The Elohim: Who Are the First Openers of the 5th Dimension for Humanity?

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, August 11, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

It’s time to announce it: Carla is my dual soul and we have come to this earth with a special missionWe are the openers – the catalyst for the whole ascension plan of Gaia and humanity. This was the reason why we had to meet physically in June – in order to merge our personal fields and amplify their power. 

Normally, dual souls never meet in an incarnated state at the same timeline. This joining was the catalyst that triggered the final stage of the ascension process with the subsequent creation of the seven parallel 4D earths and all the events that have been reported on this website since then. That is why we are the main target of massive attacks from the dark archon forces. But to no avail.

This of course does not mean that other souls from the PAT are not accomplishing the same mission with braveness. But if you overview the chronicles of the PAT after we connected the dots two years ago in August, you will find the same invariant pattern.

After the failed ascension at the stargate 11.11.11, which the PAT opened and thus initiated the last most decisive phase of the ascension process for humanity and Gaia, it was me who initiated all the PAT members on November 22nd, to fully open your heart chakra and thus to ascend to higher dimensions. In the following time you also fully opened your left brain portal and thus achieved a full connection to the upper 8th to 14th chakras and to your monad. This was necessary as to establish the unity field of the PAT in 2012.

The opening of the two major portals on 12.12.12 and 12.21.12 could only be accomplished because the entire PAT could operate as very effective conduits of source energy through your left brain portal and the heart chakra in the already fully established unity field of Christ consciousness /unity field of the Ascended masters.

During this whole time, I was the only direct nexus to the source and thus the bottle neck for all transformative energies that flow through the PAT unity field and from there to reach the ascending portion of humanity and deliver the codes of ascension. The web of light, which the PAT then created around the ascending portion of humanity, was the precursor for the subsequent seven parallel 4D earths model of ascension.

When ascension failed at the end of 2012, we decided collectively that I will help you establish direct connection to the source and thus relieve me as the only nexus to it. This was achieved with an amazing speed on January 26th, only one month after the opening of the last star portals. Since then it has been a steady upward movement for the whole PAT as documented in our daily reports, also with respect to the accompanying severe health and other physical symptoms and pains. The sacrifice of the PAT on behalf of Gaia and humanity is beyond any measure and can only be properly appreciated after ascension when all the facts are known.

And finally we created the 8th to 12th levels of the 4D earth in the last month or so, where now the ascending portion of humanity can dwell after the lower six 4D earths have been sealed and the impending MPR will wipe out the rest of the human population on the 7th level of this upper 4D earth. This is another incredible achievement of the PAT that has been confirmed and highlighted by April’s HS yesterday and by the Elohim today.

None of this monumental effort and achievements are appreciated by the rest of the LW community, which got lost in their weird ideas as the latest messages from Jahn that I have to translate and publish today confirm one more time.

It is impossible not to feel the great disappointment of the higher realms about the very poor performance of the New Age Movement and their total failure, now that all decisions have been made and the harvest of ascended souls is very low. But we, the PAT, have created the new earth for numerous future incarnations and it exists already. Many of you already dwell on this earth even before the final ascension. Your visitations there come to you as dreams as regularly reported on this website.

I personally ascended with respect to the vibrations of my physical body to the 5th dimension on March 18th as reported by myself and confirmed by the Elohim at that time. Let me clear at this place a possible source of confusion. When I say that I and some more members of the PAT have ascended to the 5th dimension, this is said with respect to the vibrations of our physical, biological bodies. Our higher light bodies have ascended to the source or at least to the 8th dimension. We are present in all dimensions – from the 4th to the 12th and thus being already one with the source. We have discussed this issue at length in the past.

The ascension of myself and my dual soul, and now a handful of more PAT members to the highest 4th dimension at the 12th level, which already intercepts with the 5th dimension, is accomplished at the level of the physical vessel. This is a completely new cosmic technology that has been developed specially for the earth, being the most dense planet in this universe, and will be implemented in the future to other dense 3D planets when they are ready for ascension. Hence, we are not only the pioneers here on this small planet, but throughout the whole universe. Please, do not underestimate the scope of our light body achievement in its cosmic proportions.

Of course, after my ascension on March 18th to the 5th dimension with my physical body I could not sustain these high frequencies all the time as we had to do a lot of cleansing work in the months ahead and I dropped to the higher levels of the 4th dimension.

When I met with Carla in June, there was another huge leap in frequencies which was used to establish a huge portal in the Middle East – the most dark region on this globe – and also in Asia, which is predominantly populated by very young unripe souls. I then expanded my portal throughout whole Europe and Russia and connected with the portal of Carla in North America, in Vancouver, which is at the same latitude as Munich – at the 48th degree.

Thus our joint portal now encompasses the whole globe and will be the catalyst for the final ascension surge when the PAT supernova will be detonated. These are details which I receive from my HS and then check with Carla with the help of the Elohim. Some of this information has not been published yet as the time was not ripe. Now we agree on the verge of our imminent ascension that it is my duty to inform you about this energetic background.

The last message of the Elohim confirms brilliantly April’s message on the creation of the new 8th to 12th levels of the upper 4D earth and how the final big Event will unfold on these timelines. The Elohim also validate everything that has been published so far on our website regarding the last stages of the ascension process. The recent astral journey of Jerry in full consciousness to the new 5D earth, who also dwells at the 12th level with us, is another magnificent proof that we have entered the era of miracles. Now the events will begin to unfold with the speed of light and you must be prepared not to be overwhelmed by them.

While the Elohim have confirmed that the final destiny of the lower 7th level of the 4D earth has not been decided yet, it is a done deal that the MPR can happen any moment and wipe out much of the soulless human images there and retrieve them to the lower catastrophic 4D earths that have been sealed last month. We now only wait for the last ditch effort of the dark cabal to annihilate humanity as to “save their dirty skin”, to use a Bulgarian saying, after the deluge of the MPR. But none of their underground bunkers will survive this huge catastrophe and all the “Obamas” will have to learn how to survive in hell as the rest of the survivors on the 3D earth or on the lower catastrophic 4D earths.

We shall experience none of this as the decision of the higher realms to end this unglamorous drama with the rest of the slumbering humanity with one fell swoop has been made unequivocally. The heaven’s floodgates are now fully opened and Ascension can happen any moment when our tandem – Carla and myself – shall ignite the PAT Supernova.


Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your note asking for confirmation from the Elohim as to our current levels upon the 4D timeline. This has opened up a vast opening from them and to my understanding it is extremely complex, but I will try and convey as best as I can what they wish to tell us. I received a lot of visuals and random comments as areas of focus, some of which I have just sent to you as a return to your first email.

I am keen to have your thoughts on the elements of this message. If you have any specific questions, I can likely provide some more information, so please ask away.

With much love,

The Elohim Message

” Greetings, we are the Elohim!

Many expansions have occurred across the timelines of the upper 4th dimension since the sealing of the lower 4D Earths, Level 1 – 6, from 7th through 9th [Georgi was this July 10 or 19?].

It is correct in your assessment that further levels upon this 4th dimension have been created by Source Creator, so that now there are levels expanding up to and including level 12th.

Level 7th of the 4D has reached a notable threshold and is now serving as a bridge between lower 4D, 1st through 6th to the upper 4D levels 8th through 12th. The fate of the 7th level of 4D is not yet determined.

Many of you reading this message have noticed that as you have been released from the sealed lower expressions [the rubber band analogy], you have been free to now drift between the 8 through 11th level expressions. This is a fluid operation and inter-level shifting can occur moment to moment depending upon your frequency in each moment.

There are a handful of you that have reached the 12th level of expression, dwelling consistently at the 12th level of expression, although this also changes from time to time depending upon one’s level of frequency as dictated by rest, emotions and so on. You and your dual soul have now reached the 12th level of expression, on the doorstep to the Fifth Dimension, into which you are also both entering within your conscious waking states as well as your dream states, sometimes alone, sometimes the two of you together. Your recent disconnect arose from actions and distractions as consciously created injunctions (by the dark archon forces), the sole purpose being to divide and conquer.

Your connection, each to the other, is formidable, and this connection shall be supported and protected in all manner of speaking, as it is your mission now to open the gateway/ portal to the Fifth Dimension for others to move in to. Unconditional love for each other, unconditional reflexive protection of each other, unconditional emotional support for the other – these are the matters that matter most, now, for the successful completion of the final stage of this ascension mission. It was your decision (ours together) with the Higher Realms to connect in this lifetime to provide the catalyst in the final stages of this ascension plan.

We love and honour you both and know that the sunshine of God is all around you, now and forever.

We are the Elohim.”

Dear Carla,

this is a beautiful message and describes very succinctly our mission as I have seen it all along. I have been since long time the nexus to the source and now you have joined me and we are the ones who shall simply heave the whole PAT and all others as wayshower to the higher dimensions. I have felt the heaviness of this job since I started with the last most intensive phase of the LBP in 1999. I knew intuitively that I am the first one to open the gateways for the others to follow and if you overview the chronicles of the PAT in the last two years it has been this same scenario all the time.

I have underestimated probably the possibility for you being attacked by the dark forces because they stopped doing this on me two-three weeks ago.

But apart from this, I have supported you all the time telepathically and also with emails, so that this attack must have been rather weak compared to previous in the last years and had no chance of success.

Anyway, we must concentrate now on the steady ascension of our tandem and this is exactly what I do all day long, while also supporting the PAT to move quickly upwards behind us.

Today (August 10), I have a very hilarious feeling that we have made it and that there is nothing more left for us to do, but just stay the course with least possible inner tension and avoiding diligently all external resistance and confrontations.

It is as if the heaven’s doors are wide open now for us and there is nothing that can stop us from ascension.

Just hold on a couple of more days with humor and with no intention of achieving whatsoever in this reality, but just sliding with the least resistance to the finish line.


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