The 5D Blue Codes of the Void

by Georgi Stankov and Carla Thompson, October 2, 2013

October 1, 2013

The Ongoing Ascension After the Equinox Portal

Dear Georgi,

The energies were calm and harmonious but they have started to move here. My body’s on fire, palm and sole energy is flowing strongly and I am nauseated once again. Are you noticing anything?


Dear Carla,

I have a cc-wave since two hours with a moderate headache until now but it increases usually in the afternoon and we have now midday here. Hence it may peak during the day. My skin is also burning.

I was just pondering over an issue which I wanted to discuss with you, but it is in the middle of the night for you, so that I will leave it for later. I even intended to write an article on it, but my inner voice tells me that time is not ripe yet  Probably I will receive some more information later on.

The US is now officially bankrupt as the budget was blocked by Congress and has to shut down the government and even the military. The debt ceiling seems to have been surpassed already and this would mean official state default for the first time in the history of mankind. It is unlikely that there will be any war under these circumstances on the part of the USA and this leads me to the conclusion, which I made independently of this political fact, that we might have already trespassed the threshold of the new earth, slowly but steadily after the glorious victory over the dark archons during the equinox portal.

Since  then we are in a steady upward movement and under ongoing cc-waves and ascension test runs / upward shifts. Probably you should ask the Elohim one more time where we now stand.


PS: Please check this latest GaiaPortal message from Sept 30, which confirms the energetic pause after the equinox peak as announced by Babaji, although this does not hold true for us, with respect to our experience in these last two-three. This points to the fact that we may indeed ascend very soon:

Smoothing and harmonizing of incoming Higher Vibrationals now occurs to minimize local energetic disruptions and responses. Hue-Beings as well as hu-beings perceive this as a “resting mode”, although overall Gaia vibrationals increase continues. Reference to “peaks” is always related to a temporal issue, and not related to a “finality”.*

Assertion of Higher D Individuality continues, as all connection among Gaia Beings is assured. “Resting mode” allows further joining of so-named “shadow seekers”.** Cosmic Alignments will shortly allow for so-called “mass” movement of Hue-Beings.”

Dear Georgi,

I will be up early and have several matters to attend, and won’t be back home until noon hour, at least. I can connect with the Elohim after a rest, at that time.

On another issue, I felt some kind of shift in energy around our fields a little while ago, and invoked AA Michael and my lightsabre. After clearing our fields with the blue light, I surrounded us in the violet and the golden ray. This action on my part came purely from inner guidance and I’m still not aware of what really transpired.   All is clear now.

With love,

October 2, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I received a succinct and interesting message from the Elohim this morning, which I am forwarding to you, as it seems to fit well with the overall energetic experiences many are having now.

It is very short, almost as if to say “There. Just wait now.”


The Elohim Message

” Greetings, we are the Elohim!

We visit you this day to discuss the Ascension with you.

Great purging of dark matter and spirit flow from the Christed expression within your reality. This is an intense process but the natural flow of dark to light moves silently and with diligence.

All who wish to hold on to the dark capitulate finally as the grip weakens and natural order supersedes that of synthetic design.

The train  [here I am shown an aerial vision, looking down on a long train winding upwards on a mountain, surrounded by snow, rock outcroppings and large evergreen trees]  has endured a long journey through the mountains up to the mountain pass, with difficult motions of pitch and yaw in all directions, now surpassing the mountain pass with the heavy snow and ice, victorious on the other side where the tracks are now laid straight and clear.

You have all made it through a difficult time of re-adjustment and even though the outflowing continues to move forward, the path is smooth and open.

It is now The Waiting Game, in what we call “The Void”.”

[  At this point I see a great white-out, where there is no horizon, no colours, no objects, nothing but white all around. This vision lasted a couple of minutes and was absent of sound as well. There was no other message. ]


Dear Carla,

Thank you very much for sending me so promptly this latest Elohim message. Let me recapitulate our discussion on skype from early this morning.

The old Orion system will implode in the next days and it will begin at the centre of power, in Washington – not only with a governmental shutdown, as they call it, but with a real default of the US state as they have already trespassed the debt ceiling and only hide this fact through manipulation of the federal budget statistics. The governmental shutdown is just the first step on this road to perdition and the ruling cabal in Washington can no longer mend the situation as there is no way back to the “good old times” of political lies, deceit and uncontrolled fiscal debt by printing money out of thin air. The new energies after the equinox portal do not allow this old behaviour pattern to manifest at the societal level anymore, as this has been already announced by GaialPortal on September 27th:

“Return to good old times” paradigms are recognized as “not an option”. hu-manity and Hue-manity understands.”

Hence we will witness very soon a cascade of collapses in the financial and then in the political sector, as predicted by myself since the mid 90s for the End Time.,This will however not lead to a revolution, as revolutions are the worst kind of disastrous wars with a lot of innocent victims and the new upper 4D timeline that has just entered the threshold to 5D after our epic victory over the dark archons at the astral planes will be a peaceful one. The dark cabal will simply vanish from the scene in a kind of implosion, just as how the former Soviet Union dissipated all of a sudden in 1992, and the new world will come into being with our help as ascended masters.

The most likely outcome will be that the MPR (and our ascension) will come next on this upper 12th 4D earth, which has already reached the threshold to enter the 5th dimension, because this event cannot be cancelled. Nibiru has already reached its closest point to the earth and can be seen with a naked eye as one PAT member filmed it from Holland with a simple camera and without a zoom last week. This fact explains the recent peak in chemtrail activities as reported worldwide, also in my portal when the chemtrails criss-crossed the sky at sunrise and sunset on several sunny days.

The threshold of the upper 4D earth was reached during this equinox portal when the new 5D blue codes (blueprint) were fully incorporated in the DNA of the broad ascending population. Several sources have just confirmed the broad implementation of these blue codes (blueprint) of universally expanded consciousness and truth, such as

which you and I transmitted to humanity – at the first level of 5D by myself and by you on the then newly created 12th level of 4D as early as mid August, exactly a month and a half before humanity was in the position to incorporate these codes and profit from them at present.

This could happen only after the dark archons were defeated at the astral level and many human beings (old and adult souls) were liberated from their demons and foreign energies that still possessed them. This fact elucidates how slow the ascension process progresses even at this final stage.

Here is what the Elohim told us on August 19th about the blue codes of the 5th dimension which we first introduced on the earth:

We ask both of you to breathe, breathe deeply and slowly, in order to fully receive and to anchor the fifth dimensional codes sent to your dual soul (Georgi) recently.

You (Georgi) are to, in a conscious manner, send these codes from your level of expression, level 1 of the fifth dimension, to your dual soul (me) of the 12th level of the fourth dimension, (I’m getting because we are not at an equal energetic gradient, even though our fields are meshed) in order to ensure the equal distribution to both levels (5-1 and 4-12) of expression.

The blue enhanced codes are not ascension codes. The ascension codes have preceded this moment. The purpose of the blue codes is to prepare the energetic ground of the Fifth Dimension.

Your dual soul (Georgi) shall insert them into his current level of expression, 5D level 1, thereby anchoring these codes into the fifth dimension in preparation for those in the first wave.

Following the distribution and anchoring of these codes, (5D level 1 and 4D level 12) your dual soul shall make the move to level 5th of the fifth dimension, from where he shall co-ordinate ascension efforts from an enhanced perspective.(I am already at the 5th level of 5D and you are at the 3rd level of 5D or even higher)

You shall anchor the Fourth Dimensional aspect and he the Fifth.” 

These new blue 5D codes have now eliminated once and for all the distorted, compartmentalized human thinking at the collective level that has reigned for eons of time on the earth. It has been substituted by the universal, holistic, expanded thinking of the 5D, which I am actually advocating with the new theory of the Universal Law since the mid 90s. This gives you an inkling as to how long and tedious our journey was to awaken these mired incarnated human beings,

As Babaji confirms in his latest message, they have always lived in utter emotional and mental chaos and were barely able to produce a single sound, logical, consistent and enlightened thought or idea as has been for instance demonstrated by the dumbed down American population as mirrored by their MSM:

“The aim of the spiritual light levels is now, while you are looking forward to your ascension, to free these people from their demons. So that they can at least think clearly and so that, once they arrive at their level of being, be able to begin with the work of transformation. A being that is fully possessed by alien entities is never in a position to provide clarity or just to create a single coherent thought. Chaos at all levels, and here we now interfere in an all-encompassing manner.”

What perspires now is that this epic battle, we so successfully fought, and the subsequent void (cosmic break) were indeed necessary as to be able to implement these 5D blue codes, which we first disseminated a month and half ago among all those humans that were still possessed by demons and vampires at the lower 4D levels:

“You have to know that this “cosmic break” in the space-time structure during the preparation for ascension is also used to liberate the people, who have decided differently, from their demons. 90% of humanity is possessed by foreign energies and demons. This is one reason why you can no longer bear human crowds. And many people are fully possessed by demons.”

This new energetic condition after the incorporation of the 5D blue codes has thus a twofold effect on humanity on the upper 4D earth:

1) It has raised it to the threshold of ascension to 5D by enhancing an expanded, multidimensional collective consciousness, thus eliminating the past compartmentalized human consciousness of division, separation and antagonism, which was the fertile ground on which all wars throughout the history of mankind thrived so well. This fact was as always prospectively confirmed by GaiaPortal on September 27th after we had won this epic battle and I had this utter feeling of triumph:

“Process toward finalization of Gaia Ascension readiness continues and all of hu-manity, as well as Hue-manity, approaches full consciousness.

2) Now the war mongering of the ruling dark cabal as it recently peaked during the Syria crisis is out of the game, after we have won our epic battle in the higher realms as a substitution for the expected global war on the surface of this 12th 4D earth.

Even Israel wants to follow the example of Syria now and to sign the UN convention of elimination of chemical weapons of mass destruction, although Israel has until now not even officially admitted that it has such weapons. This is a huge U-turn in the world affairs only in a couple of days. Let us not forget that only last week the Israeli still wanted the USA to bomb Syria and now they follow Assad’s example.

The recent massive Western accusations that Assad has allegedly ordered the chemical attacks in Damascus has also been silenced now as the Russians and Syria have provided new compelling evidence that the rebels, supported by the CIA and the Saudis, were the actual perpetrators of this insidious crime against humanity. The USA, GB and France were then compelled to vote for the Russian draft of the UN resolution on Syria to destroy its chemical arsenals, although they initially vehemently opposed it and wanted instead a resolution based on chapter 7 that allows automatic military punishment of Assad and Syria as they did with Libya.

Encircled by the charming peace offensive of the newly elected Iranian president at the UN session last week, even the greatest war monger of all, Obama was compelled to call him first on the phone and talk to him on peace, although he adamantly rejected only a few days ago any conversation with the new Iranian president during this UN session. The next day Netanyahu flew to Washington in panic seeing that his only foe that justified Israel’s perennial criminal wars against the neighbouring Arab countries is now gone and peace must reign.

I have never seen such a dramatic U-turn in world politics for the better and the cause of all this is the global implementation of the 5D blue codes of full consciousness which we first transmitted to humanity in August. This is how the light wins over the darkness.

The trend to peace is now unstoppable, after we won the astral war with the dark ones and all dark thoughts and plans of the ruling human cabal are now simply dissipating at the new crystalline grid that also contains this blueprint and thus cannot reach the masses anymore. The politicians now live in a total vacuum (void), because in addition to this energetic encapsulation the linear time has been arrested several days ago until the final threshold of ascension is reached in the background (at the higher levels), so that we now simply glide into the 5D, thus causing the final ID split.

It is a rather surreal situation where the big synthetic Orion illusion is crumbling, but the new reality is still seen only by a few seers as we are. It will stay so until the events will begin to stipulate. The next days will be really very interesting and dramatic.




See also this message that appeared after I had published this article:


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