments from their demons and helped them join the ascension party. They needed some time to adapt to this new freedom and had to be carefully coached by us, hence the cosmic delay that finished when the MPR hit the 12th level of 4D earth on October 11. Since then the final battle between dark and light is still raging in the astral planes, but the PAT and all other light warriors of the first and last hour are now sealed from any dark, negative influences as recently announced in one of Jahn’s messages.

The reason for this is that all PAT members have now fully anchored themselves in the 5th dimension and have ascended through transfiguration in body, soul and spirit, as Carla first did on August 13th. Only our energetic markers to this reality have not yet been removed, so that we still experience this 3D reality, which is a necessary prerequisite for our stay on this timeline.

Thus the cosmic break was used very creatively and effectively by our HS to promote our ascension steadily, in a smooth and incremental manner, while still keeping the light quotient on this timeline(s) high and coaching the new ascension candidates. This circumstance has led to some alterations in the initial ascension plan and this will be the topic of this article.

I had an email exchange with Alice yesterday on this same issue and this made me aware of the urgency to highlight one more time these recent developments that I am sure all of you have already felt in one or another way, so that the topic should not be a surprise to you. After all, we all have a direct contact to our HS these days and get more or less the same reliable information as intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience or as dream images. Our consciousness is now expanding hugely.

What is typical for these last days though is the conspicuous silence of the higher realms with regard to factual verbal information. This is the most clear sign that we have already entered the final, most critical phase in our preparation for ascension. Carla, for instance, has not received any messages from the Elohim since her last message on the MPR at the 12th level of 4D earth on October 11th. Recently Adama of Telos appeared shortly to her, after she asked for further clarification, only to tell her that recently he has been besieged by the many LW who are now in their last throes and want to be taken to the Inner Earth Agartha, although they have not yet completed their soul contracts. For this reason he has now retrieved to the higher dimensions (realms) and is not available for communication with humans on the surface.

Therefore, we can now only rely on the impulses which we receive from our HS and on the dreams that are sent to us as key elements of our transcendental communication with the higher realms. The rest of the channeling messages that circulate on the Internet these days have long reached and trespassed the current medical definition of human oligophreny.

If you have closely followed my regular publications on the events in this reality – at the political, financial and societal level – and behind the veil, you must have a clear picture of what is ongoing. We, the light warriors of the first and last hour, were able to contain the dark ones and to prevent major crimes on humanity. Obama’s failed attempt to detonate a nuclear bomb in South Carolina, Charleston and trigger a global nuclear war was partially the result of my focused attention on the heinous activities of this most dark entity this last month as documented by the numerous articles and revelations which I published about this person. Please observe that now the soul energy of each ascended master, such as you are, on this timeline is more powerful than the energy of one billion soulless empty human images that populate this earth consisting of numerous holographic 4D and 5D overlays. Hence our focused intentions have a significant impact on the destiny of this timeline and its population.

What perspires these days is that all the changes that still have to come and sweep away the old matrix will occur in a peaceful manner and will take the visible form of political and financial implosion. There will still be a lot of hardships for most humans as they need these experiences to fully awaken, but no NWO will be established on this timeline, on which we now dwell. This alternative has already been realized on the twelve lower 4D earths and this suffices. This upper 4D earth will very soon evolve to a balanced 4D earth and will be spared from such dire destiny. This is entirely the personal achievement of the PAT and other light warriors of the first and last hour who have decided to stay to the very last minute on this timeline and provide for a smoother and more peaceful transition. However make no mistake, the MPR must come on this timeline and it will be accompanied by massive terra-forming.

In addition to this presentation, another important factor must also be considered. As I reported about two months ago, my HS informed me that this new balanced earth will soon make a huge leap in its soul energies. When the MPR will come, and even earlier in these days, many new old and ripe souls will incarnate in the current soulless human bodies that comprise the vast majority of the population in preparation for this big event – the well known triad of MPR, ID split and ascension of Gaia and humanity.

It was planned long time ago that many of the souls who now occupy positions of power among the ruling elite will be retrieved in the End Time and old, highly evolved souls will enter their bodies as walk-ins. This will change profoundly their character and will allow for a smooth social transition as the new incarnated entities /souls will be very much susceptible to our spiritual arguments and that of the light warriors and will act according to higher ethical and moral standards in this phase of total transformation of humanity. This will presuppose the quick appearance of some of the first ascended masters on this timeline in the time of change. To this I will say more below.

Now many of these souls who are now part of the ruling cabal and had planned walk-ins at this time have rejected this switch-over as they have sold their souls to the devil, as is the case with Obama. This intransigence has definitely postponed the transformation of humanity and the collapse of the Orion matrix and explains the many delays in the ascension process. This fact also explains why the NWO could be installed on all twelve 4D earths, which is the worst possible outcome and not foreseen in this extreme form by the HR.

Now a decision has been made that the souls of many key politicians will be retrieved from this timeline as part of the total reallocation of souls and will be substituted by old, highly evolved souls against their desire at the ego-mind level. In this particular case the free will of the individual is offset by divine dispensation. This a clear sign that the rules of the game have changed on this earth, the more we rise into higher frequency levels.

This clandestine strategy of soul exchange among the ruling cabal is a key part of the tactics which the HR are currently employing in the higher timelines as to guarantee a smooth transition into an enlightened society without any global war or major crimes on mankind on the part of the dark, still ruling cabal. I will publish later today a message from Jahn that confirms this fact.

As you see, we have now a completely new and more favourable situation on this upper timeline above the 12th level of 4D earth, which also demands for some alterations of the initial ascension scenario. The reason for this is that we, the PAT and some other advanced light warrior, were able to firmly ascend to the 5D dimension and anchor the rest of humanity to the upper most 4D, where no wars or other big conflicts are allowed anymore. Hence the collapse of the old Orion matrix will be in form of an implosion and the system will simply vanish. It will be quickly substituted by new, more evolved, loving forms of social relationships. To this the first ascended masters will play a most decisive role.

And at this place we come again to my original ascension scenario, which I have advocated in my gnostic books and writings as early as 1997 and can be read in my five gnostic books, in particular in “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” which I wrote in 2000. You only need to re-read the homepage of this website  where I have also presented this original scenario in a succinct form.

For a long time we have supported the ascension scenario as embodied in the concept of the “PAT Supernova”. We assumed, and rightly so, that we will detonate the PAT Supernova and ascend as a group almost simultaneously, thus heaving Gaia and part of humanity to the 5D .This was a viable option at that time. But the recent huge success in our epic battle against the dark archons and the liberation of numerous souls that were possessed by demons for eons of time was the game changer that profoundly altered the energetic background of the ascension scenario.

Now it is no longer necessary for the PAT to generate such a huge amount of energy at once as to ascend humanity and Gaia. Instead our ascension is now taking place incrementally and much more fluently on this timeline. But – and this fact should always be kept in mind – at the expense of the worst case scenario on all lower twelve 4D earths of the NWO. The creation of numerous overlays and parallel timelines above the 12th level of 4D earth by the PAT and other light warriors in the last weeks and months has also contributed to this more favourable outcome.

This new situation has also altered our original ascension scenario as PAT Supernova. And here comes the new information which I have received from my HS in the last several days.

As all the PAT members have already ascended to the 5D, you no longer need Carla and myself to first trigger the detonation of the PAT supernova as to ascend. In fact, you have already ascended and your final transfiguration – the removal of the markers for these 3D reality  – will take place individually, according to your soul contracts. What I get is that ascension will now begin to take place in stages – with a few persons at a time and then will soon augment into an avalanche of ascended masters. This is now possible because of the more favourable conditions on this timeline.

You may remember that we favoured this scenario early this year before we realized in March /April that the situation is worse than anticipated and that humanity is still in a deep slumber, so that we had to depart from the three-earth scenario and implement the seven 4D-earth scenario as to thin out the dark cabal on the many new timelines and decrease their negative influence on the incarnated human population. As reported, the dark archons need at least 500 000 humans slaves to dominate a timeline.

The first ascended masters will most probably appear immediately on this upper most timeline and will trigger the change in collective paradigms (the time of revelations, Apocalypse). They will definitely substitute the ruling cabal, while those of them who are walk-ins and now highly evolved souls will follow our instructions as the new ascended masters and will provide for a smooth political, economic and social transition of the current debased society to a more enlightened humanity.

In particular, I am getting strong impulses that I may ascend very soon, actually this month – I have firmly declared my wish to my HS that I do not want to celebrate another birthday in a physical vessel on this earth, which is November 1. Hence, there is a fair chance that I will ascend this month and will be accompanied by Carla as my dual soul. We have merged our energetic fields during our physical meeting in Bavaria in May, so that our ascension as a tandem is most likely.

But as I said, this ascension will not necessarily trigger the PAT Supernova now. Instead we will be followed by small groups of ascenders from the PAT and later on from the broader group of other light warriors. Some of these people will simply drop their physical vessels as recently announced in John Smallman’s message (Saul), while all the PAT members will undergo a full transfiguration in body, soul and spirit.

What I am also getting is that I personally, and most probably Carla, will appear immediately after our ascension on this timeline as to propagate the new theory of the Universal Law and the idea of ascension from a scientific and practical point of view, very similar to what we are doing on this website now, but with a much greater success due to the practical demonstration of our creationary abilities as ascended masters. This also holds true for all of you.

This was always my original, favourite scenario, as you can read in my gnostic books. After so many peripeteia, we resorted again to the first version, which is always the best one. But for a long period of time the conditions on this earth did not look very good and we had to be prepared for all eventualities.

This fact reveals a basic truth – all outcomes exist as simultaneous alternatives and have the potential to be realized at some point in time, depending on the energetic thresholds which humanity has reached. I have discussed this theoretical aspect of cosmic creation in depth in my last gnostic book “Thoughts” (Gedanken).

It has never been about us as we all have outperformed as individual souls, but about humanity for whom we have incarnated on this dark, toxic planet at this auspicious time in order to save these lost souls. Our achievements in these last days will have an everlasting impact for eons of time and infinite numerous souls that will incarnate on the 4D earth and on the new 5D earth will follow our example and will profit from the initial conditions of creation we will inherit to them after our departure.

My HS tells me that the next two months will be full of changes and upheavals, nonetheless, although there will be no major wars and the still existing military conflicts will wane. Hence, some of the light warriors of the first and the last hour may stay till the very end when the MPR will come and the terra-formimg will necessitate their ascension to 5D. This may last till the end of this year as the MPR is a movable event and under the full control of the HR. But I am very confident that as soon as I and Carla will ascend, the rest of the PAT will follow us very rapidly as we will be needed at the time of change to coordinate the transformation of humanity as powerful Earth Keepers and Creator Gods.

Let me reiterate at the end one more time the key message from this article. You all have outperformed in these last days during the cosmic break and have advanced and ascended much higher and beyond your wildest expectations. Hence you ascension is no longer coupled to my and Carla’s ascension. Each one of you can ascend now as soon as his /her HS decides so. But there is no doubt that our ascension – of myself and Carla  – will hugely boost the overall ascension process, as it will still represent a kind of a mini PAT supernova. Hence let us hope that we shall experience this event this month. There are strong indications that this may, indeed, be the case.

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