Urgent Energy Update – July 23, 2013

by Georgi Stankov


This is a very short announcement. According to the information from my HS, the catastrophes on the higher 4D earths have commenced today. What I receive is that a similar HAARP-induced catastrophe as the one on the lower three 4D earths has been triggered by the dark cabal this night and early morning. At the same time the MPR has taken place on these three timelines.

The energy intensity is at this moment immense and only comparable to the one I felt on June 8th when the MPR took place on the lowest 4D earth. The MPR on the other lower 4D earths took place on July 18th when the final ID split of these timelines from the higher versions occurred as reported on this website. Now the MPR has reached the upper three 4D earths and it is only a matter of a few days when we shall see the unfolding of these catastrophic events on our upper 4D earth.

At present a huge energy stream carrying the desperation and frustration of the victims of this deluge is flowing through my left brain portal and leaves no doubt about the fact that the MPR is happening now on the higher 4D timelines. I also woke up early this morning with a very precise day-dream of this deluge, but waited until I got more informaiton from my HS before issuing this update.

I urge all members of the PAT to send me their personal experiences, visions or other bits of information that you have received from your HS in the last 12-24 hours as to properly gauge and validate the ongoing extremely dynamic energetic situation that can erupt any moment on our timeline.


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