Reset: 5D Uploaded

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 24, 2013
first published in English on August 27, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Beloved  World Light Warriors of the first and the last hours!

It is finished! The rotten fruit is separated from the healthy ones – forever. “Reset”, which means that everything is realigned and the fifth dimension is the heritage of the Light Warriors, who have overcome their human conditioning. But there are only a few, to whom this description applies. We are talking about a few million, who will now accomplish full ascension, all other children of men will remain in the waiting, experience- and ascension-loops of the myriad holograms that were created to offer all people an adequate home.

In these days, the level of the fifth dimension is being “uploaded” (see “The Exodus Has Begun“, comment George). This means that the separations at all levels will continue to unfold in even more radical and uncompromising manner. It is taken care of everything, so do not worry, please admit only one thing unconditionally: your unwillingness to let go of everything as to ascend, or your unconditional surrender to your ascension into the light and the kingdom of God.

At this last moment of recognition you are all called, before you are summoned by name by the Creator and before many people, who expect this call, are listening in vain in the silence, because they were not considered by the Creator. In vain for those, who are still discouraged, and yet feel brave, in vain for those, who failed when they had to show (courage) and where it was about peanuts talked great speeches, and in vain for those, who neither by their longing for God nor by their true love for humanity have excelled, because truly – both go hand in hand.

Longing for God brings to the fore the necessary courage and the demanding will to strip everything, and in the love for humanity this (virtue) becomes evident. A heartfelt sorrow has descended upon the human souls ready for ascension in the last days of the old humanity in the acknowledgment of this  fact. And this sorrow will be now taken away from you, because truly, grief, where occasions were missed by the unwillingness of the individual, is inappropriate and soul pain, in view of the returning sufferings that await those, who will stay behind, is misplaced because he, who finds the best conditions for his ascension and does not recognize them, has deliberately consented to continue with this in the new loops of human destination.

These pivotal days of humanity still remain unrecognized by the large majority of the people, and those, who believe to be in the ascension process but continue with their petty lives, are just as far from ascension, as an artificially created life is away from true life. And it is all about this “artificiality” now – how to recognize it:

1) Artificial esoteric disciples. People who do not shine within themselves, but want to only point with outstretched fingers at others.

2) Artificial esoteric gurus. People who try to attract cheap applause and encouragement by cheap magic tricks and feats.

3) Artificial  world savours and prophets, because they lack any connection to the Divine.

4) Artificial religions, which with their claims about the omnipotence of God alienate the people from God instead of bringing them to him.

5) Artificial art that serves the criminal system as it allows its freedom to be robbed.

6) Artificial politics, which follows a sick role model, and serves neither the people nor the needs of this world.

7) Artificial “time apostles” from all segments of society who only appeal to the fears of the people and not to the inherent divine power in every human being.

Yes, these seven path- and time-markers now bring everything to the light. All that is “artificial” shall go, all that is truthful shall come to the fore. And there are only a few to whom this message concerns.

Yes, you beloved ones, you have given everything, totally, and you have retained everything, totally. The time of harvest has come. One more time and appropriate to the present time quality. The point is: Many people have tried to deceive the light levels of Being with their ascension claims, but at that moment when we entered their lives, we heard a fearful “NO” instead of a clear


The time of maneuvering is irreversibly over, the wheat is separated from the chaff, and now one last time: I’m the one, who breathes into this message gravity, light and love. Whereas again, and again – as has been pointed out many times – in clear and unambiguous messages like this one:,our love to the people has been hardly recognized by the people themselves.

Reset and ascend on 5D!

I love you infinitely


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