The Final Battle Rages

Guardians of the Earth
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 26, 2013
first published in English on August 31, 2013

translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

it is how it is and it is what it is:

Epochal rifts (are coming) before it all unfolds the natural way – either into the light or back into the darkness. It’s time to end with all concerns, with all false precautions and the “holding back” of knowledge, for verily: the grand events which will finally bring about ascension and liberation to the ascending humans, is building up to a dimension (magnitude) that is not expected on the upper 4D levels.

The devastations that have already occurred on the lower 4D earths now penetrate through to the upper 4D levels (8th to 12th). So far we have assumed that these events will occur in a very mitigated form. Today we must say that these events will arrive in a mitigated form only for those who will ascend and for those, who will remain at these levels, they will unfold with a unique force. The reason for this is that these people should take the first opportunity to awaken and prepare for their ascension.

After all, the fact that so many warriors now turn away from the light path, was neither expected nor predicted.

This urgent message that should wake up the people and encourage those who are still hesitant to act is given today, today and on the eve of the impending global catastrophe (MPR and deluge, note George) that will reach all levels of society, and will only spare a few parts of the earth.

Nothing can and will happen to you, who live in God, you, who constantly attune your vibrational frequencies to the divine light, because you will not be heaved from “outside”; to believe this is a gross blunder, because you will raise yourselves above all the events of the dark world, precisely, by your light vibration, by the frequency of truth and the magnetic field of your love. Who has been immunized with the divine light against all shoals, he is truly blessed, because a bacillus can not destroy a healthy system. Only those people who are open to darkness will be reached and finally occupied by it.

Your vibration protects you, this has been already announced to you. Today, here and now this should be made known to you again, for verily: The upcoming events are already underway and the people still do not realize what is building up and what has already appeared in the sky and is now coming down upon the earth.

Currently the most important feature to survive this time is the human will to make absolutely no compromises and the courage to absolute truthfulness. Without these attributes it will be hard, very hard to bridge this time. How do you wake up a “sleeper”? We, the spiritual light levels of being, have dedicated to this issue since time immemorial and even more so today, since the coming of the Lord will be slept through (missed) by most people.

Hence the primary source of all being has ordered that those people, who now fail shortly before reaching the goal of their ascension to the fifth dimension, should be given experiences and shock events, so that they can move quickly through the timeline of ascension. This means a clear and unequivocal change to the original plan of God with respect to the upper 4D earth holograms (8th to 12th). Because just as the awakening of the people at these levels of being initially gained momentum, it was suddenly interrupted due to many reasons.

The mark of ascension, the sign of ascension shall receive only those, who are truly centered and remain anchored in the light. Thus on the A-Day everyone will be recognized by the light levels of Being by his vibrational pattern and will be provided, if required, with the necessary protection. The mark is a light dress that has matched the divine vibration and the sign of ascension is the number 13. After the decimal point hides the personal feature number of the ascending entity that is known only to him and his divine guidance.

We muck out“, we give the number 13 the dignity and its sacredness back. We are at the beginning of the great moment and we see already today how the last dramas will unfold, so that all of you who have passed through the selection and have inherited ascension, will overcome this sluggish world that has no value and no fascination for you anymore.

Love will lift you up, while hatred seems to be spreading all over the world. The light will direct you to heaven, while half of the world will seem to go to hell.

Never was the reality for those, who remain in the illusion, farther from them than today, and never before was heaven closer to those, who leave the illusion, than today.

Again, although the last call for awakening has long been given and has faded away, we turn to you, all the people, with great fervor: AWAKEN! Because until the very end there is an opportunity to be spared from the bacillus that decomposes all life, which has now reached this world, and even more, to emerge as ascended beings from this final battle.

While the Light Warriors now turn away in masses from the ascension scenario and create the new golden calf that is fully conform with their old conditioning, the Lord returns from the mountains and approaches those, who have expected him to the very last moment, those, who under the most adverse circumstances,lived the love of God and never missed the love for the people. And He reveals Himself to those who remained faithful and did not succumb to the false idols or were mired by them.

Even though you are being told that all decisions have been made, because of the grace of God it is still time for repentance and awakening. There is still time to choose life and not death. A small cosmic paradox, where the exact opposite of a statement is also true, with the reverse implication that leads to the concept of the “now.”

Loved ones ,

We are the Councils of the Central Sun, and we speak to you from the position as the Guardians of the Earth, which we fulfil. What is proclaimed here is happening now. The time of all times raises, before it fades away, to the last and greatest moment. We love you infinitely. And we are with you until every one of you has arrived at infinity and with us.

We are the
12 Councils of the Central Sun
We are the

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