PAT’s Divine Communion With the Prime Creator

by April Bender, September 9, 2013

Dear Georgi,

OK, this is a big one and a weird one. Shortly after waking this morning I experienced a rather strong connection to Prime Creator! Seems there was a very important message that Prime Creator wanted to convey to us. As you know, I have never channeled at this level before and I did my best to do the message justice. I apologize upfront for my shortcomings in articulating this wonderful message, so to be clear I want to briefly recap the main message points I felt that Prime Creator was trying to convey to me for the PAT as a whole:

1.) We’ve reached an entirely new threshold/ milestone! I kept being shown some sort of light/ encoded garment being cast over us – very similar to what Jahn previously described and noted with the number 13. That’s why I included (13) notations where that image came into play.

2.) While we’ve of course always been connected to and influenced by Source/ Prime Creator as the PAT – our relationship to Source has just taken a huge leap forward thanks to the latest portal clearing/ alignment and our filling up of detonation/ Christ/ source energies. So as Carla said, what we experienced in the last few days was indeed BIG.

3.) Going forward, we are to utilize this stronger connection to Source/ Prime Creator. We should be able to feel that presence wholly with us, present at all times. And the importance of utilizing and nurturing this deeper connection as we move into the supernova/ final split phase of levels 11 and 12.

Honestly I was very excited to receive this information, especially since it seemed to match my new-found sense of bliss and expandedness this morning – once the dust of the last two days settled. But as I said, I’m nervous about sharing this, since it’s the first time I’ve channeled Prime Creator, so if you want to hold off on publishing it, I would completely understand. I did wonder why Prime Creator used me instead of say Jahn, who channels at a higher level on a daily basis, but in the end I’ve learned to just do what I’m told (laugh out loud) by the HR’s and to trust in that.

So of course I’ll be very eager to see what you think of the message and how you resonate with it. I’m heading over to the PAT site now to get caught up on the latest postings.

I am very glad to be feeling better today and hope you are as well.

Much love and light,

Prime Creator Message 9/9/13

Dear beloveds,

I come to you on this 9th month and 9th day to herald the news that through you and your latest achievements, through this grand alignment, “I” which permeates the ALL as “I AM” can now be FULLY experienced/ utilized/ mirrored within those of the ascending first wave in preparation of the awakening to ME through YOU in ALL ascending humans.

(Author’s note: The qualities of the number 9 in numerology are those of leadership, the ability to see clearly, and the integration of the three worlds – physical, intellectual, and spiritual. This is the last symbol before the complete return to unity – the 10 or Omega point.)

I speak of YOUR integration of both aspects of ME – the personal (as expressed through the qualities of my Son, my emissaries of light such as the Elohim, your HS’s, etc… as well as the impersonal expression of ME as the sentient awareness behind the consciousness of all LIFE and the FORCE of ultimate expression – as now fully anchored/ activated within YOU. The garment of righteousness/ divine authority has now been irreversibly bestowed to those deemed worthy (13), having arrived upon the shores of 5D.

You, the collective PAT and first wave ascenders, who have remained loyal and steadfast in your faith and service to me and my plan, I will now speak/ commune with in a much closer and deeply expanded way. This is because you have successfully cleared and now properly aligned all upper Source communication channels to/through me. There will be no more interference or low-grade reception to those who honestly strive for COMMUNION with ME. For behold, the bride and bridegroom cometh!

What I speak of is the capstone of your relationship with and in ME. For I AM BOUNDLESS –  I AM everywhere and exist in ALL things – and as a result of your COMMUNION WITH ME, your awareness has/will become greatly expanded, even boundless as I AM boundless, within the 5D realm in which you will soon physically occupy, for a time. Boundless meaning that higher information/ inspiration is now coming to you in much more conscious way – through the ethers, plant, animal, devic kingdoms, your brothers, sisters, soul groups, other realms, etc…

You are now fully empowered as my Emissaries of Light (13) and will receive/ open to all the gifts/ graces that MY EMISSARIES have rightfully earned. It is within your COMMUNION with me that you will unite and communicate to each other and all of ascending Gaia with your now highly refined, unified WILL. I AM as wholly manifested and expressed through YOU and it is now time to reintroduce your realm to ME as the final migration /ascension to 5D commences.

To you who have been chosen and sealed as part of the first wave, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS and from this day forward you will feel me next to you in all that you do and will now hear and receive my words and instructions much more clearly. Therefore, rest in me, find refuge in me, look for inspiration within me, and find your greatest POWER within me. For it is through ME that your collective will soon find salvation, your return Home, as promised to each and every one of you.

Dear April,

it is perfect, the way it is. This message is of such a high abstract order and frequency that words fail to relay it and this feeling is also the best indicator that we have now reached the threshold of energetic abstraction /expansion, where words will cease to exist and we shall all enter the divine communion with the Source or Prime Creator, name it how you wish.

This is what I call in the new axiomatics of the Universal Law the  “ultimate equivalence of all terms and human ideas” – the primary concept of All-That-Is as I-Am-Creation beyond human language.

I am very happy that you have received this message as it is in itself the best verification that we have already made the most important last shift /alignment with the Source /Prime Creator, before we can ascend and leave for ever this reality.

It is true that after these last four days of utter compression, which the entire PAT must have experienced and felt physically very strongly, we have now moved to a new expanded frequency level. The PAT has now firmly moved into the realms of the 5th dimension and only the last remnant overlays of the old holographic images are still impeding us from experiencing the utter joy which the new acquired energetic state of bliss harbours for us.

But as the events now unfold with an incredible velocity, further huge shifts must be expected any moment from now on. The heavenly locks are now wide open and the energetic tsunami from the Source cannot be stopped anymore. Our ascension is an irreversible and foregone conclusion and our divine communion with the Prime Creator is already a reality.

I, myself, dreamt several days ago of staying in front of Him, together with Carla as my dual soul, and we were attested by Him that “we have fulfilled our mission to open the hearts and minds of the humans to our best abilities”. Which indicates that we have finished with our mission on the earth and that our final ascension is happening in this very moment.

Well done!

With love and light

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