Zero Time – Part I & II

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 10 /11, 2013
first published in English on July 16, 2013 in

translated by Björn Kurt

Part I

We are for all the worlds, which now shall have the first contact with the higher levels of light in a crucial time quality. Messages are being made visible through facts for the naked eye. The people will find large, new and previously never before seen amounts of trust in the truths from the spiritual realms. Because to this day still many people are insecure about the messages and words from the light, since much that was proclaimed has not been fulfilled yet. 

That’s part of the big jobs that you, the light Warriors of the first hour came here on earth to fulfill. And the thanks cannot be repeated enough and cannot be deep enough for what you have managed so far, for verily: You accomplish unique things in this world and your sacred deeds, aligned with eternity, distinguishes you.

The worlds change their face and many doubters shall be very surprised soon. For most it will be too late to quickly catch the train of Ascension, the lift to heaven or to climb the light stairs that are being lowered from the heavens. What has not happened yet, will happen overnight and the miracles will come as a surprise visit that none had been expecting.

Whoever perseveres to the end, will be certainly rewarded. Who gives up and stops along the way, will miss the ultimate fulfillment in God. Stay tuned! Keep going. There is nothing more important these days than to endure and to split from those who cast doubt or belittle you in your force. Keep clearly away from those and drive those false prophets away.

Love and blessings of the One is forever with you and I am the one who is by your side until we all enter into God. We are being expected and an unforgettable celebration of joy is imminent.


Part II

Loved ones,

on the eve of the decisions, which is equivalent with your ascension in the light, it is important to pause for a moment and to align in love for what is to come. Step by step we are approaching the end of time, and that means a new life in abundance as it had been unimaginable so far and as how Nature is, while you abide in the spiritual realms before you descend on earth or on denser vibration levels.

The conflagration of earth, which was already proclaimed to you, raises in a new quality, strength and new transformation energy to unfold. Calm before the storm? Yes and no. Yes, because the events arrive in a surprising and epochal way and no, because the storm already has started and the current “peace” is very deceptive and those who look behind it, see how restless and chaotic the energies of those behave, who in short will be pushed back into the realm of darkness or in the great empires of the long shadows. Yes, “pushed”, because verily: On day X no one will voluntarily agree to its degradation, even if he, by his actions and unwillingness to step into the light, has decided to do exactly that.

A fight of unimaginable proportions breaks loose, because, with reluctance and resistance, are those knocking at the door of the Lord and ask for intake, whose key does not unlock the doors of heaven and whose light quotient is too low for the higher realms. Because up to the last moment they were following the disbelief and ignorance rather than turning humbly to the knowledge and the devotion to the primordial source of all Being.

Remain aligned in love, centered, and as a rock standing against all odds, such is the measure of the time. And truly great gods awake now and know the importance of this era, and they understand to interpret the uniqueness of these cosmic events. The time in which the Lion is tame, the snakes friendly and the cacti lose their spikes has come, because in the love oriented world, safeguards and protection devices are obsolete and they dissolve; just as the darkness must retreat, as it is penetrated by light.

Many plant species are newly born just as this happens to the humans. A lot of animal species are newly born and the same well-being happens to them as it happens to people. The loving and peaceful coexistence of the people will find a reflection in the fauna and animal kingdom. And heaven will be earth and on earth will be created the heavens. Diseases are virtually eliminated, because who is in peace and vibrates in love, his body is tuned in into harmony and any impairment is excluded.

It is about tuning in to such a miraculous time and being firmly rooted in the confidence that the now imminent confusion of time will scatter like wildfire because in a few days the worlds separations shall occur. This happens to your welfare and thus the revelations of Heaven will be fulfilled through you. Consider in the humility of God the Creator, the coming events for you yourselves are the ones triggering them: When a world uplifts and its face is being changed from scratch, then this is only possible because of the authorization granted by the beings living on that world.

Your souls are attuned to the very day which will purge the last doubts from your hearts. Now you will be led there in your daily consciousness because before the heaven encompassingly opens up, it will reveal itself to you at all levels of your being. Joyful anticipation and looking forward to the upcoming time and the knowledge that the old world will be completely pulled out of the cocoon, in which it was enclosed, are the supporting elements of these days. Because the expecting and waiting has worn down many people and many people are finding back in their original power with these words from the light into the clarity and in-depth understanding about the accuracy of all things.

Ascended is the world – the great celebration lays ahead! The desire of mankind is being satisfied and no power of the world can defeat this at this time. Arriving to worlds known well by your souls you shall, you who has decided to serve the light, while for those not giving up their familiar worlds nothing will change. Everything changes for you who cannot get anything out of that familiar life and wants to get away from this darkness with all your strength.

Awestruck and awakening – two facts that shape these days. Be aware – it is happening – Now!

In infinite love and in the omnipresence,


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