On a Lower Octave

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 19, 2013

first published in English on September 21, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

it occurs now and the displacements of the worlds have reached a new dimension. Now, that the end time has come, one should note with regard to those people, who were undecided up to date whether they should pay attention or the necessary importance to ascension, that they all turn away from the light and sign in droves the pact with the powers of darkness. What began weeks ago as a very promising process when the people, beamed by the light inflow from the Central Sun, turned increasingly towards the light, now has come to an abrupt end.

The stronger the cosmic light affects the people and the closer and more tangible ascension is, the more closed and blocked the human hearts become, as they fear immensely this light. This angst fueled and strengthened by the manifold manipulations of the dark forces, degraded the human spirit, the human emotions, and the mental movements of a being and display today their full effect.

This means the descent of mankind is absolute. It means that the vast number of people, who now miss this ascension, will not dwell on the upper 4D levels but will go to the lower 4D or 3D levels. For this reason, the events that will cause the separation of the worlds will be so massive, that they will blow away the mind of every human being.

The jolt that now goes throughout this world changes everything. The dark energies rear up to a seemingly insurmountable wall before the ascending humans find themselves in heaven and the descending entities in the space-time levels, whose very existence seemed unreal to them, so that they never considered possible to enter. Each person has had to the very last moment the opportunity to breathe the necessary spirit, the necessary love, the necessary will into his life, so that ascension can succeed.

The number of those who followed the many calls of heaven, is low, lower than ever predicted before. What remains is still a lot – because the world will be heaved and new worlds arise as you enabled this by having overcome this world.

And to you I address these words. Do not be afraid! You should never worry about your beloved ones, who like you shall ascend into the light, to whom you have no longer any access. This concerns your children, your friends, your beloved brothers and sisters, who have graduated and passed like you, who will ascend into the shining heights, into the heavens of which there are infinitely many.

Many mothers and fathers worry today, “What will happen to my children”, and they ask ” What will happen at the zero hour if they are not all with me? Can they be hit by a misfortune? Or what is, if they are long grown up and have decided differently? What about my siblings of light, who like me were dedicated to the light and now will go with me into the light? How can I gain confidence that everyone will find his safe place in heaven?” These and similar questions today engage the people, you, you who are chosen by God, as you yourself have chosen this ascension.

Do not worry! Cherish no such thoughts as described here because you must know that for each one of you is taken care of in the truest sense of the word and not in the metaphysical or metaphorical sense. Regardless of where your children, light siblings or light warriors, to whom you are deeply connected, are at this moment, everyone will arrive at the fifth dimensional level and there you will have a unique and sublime celebration of your reunion. In case your children are far away, where tsunamis, upheaval, war, murder and manslaughter are expected, they will be evacuated and will be transported by the Agarthans to the realms of light.

It is also taken care of that every one, who will ascend, will find its new place in heaven – each one of you. Hence never worry. It is completely irrelevant whether the ascending families are at the same place during ascension. the only fact that counts is every man will be given any conceivable help, in case it should be getting urgent, uncomfortable, or threatening. These people will be recognized by their vibration and know: The powers of heaven are always on the spot, when someone least expects them.

To all children, friends and light siblings who enjoy your entire love and have not decided at the soul level to ascend, it applies what applies to all human beings: they will find themselves on the levels that they have chosen for themselves. Once you arrive at the 5D, this truth will be revealed to you as being the most natural thing in the world. To have decided on a soul level to ascend, does not automatically mean that this can be seen in the daily life of a person.

Sometimes these people know nothing of ascension or do not want to do anything with it, when they hear about it. Nevertheless, these people live an impeccable life, neither have they anything to do with the dark powers, nor are they in cahoot with the darkness. Some of them live in great peace with themselves and the world, they carry their love silently or display it openly and are still barely aware of their own light. These people will still go into the light, as how could it be otherwise?

Is the butterfly aware of its beauty, the lion of his dignity, the eagle conscious of his freedom? And yet, they are all closer to heaven than all men, who are enamoured in themselves and believe to be this or that or pretend to be this or that.

So it happens now with all the people who are unconscious of ascension, who however in the depth of their soul desire nothing more than that  – and in fact they have also decided so for themselves in order to leave this deceptive world. He, who loves, will inherit now the eternal life, he, who has chosen the truth, has nothing to fear, he, who has done his homework and has focused his life on God, that is, on the light, he is lifted above all the happenings of this time, no matter where he participates in them.

The great revolution is taking place!

The last cry of humanity, which like a deadly wounded animal stands up against its fate before it drops exhausted to the ground and remains prostrated there, is uttered now. Life is breathed out and simultaneously a new life begins, the divine breath is inhaled again. Yes, the creatures of many worlds gather at the deathbed of the earth and they bow before you in the acknowledgement of these facts.

Multifaceted and almost impossible to interpret is what is happening now. Hence have faith and stay vigilant and centred in yourselves – these are the best prerequisites to survive these days, so that everything can be fulfilled on you.

Say farewell, because for a long, long time you will leave this world before you return to welcome the new adepts of light in the schools of knowledge.

I am the life that is infinite and eternal.
I am

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