Higher Self Confirms the Beginning of Ascension: “The Time of Final Action Has Arrived!”

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, August 25, 2013

August 24, 2013

Dear April,

I assume that you have already read the latest articles and messages confirming that a decision has been made in the HR to go forward with the detonation of the PAT Supernova and the first ascension wave independently of what the dark cabal are doing on the ground. This has created a new dynamics now.

Yesterday, August 23rd, there was a massive descent of source energy as a monster cc-wave with a severe headache and muscle rigidity in my field and body since early morning, which peaked in the afternoon into an unbearable headache, dizziness and coordination disturbances and continued throughout the whole night. This was the most intensive ascension test run I have had for the last three weeks – precisely since the monster wave on July 29th as recorded by myself. This is a significant event and may be the onset of my and the PAT ascension. As I have written on many occasions, I always get such a massive energy descent /ascension test run 2-3 days before the actual event takes place, which will be August 25/26.

For your information, here is my report on the July 29th cc-wave:


“Dear Carla,

this morning (July 29th) I woke up with a very nasty cleansing wave when I usually get very much pissed off with the world and my life on this toxic planet.Then around midday local time a huge cc-wave commenced and now I am with a severe headache – the third one in four days. Only yesterday I was spared from such cc-wave, although late in the evening there was another massive energy descent from the source.

What I wanted to tell you is that during this cc-wave, while I normally do not get anything from my HS as the pains and energy inflow are so massive, this time I am getting the intuitive knowledge that we are very much on the cusp of our ascension, respectively, of the final solution.

This prediction was then fulfilled very soon: On August 11th Carla visited 7th 4D earth when the MPR took place and on August 13th she ascended as the first human being in body, soul and spirit to the 5D by a transfiguration of her physical body as also confirmed by your HS. If we project this dynamics in the future, we must expect the PAT ascension in the next few days. Can you please ask your HS to comment on this perspectiv?.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I hope this note finds you feeling well.

Below is the latest from HS. We are indeed entering the culmination (manifestation) period of all our earthly efforts!!

It’s not my best message and reads clumsily, but the energies were rather intense again today so it was a little tough getting it down. I’m feeling nauseous and dizzy though very relaxed and peaceful. I’ve recently been seeing glyphs, and vibrating lines and symbols, similar to what you’ve been reporting. This morning when I awoke, it felt again like something with reality had shifted by several degrees. After receiving this message, it makes much more sense. Sounds like this type of phenomena will only intensify in the coming hours/days.

Anyhow, I hope the message makes sense and resonates with you and others. I look forward to hearing your initial thoughts.

As always, I’ve fully enjoyed and resonated with the latest articles and posts. We’ve made it!!

Much love and light,

HS Update 8-24-13

HS: Now is the time dear one. You can feel the energies within this grand stargate once again ramping up as the culminating configuration and/or astrological, celestial energetic forces move into peak alignment.

You know of this alignment as being the second grand sextile/ merkabah alignment, the bookend alignment (configuration), so to speak, of the opening July 29 alignment. And an even more potent configuration this one shall be, for centered within it is a grand square T cross, serving as the “open” sign for entrance into the halls of resurrection and transfiguration for the first wave ascension candidates.

This symbol also heralds the time of the outer manifestation of the great revelation and reconciliation that has only manifested until now, upon the lower 3rd and 4th dimensional levels – but now will spring up full force into the eyes and minds of all upper 4D dwellers (9th to 12th level) between now and the fall equinox.

This is the final division (MPR), the final thrust (PAT detonation) that will propel all into a new ordering of space-time – multi-dimensional experience. It is the final falling away of the veil, the optimal divine reconciliation, dispensation of all levels, the promise fulfilled, YOUR RETURN TO HOME and this period begins with YOU, our first wave ascenders, as the way has been completely prepared and finalized for you.

As it has happened on past lower levels, so shall it happen on the final upper timelines of 4D (9th -12th simultaneously) – propelling all who qualify into their appropriate experience level of 5D and above.

But first comes the confrontation, the conscious reveal and reconciliation of the Dark Orion forces, which have enslaved this realm – just as it has happened on all previous levels to varying degree and is part of that levels’ MPR process, as collective realities and perceptions shift (lift).

Shortly after this mitigated form of confrontation (revelation) begins to manifest on these final levels, the PAT will soon after be detonated (activated) into supernova sequence by Source via this collective groups Captain, Georgi.

Carla and Jerry served to finalize the actual transfiguration process for the group, Carla opened, activated the gateway via her transfiguration and return, and now Georgi will initiate the moment of detonation from the 5th level of 5D as Source WILLS it.

Sufficient time has passed between Carla’s transfiguration run, where final calibrations for the group and the upper 4D levels could be completed. You were all instructed and given time to complete any unfinished business prior to ascension.

Time is now up. This final merkabah alignment now marks the entrance (commencement) into the living breathing reality of 5D and above!

The next few days, August 25 – 27 promise to be highly charged with a lot of rapid movement, upliftment and higher energetic bombardment in support of your ascension and detonation process, as well as providing more fuel for the collective “confrontation” experience that will play out in the days to come.

Time is relative and it is not a matter of linear events playing themselves out on the ground that will ultimately see you home, but instead the collective “shifting” of the consciousness of the upper 4D inhabitants signaling to Source that it is time for detonation to occur. Therefore detonation and ascension could occur at any hour on any given day – literally at any moment now. For it will take much less to shift the collective consciousness of the upper 4D dwellers than previous lower levels. It is with much more fluidity and ease that this will all play out on the upper timelines.

Therefore, I bid you to remain steady in your higher purpose and centered within your heart, and above all, be prepared to be called home.

For the time of final action has arrived!


Dear April,

your latest message is an excellent validation of the Elohim’s message from Carla, which I received almost simultaneously with yours and have just published under the title “The Exodus Has Begun“, because this is what I was shown this night in a very vivid dream in a lucid state:


Your message also confirms the beginning of our departure from this reality. There is a great unanimity in the presentation of the current energetic situation between your HS, Carla (the Elohim) and Jahn with his various sources. I have just received two new messages from him that fully compliment the picture of the beginning exodus of humanity from this interim 4D reality with a still very strong 3D overlay and our ascension to the 5th dimension, respectively to the upper balanced 4D earth for all those, who will not qualify for ascension to 5D this time.

However, they must first experience the collapse of the Orion matrix and go through some natural catastrophes before they fully awaken for the new multidimensional reality. This is what they want and need now at the soul level as to ascend in the very last moment and thus crown their long gruesome incarnation cycle and immense efforts in the past. To achieve this they must go first through the firewall and purify themselves in cathartic experiences before they can move upwards.

We all agree that the huge infusions of pure high frequency light and energies from the source have now reached their maximal threshold in all humans and in particular in all the dark cabal, who do not participate in the actual ascension process but are still fully imbued by these energies. They will begin to fully decompensate in the coming days after a peak is reached at the end of the Lion’s Gate, where this powerful cosmic portal will unfold one more time its full might, similar to the way it began on July 29th.

I hope though that we, the PAT, will not be hit that much hard this time as at the beginning of this portal when I had three such monster cc-waves in four days. as we are now dwelling at the 12th level and most of the ascension candidates we must beam with these energies are also more or less ready for ascension, so that our efforts will not be that much exhausting this time as this was always the case in the past. This is also what your HS has assured us with her last message.

My guess is that the Syrian crisis will unfold very soon to a full-fledged war as it has reached a peculiar dynamics when the events no longer obey the people, but they are desperately driven by the events, of course with the help and the fine-tuned coordination from the HR. They are adamant now to bring about the final solution in form of a huge crime of the ruling dark US- and Western cabal against humanity. This may very well happen next week. We must expect the following set of events in the coming days:

1) A war in Syria and the Middle East, which may explode to a nuclear conflict between Russia and China (and many other non-aligned countries) on the one side and the USA and West Europa on the other. Other unknown weapons may also be used in this global war.

2) The financial crash and the closure of all banks. The recent spectacular computer glitches at the NASDAQ stock exchange and the admission that all major stock exchanges and banks have been allegedly attacked by hackers, of course paid by the cabal to do exactly this, is another strong indication that we must expect a total crash of the financial system very soon. This conclusion is also supported by the surprising, leaked secret meeting of Obama with all major financial players last week in the White House to discuss the emergency of the impending financial collapse.

3) There must be finally some big natural catastrophes that will be a huge blow to the world economic order and will most probably destroy in the first place the infrastructure of the USA, thus paralyzing the dark US government to implement a state of emergency, even though they will declare it, and eventually install a military dictatorship. When the major infrastructure of the USA is more or less destroyed, the PTW will not be able to realize their heinous plans which they now feverishly prepare with the help of FEMA.

4) All these events will occur very rapidly, almost simultaneously and will be followed by the MPR.

5) The only unknown variable that remains to be seen is whether the PAT will detonate its Supernova before the MPR or whether we shall trigger with our ascension the MPR. This chronology may indeed depend on the last threshold values of awakening of the ascending portion of humanity, which are unpredictable at this moment.

I think that this suffices for the moment as comments on your excellent message. Dear April, you are always very modest and try to diminish the quality of your messages. This one is clear-cut and unambiguous and it fully coalesces with what we now personally experience at many energetic levels simultaneously, being the main protagonists and architects of this unique human drama of cosmic proportions.

With love and light

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