Last Evening I helped George to Ignite the PAT Supernova

by Coleen Van Der Watt, August 29, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

It may take some time before we comprehend exactly what has happened yesterday and this night. But there is no doubt  that a major final decision has been made to begin with the detonation of the PAT Supernova independently of what will happen on the ground – what crimes the dark cabal intend to perpetrate on humanity. It is a predetermined outcome that they will fail and drop out from this reality, so that this final outburst of dark energies will only fuel our ascension, which is overdue long time ago. 

The report of Coleen from South Africa as of today is another powerful confirmation that the ascension process has begun.

Carla had yesterday another important ascension journey to the 5th dimension, but she still needs to discuss its ramifications with the Elohim before we know exactly what she has accomplished during this visit. At the same time I was also retrieved from this reality and dwelled for almost two hours in the higher realms, where some important decisions were made as reported this night. As soon as I have more information on these recent energetic events, I will publish it immediately.

It is also important to note that yesterday there was another huge shift to higher dimensions and now, while I am writing this preface, a second powerful surge of source energies is coming. There is no doubt that the dramatics of the ascension process is now peaking parallel to the beginning of the anticipated atrocities of the dark Western cabal in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world. This is all part and parcel of the last act of this cosmic human drama before the curtain falls for this reality and the New Earth is unveiled.


Coleen’s Energy Report – August 29th, 2013
From South Africa

Dear Georgi

the last email I sent was really quick, my Internet is almost finished, so wanted to let you know. but here I am going to try and explain how I felt, hopefully the email will get to you.

Last night I could feel the energy’s soaring. I kept refreshing your site as I knew I would hear from you. It smacked me of my chair when my HS told me “No”, not the Internet. I tried to listen what she was going to say. To my surprise it was you. You told me that you were in 5D and that you needed my help in sending as much light as I could to the 5D and the PAT.

I immediately went to lie down this was at 9:00 pm and started sending out my light with the help of HS as you told me. I felt all the angels and light beings around me feeling their love and peace. and if I should ascend, they are there with me. I took your hand and Carla’s and could see all the PAT standing in huge circles holding hands with each shinning their light so bright.

I could feel in body that I could dissolve any moment. after an hour (although it felt much less) I opened my eyes, feeling disorientated as if I was in the wrong place. but I was in my room and all felt different but everything I was seeing was the same. I am truly still feeling like “where am I ?” I asked HS what this was all about. and she told me that there was a huge shift. I only slept for 2 hours at night and slept the whole morning. really tired. But had a dream about the Supernova.

I know you don’t reply to any emails but would like to hear from you.

Love and light

Dear Coleen,

I am very obliged for sending me this comprehensive account on what has happened yesterday evening and in the night. Carla had also a remarkable experience yesterday, but she still needs some validation from the Elohim what exactly took place.

I will publish your report as a confirmation of the beginning of the ascension process.

With love and light

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