Why Snowden is a Hero and Webster Tarpley is an Agent Provocateur of the Dark Secret Services

by Peter Morley and Georgi Stankov, July 4, 2013

Hi George,

I have been following your site from its inception, and regard it (and you) as the one true source for all things ascension (in conjunction with my higher self). Thank you for your tireless, Herculean efforts, approaching 2 years now! Please to God the wait is almost over.

Clearly you are an astute political observer/thinker as well, as shown by your numerous articles. To this end I wanted to gauge your opinion on Webster Tarpley (tarpley.net). He lays out an explanation that the Snowden revelations (such as they are) are a CIA psy operation, designed to isolate Democrat Obama and push him towards attacking Syria.

I encourage you to listen to some of his recent broadcasts where he explains the clear reasoning behind this. I would be interested to hear your thoughts. If this is true it deserves to be exposed.

Whatever the truth, we won’t have the bare the consequences in 5D.

In love and light

Dear Peter,

thank you very much for your appreciation of our website and my ongoing efforts to edit it.

I tried, but could not find immediately the links to the broadcasts of this fellow, but I will comment on the information you have given me as this is sufficient for me.

First of all, I vehemently reject any effort to discredit Snowden and present him as a stooge of the US dark secret services, no matter for what reasons. One only needs to watch his interviews with the Guardian to immediately recognize that this person is a highly moral and courageous man that acts out of personal convictions and to the highest possible ethical standards. He is a real hero as his father has officially announced this fact proudly in an open letter two days ago that was published in the mainstream media.

This act clearly proves that Snowden comes from a highly ethical family and that the US secret services could not manage to divide his father and his other family members and persuade them to denounce and betray him as they usually achieve with other morally debased and rotten US families, as was the case with the uncle of the two brothers, who were wrongly and maliciously accused by the FBI to be the perpetrators of the Boston bombing. This uncle then happened to be a CIA spy and son-in-law of one of the many CIA directors.

The father of Snowden was a coast guard officer and he knows very well who committed the 9/11 crime – namely the US government of Cheney and Bush as a marionette and the US secret services behind the White House. He has told this to his son and this has paved Snowden’s pathway to bravery and martyrdom under the present criminal political conditions on this prison planet. Snowden knew very well about the risks and he did it out of inner conviction and firm dedication to human freedom and a higher form of spiritual morality for all humans.

Snowden should be celebrated as the hero he is and his courageous deed should not be used in heinous ways to appease the desire of the masses for weird conspiracy theories that only lull them in their deep, perennial enslavement by this Orion system.

Snowden is a hero with an indomitable spirit and this was the reason why even Putin declined his asylum request on the ground that if he stays in Russia, he should renounce any revelation activities. Putin himself has a lot of skeletons in the closet and he fears such people like Snowden with a civil courage, just as any corrupt politician in the West. The ruling cabal is the same the world over in their moral debasement and their insatiable hunger for power.

Hence any attempt to discredit Snowden is itself a heinous psy operation of the dark US secret services and this despicable person Tapsey or Tarpley, no matter the name, it is false I can assure you, is nothing else, but a stooge of these dark forces, which Snowden is now combating with great personal success. Therefore, I do not even intend to listen to his broadcasts and my negative conclusion on this dark entity is irrevocable. This man must be exposed for what he is – the scum of society under the disguise of an enlightened person.

It is deplorable that such disinformation finds such a broad acceptance in essentially the Anglo-Saxon world, where the masses are real political idiots and are so easily mired by such deliberate disinformation.

And here I come to the second argument on behalf of this annihilating conclusion.

The revelations of Snowden have alienated and angered all allies of the USA, especially the EU and all NATO states. The EU has put to a halt indefinitely the negotiations on the important trade treaty with the USA at a time when the trade deficit of the USA has skyrocketed and can no longer be paid with virtual dollars created out of thin air by the Fed (read my previous articles on this issue).

If you read the Continental press, especially the Germans are infuriated with Obama. If he has had any credibility in this country, he has completely lost it now. The opposition and even the ruling FDP want to give Snowden asylum  but being cowards themselves, I do not know how sincere their good intentions are. At present they hide themselves behind legal formalities e.g. Snowden should first come to Germany and apply for asylum on German ground before they can decide upon it. They were not so strict when they gave asylum to Russian emigres, predominantly of Khazar origin during the Cold war under the pressure of the USA secret services.

I have applied and received political asylum myself in Germany and know the laws by heart. They can give Snowden political asylum if they want to and give him any sustenance he needs in advance, but they now also succumb to the US blackmailing.

But the rift between Germany and the USA is so deep now that there is no way how the German population will agree to another war adventure on the side of Obama. This also holds true for most European and NATO countries at present.

Herein lies my main argument why this conspiracy theory of this obscure man is itself a psy operation. How could Obama start a war against Syria if he has angered all his Western allies and has caused a huge rift in the NATO? Without them and their financial and military support, he cannot even consider such an intervention in Syria now that the Russians have firmly established their military presence in this country with the most innovative weapons they have at their disposal and never seen before in the Near East or elsewhere. Putin has already successfully silenced the biggest war monger in the world – Netanyahu after his failed attempt to bomb Damascus by installing the latest S-300 middle range rockets in Syria that can annihilate Israel in a stroke.

The USA has lost any war it has started since WW2. Afghanistan and Iraq are currently overwhelmed with terror attacks and the US military is helpless to do anything against them after a decade of occupation. The same holds true for Libya after the Benghazi embassy fiasco.

It does not make any sense to expose and weaken the Obama government with such revelations as Snowden did them, as to push him to start a new war in Syria, where his chances to win are the slimmest of all other adventures, the USA have already colossally lost. In fact Snowden has limited with his revelations the propensity of the USA to wage another criminal war.

In addition, the USA is bankrupt and has no army at all to engage in another devastating war. Their military is already stretched thin worldwide and the recruiting numbers of new solders are the lowest in decades, although this is the biggest secret of the US military now. They even asked recently the Russians for troops to support FEMA in case of emergency in the States.

This whole idea that Snowden has been used by some dark forces behind this puppet government of Obama as to push him into a war with Syria is such an obvious hoax that it only needs a quick glance to discard it.

Of course, we all expect a major attempt of the dark ones to establish the NWO and this can only come from the USA, the citadel of darkness on this planet, and be a genocide on humanity. But this expectation should not be the fruitful ground for all kinds of conspiracy theories, especially when they are void of any logic and a proper understanding of the current political situation and the balance of powers worldwide. Such weird conspiracy theories can only thrive among the most dumbed down population in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Typically such theories have no chance in the more sober continental Europe and absolutely no chance in Eastern Europe, where the people are much more awaken than in the West as the ongoing and very deliberate demonstrations and demands of the Bulgarian population against the ruling mafia in Sofia exemplifies since several months  (see publications on Bulgaria on my website).

But I am glad that you addressed this issue as we will experience in the coming days many similar attempts such as this one of this dark entity Tarpley, who must be definitely a paid stooge of the dark services of the USA or GB and only tries to fish in murky waters. And the waters in North America and on the British island are the murkiest of all.

With love and light

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