The Worldwide Financial Crash Gains Momentum. Obama and the US Government Dump Down 10 Trillion USD Liabilities to the Rest of the World.

by Georgi Stankov, August 6, 2013

Make no mistake, this is the official bankruptcy declaration of the US government to the rest of the world. Obama has urged Congress to shutter the state owned mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and renounce its liability for 80% of all outstanding mortgages in the USA with the total amount of more than 10 trillion USD or 75% of the annual BSP of the USA

Currently nine out of ten mortgages in the USA are issued by the two financial giants that declared bankruptcy in 2008 and had to be expropriated and taken over by the US government. Since 2010 they are no longer traded on the NY Stock exchange as they are no longer financially sound institutions. Since then the Obama government has outstanding debts in mortgages of roughly 10 trillion USD to the rest of the world. More than 50% of these mortgages belong to China and the rest is distributed among European countries and the rest of the world.

All these mortgages have been securitized by the biggest emitting US banks with fraudulent CDOs (collateral debt (default) obligations) about which I have written extensively in previous articles on finance and economy that exceed the total volume of 500 trillion USD and thus amount to 15-20 times the BSP of the entire world economy. These fraudulent financial products are the trademark of the current Orion debt economy, based on inflated toilet paper/ fiat currencies printed out of thin air. Fraud pure!

In a speech next Tuesday in Phoenix, Obama will call for transitioning the business model of Fannie and Freddie into a system where “private capital must be wiped out before the government pays on any form of catastrophic guarantee,” a senior administration official said today.

In plain words, this announcement means that the rogue US government dumps down his obligations of liability of more than 10 trillion USD outstanding debt to the rest of the world. There is absolutely no private capital engaged in these mortgage giants that were insolvent in 2008 and since then belong to the US-government or the tax payers. In the meantime, these insolvent mortgage giants have cost the American tax payers more than 400 billion USD, but the unofficial losses must lie, according to experts, two or three times higher.

These two insolvent mortgage giants that are now practically dumped down by Obama and the US government are sufficient to topple down the whole financial system worldwide as these mortgages comprise large portions of the assets of all big international banks.

When the subprime mortgage crisis explode in the course of the Lehman Brothers’ mega bankruptcy in the fall of 2008 and the two mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac also went bankruptcy and had to be nationalized by the US government, many big European and in particular German banks also declared bankruptcy because they had bought huge mortgage packages and CDOs financial products from fraudulent US banks trading on behalf of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that were worthless overnight.  This same situation is now unfolding with an incredible speed on the world wide financial markets as announced by myself in a previous article.

All these steps and decision of the rogue Obama administration are closely interrelated with the beginning crash of the world biggest banks, such as HSBC as reported by this author and are symptomatic for the horrendous fraud and present-day total illiquidity of all fiscally hugely indebted Western states and of their big banks, who have created the biggest debt economy in the history of this planet.

Now this inflated Orion monetary system will implode within the blink of an eye on the eve of the magnetic pole reversal, MPR, the Inter-dimensional split (ID split) of the upper 4D earth from this old 3D matrix and its ascension to the 5th dimension at the moment when the PAT will detonate its Supernova. All these events will occur this month of August and are known to the dark ruling cabal. They are now desperately trying to save their last assets, knowing the inevitability of their dreadful demise and impending collective death in the deluge of the coming huge natural catastrophes after the MPR has taken place in the course of this summer.

Those who will ascend with the first wave with the help of the PAT supernova, will have a very smooth transition to the new 5D earth and will not be affected by this irreversible financial collapse that will also put an end to the insidious Orion monetary system, which has been the primary cause for the enslavement of humanity by the PTW since the fall of Atlantis.

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