Living Dead

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 14, 2013
first published in English on September 19, 2013 in

Translated by Björn Kurt

How is it possible that many people are reading the messages of light yet their lives remain unchanged? It is possible because the subconscious of these people is blocking those passages, which the human being still wants and needs to experience on a full human scale. This means furthermore, that these lines are simply not being registered, are being skipped and therefore have no meaning for the individual. This man, himself, lives in the assumption of adjusting according to the messages of light and believes that he is honestly working on his transformation and shows an unconditional will to throw off all that is hindering his Ascension.

So what is the solution? Discover and experience what the subconscious is hiding from the awareness! There is no other way for these humans. For the clear look on the topics must be practiced, and this exercise is being neglected by most people because it is an initially uncomfortable situation to hold up a mirror for oneself in a relentless way.

So they refrain from real introspection and read in those messages only what they want to see, which is mostly what they already have attained and overcome. Or it is about minor knowledge which has barely an effect on the process of evolution of their soul.

This selective perception is widely spread among the light warriors, which are failing now. So that the total awakening will be provided by events which were bred by the unconscious. As long as a person is not able to look relentlessly at his actual state, any deeper awareness and insight is absent, for how can one know what to change if one does not know what IS?

In summary, there are two ways of transformation:

1) Awareness attained by relentless introspection, unconditional transforming even if the first look at themes hurts – to get on the track of the unconscious.

2) Wait until the transformation imposes itself as the pain grows to become unbearable and you must look at your actual state for there is NO other way in order to heal.

Loved ones,

so the world goes on for those who are under the illusion, they are already enlightened and the world goes on up to the point, where the messages of light are not only read and partially understood but until they are integrated word by word into the daily life, for the people will have dropped all fear to start their own transformation.

Distrust those full of complacent pride who recite the word of God by the letter. They are not more than intercom machines that are parroting what others detected or what had been given to others.

Beware of those who read, but bring nothing of what is read into their own lives. And take heed as you meet the priests who praise God in a grandiose way but have only one intention: Namely to drive you in new dependencies, to tie you into their aura and therefore to keep you away from your own actual transformation.

So it happens now that everywhere truth asserts itself and many light warriors are being exposed to what they are: deniers of life because the life – which is promised to them after their completed transformation – is being disregardedand denied.

Living dead! We talk about those who day by day let things slide and meet the approaching time with a backpack full of unredeemed topics. We talk about those people who expect the guest of honor unprepared and with worn out clothes.

We talk – possibly about YOU.

In infinite love I am with you. And I expect your call from the deepest soul, so that we may redeem your heart from all topics which are slowing down the moment of your ascension and drain your life force. The grace of God works – possibly also within you.

I am


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