Ten Signs That You Are Getting in Touch With Your Multidimensional Self

Jerry R James, July 25, 2013

1. You have used your entire supply of scopolamine patches this week to prevent seasickness that you had purchased for a planned cruise with your soulmate when she/he shows up but haven’t left the bedroom.

2. Your basket of supplies for the week consists of 6 rolls of toilet paper, 4 boxes of Kleenex, 3 rolls of paper towel, 3 cans of soup, a package of provolone cheese slices, big bag of M&Ms, five chocolate bars, and box of cheerios. You worry that maybe you should get more paper goods.

3. You meet at least ten zombies at the grocery store and suspect that the checkout clerk maybe one also as she responded to a customer complaint with the term “whatever”.

4. The hardware store could not change a $100 bill for a pack of small screws that you bought and you suspect it is the beginning of a worldwide bank failure.

5. You think it is so nice that although they are surely doomed to catastrophic Earth B that the royal couple did name their reptilian prince after the PAT captain.

6. You are sure that at least one of the three flies on your windowsill is the same one that Jahn saw on the Viennese railroad.

7. You think it would be great if the PAT supernova would go directly over your exes house and then remember she/he is only an empty hologram.

8. You try to determine on which level of earth the catastrophic dream that you had last night occurred – was it level four, five, or six? You wish you knew.

9. You wake up in the middle of the night and see these strange numbers flashing in front of you, was it 11:11 or 12:12 and realize it is your digital clock display.

10. You review the list of plans that you made to be more active: start yoga, sign up for temporary work, eat a better diet and then you eat a chocolate bar and go back to bed.

11. You finally understand what the difference is between protons and photons, but are still confused as the difference between a dual soul and a soulmate.

This is too spooky, there are eleven instead of ten, a sure sign, if there ever was one.

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