Arrival of the Tiger

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 3, 2013
first published in English on October 7, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov


I am walking with my beloved son Noah when he suddenly points with his index finger to the sky and asks, ” What is it? ” I look up and see the typical path of a chemtrail, a contrail which does not dissolve and increasingly expands in width (end of the report) .


I am on a large meadow. There I am expected by a little baby tiger. We look at each other and recognize each other and the tiger immediately wants to go with me and I dearly want to take him. However, I must explain to him that it is not possible as I live in an apartment and cannot keep him as a pet. It is an incredibly emotional moment, because the tiger and I are one, we feel very closely linked and must still separate – I cry incessantly (End of dream)

The tiger cannot be yet unleashed. He must still stay behind because the new world is not yet established as to meet his need for freedom, zest, vitality, protection and truth. And yet he is already on the spot, although tied up  in order to assist humanity in its crucial hours. It breaks your heart, and in fact where you stay symbolically, is where humanity is now freed from the demons, but the tiger cannot yet acquire his full force.

The tiger stands for two things:

a) For the humanity that has arrived in 5D, which is at the end of the transformation and the beginning of the new era; for the reality and the love in a world that still eludes your conceptions today, and

b) The tiger represents the ascending humans. That is why he is present on this planet, although still tied. The beginning of the new and the total dissolution of the old time is expressed in the tiger. Your affinity and soul proximity to the “baby tiger” shows that you know each other well from the world that you had to leave to come to this earth to assist humanity with your boots on the ground. Assist in a time, in which the tigers were chased away because the princes of darkness recoiled in front of his sudden force and his unpredictability and glided themselves in fears, they usually impose on others.

Because the predictability of all things is a necessity for those forces that have sucked out the “blood” of mankind, that is to say, they have sucked out their life force. Over and over and over again! And it shows, that after the demons have gone, after the people were freed from them, after the world has been cleansed, cleansed in a way that only a big storm can do, that even after all that big events (MPR and the deluge, note George) that are awesomely frightful and are still pending, are enough to scare to death everyone who calls the fear his best friend.

This dream vision clearly shows that Jahn must leave the tiger, which means there is still something to accomplish before the tiger will be unleashed and the whole world can be heaved.

And once again doubt raises its head, now that you follow these words from the light, and again discord takes place, now that mankind returns to unity, and once again sits discouragement at the table, as if they were a host and a guest at the same time.

Yes, it is true, the adult tiger will be let off the leash and will use all his power, so that the people,who will ascend, will receive every protection, every company, every support they deserve. The paw of the tiger is more powerful than the fist of the strongest of the dark knights. Yes, before the tiger completely occupies its position (without a leash) on this new world, the darkness will give away and the arrival of the tiger will be the proof.

The tiger has announced his arrival, the tiger has arrived and will now remain on the earth until all accommodate in the new order of Being, until he will be unleashed and will return with the selected mankind in the realms of light. The tiger accompanies the dying humans into the realms of light (the victims from the MPR, note George), the tiger will stay with the living, so that they can create a world of light.

The greatest protection, with which a man and a world can be endowed is the “banner of the Tiger” .

After you have been informed what a great service the dogs have decided to do on the 3D worlds, and after you have been repeatedly reminded by the crows and blackbirds to remain steadfast on your path into the light under all circumstances, the tiger will bring you into the light before he will be completely freed from the shackles. And he will accomplish with you the pathway, and will thereby free the people, who are still asleep from their shock stupor.

So you befell to go away from this beloved entity and it is commanded thee to return on the day, on which the tiger will manifest all his power – on the day of your ascension. END

In fact, the chemtrails are just that – to prevent ascension. And indeed, this is impossible, since they have no meaning for the ascending humans and they will dissipate without any effect. The ascension of this world, the ascension of the people that are ready for this is irrefutably decided by all councils of the light creations and these decisions are being engraved in the cosmic energy fields.

I am Alpha and Omega, All in All and the Nothing that is in Everything. Neither beginning, nor end but THE ALL-THAT-IS REALITY IN GOD.


Dear George,

This message announces a new development. When I received it on the 3rd of October, something began to work from within and I felt like a hen that is incubating an egg. A feeling that is familiar to me and always opens great news. Today, I received a message with the title: “THE LAST EPIC BATTLE”

After the cosmic break ended and after the designated groups of people have ascended, we, who hold the position, have still work to do. This is the message I will send you as soon as it is possible for me because I need to gain some distance before I read it again. I was in the last days always in the feel that “there’s something more to come” – and the ARRIVAL OF THE TIGER is the prelude to it. I am writing to you here in advance, so that you are immediately informed about the bigger picture and could obtain with your skills and contacts further details.

That’s it for now – I feel light and relieved, because nothing is worse than an indefinite waiting or anticipation of a storm that lets you await in all infinity only to hit you abruptly in the following. Here is a quote from today’s message LAST EPIC BATTLE:

Never again shall the light warriors of this time, the light warriors of the first hour enter unprepared into a battle and be surprised by the dark princes, so that they are wounded and ultimately hurt.” Sananda ( 06.10.2013 )

With these words I look forward to our last glorious victory before we all shall go into the light (this time really!) –

With love and deep appreciation for you

Dear Jahn,

I thank you sincerely for this preliminary information. As you know, we won an epic battle and a great victory during the equinox portal, namely from September 21st to 26th. You have received appropriate messages that have confirmed this victory and I have sent you some publications on the subject.

Since then, the fight has not faded away, but continues to “move on like a rat’s tail” ( A German saying). Carla and I (I have restricted my correspondence with the group at this time or have entirely stopped it, since I have no strength anymore, so I can not tell you what they have experienced during this time) have been an object of several fierce attacks on the part of the dark forces. They came suddenly and completely without any external cause, so we were overly surprised. They came from people who were overwhelmed by dark forces, and also directly from the astral planes. I will not go into details now, but these attacks were directed in one case against you. However, I have not informed you as I did not want to bother you with such a crap and because I attach no great importance to these attacks.

I contribute this fact only to confirm to you that the battle continues to rage, although the tiger as a symbol of our immense forces as ascended masters is not yet unleashed.

I am however a little bit confused by this statement:

Never again shall the light warriors of this time, the light warriors of the first hour enter unprepared into a battle and be surprised by the dark princes, so that they are wounded and ultimately hurt.” Sananda ( 06.10.2013 )

As you know, this last epic battle on September 21st – 26th was triggered by our ascension test runs because the dark forces had to react, otherwise they would have been left in their hell without any fight. Were we, the Light Warriors, who fought and won this battle now unprepared for it or was it planned at the soul level? To my estimation, our HS in the HR knew pretty well what will come, but we did not know so exactly at the human mind level. Anyway, this struggle is ongoing since then.

In particular, the last three days, Friday to Sunday (October 4-6) represented a new peak in this asymmetrical battle, the intensity of which can be compared with that during the equinox portal battle.

This message was given to you before this last battle, so they probably anticipated this battle.

What this message indicates is that the great final battle is yet to come and that we will ascend this time before that – before the tiger will be unleashed – and then will enter the battle as ascended masters. This is a leitmotif of all your messages and ours too. In any case, that is how I understand it and I will be happy to hear your opinion on this.

If it is true that the people who are freed from the demons are now ready to ascend, then the last act – the magnetic pole reversal (MPR) – must come very soon. Babaji told us that all timelines are now exhausted, so that all events – the collapse of the Orion system and the natural disasters – will occur simultaneously. And we shall ascend at the beginning of these events and will not personally experience them.

Well, the current budget crisis in the United States represents a pretext to declare a state of emergency in the U.S. and then introduce the NWO. The blockade of the Republicans and of their far right faction that was created by the dark elite, is too methodical and beyond any human logic, so that I can see here the beginning of the political upheavals in the U.S. and worldwide. Also the date – 17 October – as the final day is fixed and it can also come earlier. The congress speaker Boehner is a proven clone and is being mightily manipulated. It is known that Obama was dropped after his defeat in the Syrian crisis by his dark masters and they now want to replace him, on the one hand to deceive / appease the masses, and on the other to establish the NWO, what he is obviously no longer capable to deliver. The only question now is how they will instigate this coup and what the forces of light will have to say on this issue?

So it is in fact getting very exciting now and it is important to carefully observe these events in order not to be surprised. What all esoteric sources, with the exception of you and our group, have so far totally disregarded, is that this upper 4D earth is inhabited up to 90% by soulless human shucks that need to be removed by a death experience for the other 10 % to wake up, so that they can ascend. This can be achieved only by the MPR and a major natural disaster such as a giant tsunami (deluge).

I believe this message refers to this last big event that will arrive at the same time with our ascension.

Beloved greetings

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