Final Light Work at 5D

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, September 5, 2013

Dear Georgi,

There have been several messages over the past few days and I will type them all up. I was very tired over the past 5 days from these huge energies and my harsh symptoms. The messages also follow a narrative format, as I was often asking questions as opposed to them making a declaration.

August 30th, 8:10 pm  Archangel Michael

“My dear one.  I am here because I feel your despair over the ascension process. This has been a difficult journey for you, of this we are sure.

Know that I, Archangel Michael, am here by your side, even though you may not see me with your physical eyes, yet have the gift of the third eye, the all-seeing eye, and you see me and my light body with this. And of course, I know that you can hear me speaking to you.

Of course we worry that it has all been too much for you. [ I intuitively feel that he is thinking that maybe I should not assist anymore and I tell him emphatically that I wish him to keep me included in everything going forward – it hasn’t been too much for me.]

Your soul and spirit are strong beyond all measure and we in the Higher Realms are impressed by your fearlessness. Even as you continue to live, work and play in your reality, you are still able to change tracks and adapt to a new situation easily.

Within your daily life, you are often tied up carrying out maintenance issues. We know this to be a heavy burden. It is important to take time for your Self, in all manner of speaking.

You are tired now, rest now, if you like.”

11:50 pm  AA Michael

“We would like to take you on another journey. You shall be safe. Just relax and stay with me.  I shall watch over you with all my Angels.”
Me: “Where are we going?”
AAM: “Back to the nether-worlds”
Me: “In my light body?”
AAM: “Yes.”

Dream about severe compression, where you Georgi also felt great compression.

AAM: “This was another form of nether-world, to compress the spirit, the living spirit. It was another synthetic realm of a different magnitude. Your dual soul Georgi sensed your entrapment and came to your aide.”

September 1st; 10:30 pm  The Elohim

“Greetings, Dear One!

You are most engaged in your responsibilities with your Earthly life! We are really actually missing your connection with us! [Laughing]

Me:  Have I had another trip to the Nether-worlds?

E: Yes, indeed you have. This time, the third time, you were able to move quickly through the maze without our assistance or the assistance of AA Michael, because the Higher Realms deemed it necessary to overcome this programme.

These sectors are being purged by the light from the Great Central Sun. It was planned that way following your failure to ascend the second time. The Higher Realms move forward in order to purge the several levels of your 4D to clear these synthetics.

You currently dwell in the 5th dimension, where there are now 12 levels. As one moves higher, the refinements increase. At present you reside at the 3rd level of the fifth dimension. Your dual soul has risen above your level, as it is his role to co-ordinate from above, while you anchor the “below”. He resides between level 4 and level 5. You are growing weary. Rest now. We shall wait for you.”

September 2, 2013

Dear Carla,

yesterday and today were two awful cleansing days. I ma almost burnt inside and the collective patterns that flowed through my field were deadly,suffocating and disgusting – extremely unpleasant and I still feel dirty inside. This must have been another powerful leap upwards. It could have been the ID split or something like this as I went through hell – the final detonation of the PAT supernova? – feels like this…

I had to have a nap of almost two hours, from which I have just woke up, from 04.30 to 6,30 am your time. The energy levels are still very, very high, inhuman and dissolving my body, I am nauseated in a huge vortex, but  feel better now in terms of energy quality. Head splitting without a headache.

I was definitely on the new earth and you were with me during this sleep. I do not remember many details,, but we were in the new Bulgarian part of the 5D earth, which had nothing to do with present-day Bulgaria. The only thing that I remember was that you found my light body garment to be very beautiful and I was very proud of it, telling you that it has been my garment since my school examination celebration when I was very young and slim and you should actually remember it.


PS: Can you please check with the Elohim what has happened on September 1 and 2? It must have been very massive and profound.

September 2,  8:45 am  The Elohim


Your dual soul’s experience with heavy cleansing waves is associated with the purging of the souls trapped within the deep dark recesses of dimensional enfoldments. The flooding of photon light from the Great Central Sun was planned a long time ago in order to “reset” the energetic experience on this plane to its original blueprint.

Your dual soul has sensed this purging as it has had to move through all levels of time-space manifestation in order to be reset. One of his major assets, is his ability to filter, to process great volumes of dross within this entire manifestation. You also helped with this, and your higher self decided to place a personal perspective upon it this time [Georgi, a re-union with my beloved brother-in-law, who passed in 2004].

The role of your dual soul was set for the 5th level of the Fifth Dimension. Although he has reached and resides predominantly in the 4th level of 5D in this moment, it may be a sudden upward movement that takes him to the 5th level.”

Your questionShall I (you, Georgi) undergo full transfiguration and ascension when I reach the 5th level of 5D, or shall I increase my frequencies as now and stay in my physical vessel?

E: Since the format of the unfolding is not yet clear, it is uncertain what form he shall accept at the 5th level of 5D. He is needed for his great cleansing powers. Should the dark ones wish to employ the engagement of fear and other lower vibrational energies, then his work as cleanser is required from the viewpoint of his physical vessel.

If decisions made and complements rendered are of a higher order, a higher vibration, then he shall move up into full transfiguration. These two choices are guided by circumstance created by the myriad interacting cogs in the clocks’ works.

His soul will use him where he is best suited, to maximize efficiencies and results.

There is going to be a large shift coming over the next time phase [Georgi, I am getting between 24 – 48 hours, but it could be longer]. Be prepared. Be well rested. Drink plenty of fresh water. You would both do well, you and your dual soul, to remain as close to one another as possible. Since you are physically apart, a firm and conscious energetic connection is to be established throughout this time period in order to maintain integrity of your portal. There are impulsive dark ones roaming about looking to remove the Light and the Bearers of Light. Therefore be clear that a strong embrace between you two is now essential, you two who comprise a complete unit of divine masculine and divine feminine energies incarnate. Do this with passion. Do this now.”

After going over all my notes and typing this all up, I realize now how difficult the past few days have been!

I also get that everything is fluid, as it always has been, but we are getting really close to 212 degrees Fahrenheit when everything will turn to steam!

All my love,

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