Prisoners of the Matrix – Part I

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 18, 2013
first published in English on July 23, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Given on 18 July 2013

Loved ones,

We are very close to the time of the last truth. And the ultimate truth is described as the one that is revealed to you as the true nature of things. Why there was and still is this dynamics in the process of ascension and descent of the worlds? How is everything interrelated, where are the lines of connection, and how are these dissolved? Why were and are always changes and shifts, what is it that holds together the worlds and how comes that the waiting for redemption for those, who are ready indeed, seems so infinitely long?

Yes, now we shall give answer, for verily: The final truth shall be revealed, when man and the world are ready to abandon traditional ways and find new, previously unknown paths. The End of Time, end of the game, the end of this world and the beginning of a new reality in God. You are ready. In eternity.

Jesus Sananda

Conducted on July 20, 2013

Loved ones,

Welcome to the life that is now spreading in infinite beauty before you. Now still very little is in sight, still the big moment eludes you, still nothing that awaits you has entered into the visible world. And that means that you can expect the unimaginable and many of your wildest visions will be exceeded. Well, we begin with the question and answer session, Jahn.

ME: In myself rises since hours all the time an image; how I wear a big cloak, such that is often worn in ancient films by highly placed personalities or those that can be seen on drawings of Ascended Masters, that I myself wear such a dark purple robe and wrap myself in it with a swing of the right hand. I am talking to an unspecified number of people: “Come on, we’re leaving!” And for hours further are the following words in my head “prisoners of the matrix,”.

Jesus Sananda: Welcome to the home journey! Ascension begins! Portals of light open and take the people now ready to travel. It is a significant number of people who shall now use this current opportunity for ascension. The cloak points out to the light body and serves as a protection and at the same time as a means of transportation in the higher dimensions. The wrapping of the cloak is the gesture that signals the dawn: “It is done, lets go.” The dark purple color functions as a shield to pass unhindered though the still unredeemed worlds of the 4D levels.

This shows altogether that soon there will be a huge turmoil on the upper levels of the 4D- holograms, because the wave of destruction has already reached the upper levels (July 20th). “Caught in the Matrix“,this is the state that a lot of light warriors of the first hour experience now. Their ascension has been repeatedly postponed and so they find themselves as captives of this world(this is especially true for the PAT, comment George).

What reinforces this impression is the fact that they know that now the events are coming, and that there is hardly anything to do, and yet these high beings are still trapped in this unredeemed matrix of turmoil, far from the spiritual light and remote of God. A paradox that will be revealed to you very quickly, because the new reality will remove all doubts and all your efforts will be rewarded with great heavenly joys.

Ascension means to be pulled away from this sluggish matrix and to rise above and beyond it. And as long as there is still something to do, some light warrior of the first hour will still remain woven into this sluggish matrix.

What is there still to do? To maintain a certain level of vibration of light, so that ascension can take place. That is, the captains of the sinking 4D ships go as last in the lifeboats and so the high masters of this and many times, these and many levels, go as the last ones off board from the 4D-holograms, on which they are still present with their awareness or soul segments. However, the end of their service can be seen since long time.

ME: Well, many people will believe that this statement applies to them precisely because many people are feeling that they are “trapped” here. But this is only because they have not redeemed their themes, and not because they have acquired mastership in the great cosmic plan and that everything is done to be able to ascend. In short: Many feel trapped, but are only prisoners of their own conceptions and unredeemed patterns, which has nothing to do with the captivity, experienced by the masters among these people. So who is meant by this?

Jesus Sananda: Indeed, this is the picture that presents to us nowadays, that the error has reached enormous proportions among the people, who have basically embark on the spiritual path. So whom does the here said concern? There are those, who have done their homework and who are active for the benefit of the world since long time, those, who have largely clarified for themselves issue after issue and have penetrated far beyond the horizon of their own limitations in thinking, feeling and acting. There are those who have built bridges of light for the people, those that bring the light stairs of heaven to the people, there are those, who cleansed their house, cleaned their soul and polished their hearts (this applies to the PAT, remark George).

Who is not concerned? There are those, who have not mastered their own lives out of pure frustration and now plea for ascension, there are those, who decline to scrutinize their own shortcomings, their unredeemed hatred, their unredeemed envy and greed! And there are those, who see the splinter in the eye of others and express their indignation in a horrible manner, while ignoring the trunk in their own sight, as if it were not there. What do those, who pass on the messages of heaven, have to go through?

What must those endure, who build for the humans golden staircases to ascension, and are punished for this with swears and disgrace? How comes that a person is tempted to bring in letters, in forums, in telephone calls his displeasure and his lack of understanding of certain messages in expression and display hatred towards the messengers (listen, listen, you, Internet trolls, comment, George?

I tell you, it is because these children of men have hardly illuminated themselves and are still not doing it.Rather will  someone, who has no knowledge of ascension but can show a pure and innocent heart, go to heaven, than those, who are generally familiar with all aspects of ascension, but do this only for the sake of their still unredeemed issues, as an escape route for themselves to consider.

It is accomplished,” this applies to those people, who know that they have fulfilled their orders, to those people, who perceive themselves in the great cosmic game as big, infinite and omnipresent – to those people, who are vibrating in love and are offering the reality of their light to all mankind. Many, basically spiritually inclined children of men, those who can already establish contact to the higher dimensions and receive messages from there, are beginning to fall prey to their envy and take flight into hatred. Many of these people are haunted by dark energies and have long been possessed by them.

Hence they “channel”  from this plane in the mistaken belief that the light has been revealed to them. And it is these children of men, who now want to block the way of the light warriors of the first hour, by smearing them with ridicule, accusing them of ignorance or hubris or by trying to weaken these people; through falsified messages that cannot maintain the appearance of light for a single moment.

Clear words are one thing, vague accusations to weaken a man, are something entirely different. Discern now, because verily: It is the demand of the hour! The esoteric jungle is full of wrong pathways and only the best, clearest and most courageous, that is to say, the people who have clarified themselves, can have the clear insight and safely reach the final destination. The great masters are always an invincible unit. Are the “masters in human form” an invincible unit? Yes, those who are, certainly (like the PAT, comment, George).

However, the great multitude of those who believe to have obtained mastership, but have not even touched the hem of the mastership, which are in strife and isolated from each other, who fight like fallen gods for supremacy in the esoteric scene.

The true masters now say goodbye to this world. That’s it. And those who remain, will find themselves in their unredeemed topics again, so that these children of men can also fit into the shoes that were measured for them by the invisible world.

ME: A very clear message to all. What will this cause?

Jesus Sananda: This means that many people will turn away from these messages, and that many will be attracted to these messages. Those who have nothing good to say about them, can as well get off the ascension train, and those who have waited for such clear words because of the impositions they have experienced in the esoteric world, will get on the train now.

It is important to pick up the people where they actually stay and not where they think of themselves they are. And many believe to have the qualifications for the higher classes, while they do not even bring the right conditions, the necessary basic knowledge and behavior for an elementary school. These words are meant to shake you and show you the cracks, where now the spirits separate. For verily: He who is without sin shall cast the first stone! And it is sin when people turn against their fellow men, who do good and live a life full of light, only to weaken them in their power and to strengthen themselves as to rise themselves above these good men. It is sin when people turn against people, only to maintain their ego game – and in the esoteric scene this is wide spread.

Without sin are those, who have arrived innocent in the kingdom of peace, without sin are those, who are devoted to God and serve humanity until the final whistle. Without sin are those, who do not compare themselves with anyone, who know not jealousy neither greed, nor envy neither hatred, who are full of compassion, when a man goes astray. And without sin are those, who forgive and yet are persistently refusing to be dissuaded by anything or by anyone from their path into the light.

The devil does a great job and lays the entire world to the feet of the people. Many now fall into the abyss as they follow these deceptive promises, then the world that the devil offers to you is transient, is the one that persists for ever in the linear time (of illusion).

My kingdom is not of this world! Anyone who sees himself as a king of this world, has already lost and missed ascension, he, who makes his kingdom in the other world, will achieve victory. For truly, nothing is more deceptive than the rewards of transience and nothing is more transient than a self-styled king, who wants to appoint himself before his appointment by God.

ME: Whenever I receive such straightforward messages, I think that this will trigger a wave of discontent among the people.

Jesus Sananda: Yes, because that’s how it is and should be. Therefore, these messages are given repeatedly. So that the people can wake up or turn away from them. It affects so many people, so many, who throw stones and who have nailed their own eyes.

ME: To get back to the “being imprisoned in the Matrix.” This means, that all ascending people remain on the ground until their contracts are fulfilled, even if they experience themselves as prisoners of the matrix?

Jesus Sananda: Yes, until the individual orders are fulfilled. And these people have the need to leave this inertia and not because of their jobs, their families, the partner, the circumstances under which they have shaped their personal life. No, because these people are with their personal lives entirely at peace and even more, they love it.

They just feel that their work is done in the low vibrational world and that now the sky is awaiting them – and this is true! They sometimes lose patience and also the overview. That is quite natural, because the pressure that builds up again and again, as soon as a new wave of ascension arrives, is enormous for these people.

Me: And the people who want to shirk their own issues remain trapped in this matrix?

Jesus Sananda: Not only that, many are fed into a new matrix, into one that actually matches their vibration. Many people have been living at the expense of others. That is, they lived far beyond their vibrational conditions, operating by permanent power abuse. The rape of energy and vitality is a great crime, and many energy workers knew how to use their minor abilities to acquire energy, which they would have never got on a voluntary basis and which they did not want to create for themselves because of the huge effort.

Any weakening of a person, through thoughts, words and deeds, strengthens the own forces. Now, please do not confuse this with the fact that one should name the things as they are. Here it is mandatory to strictly differentiate the levels. Energy robbery always means that someone wants to gain unauthorized access to you. The undisguised naming of things as they are always occurs in an open manner, clear and free of hidden intentions and without false considerations – neither for oneself nor with respect to others. When you distinguish these two levels, then you have realized it.

This means therefore, that many people are now faced with their thinking, with their statements and with their deeds. Much has been mitigated until now because a significant number of high masters worked on different earth holograms. With the withdrawal of the masters, this has changed dramatically. And finally, many people who still live on the upper levels of the 4D earth, will find their new domicile on the 4D lower levels.

In summary:

Every person will be exactly sealed in the reality that displays his vibrational pattern.

ME: That will be for many an incredible “awakening”?

Jesus Sananda: Yes, as our conversation brings an awakening, the environment in which many people will soon congregate, will cause an awakening. “Was this my choice?” Many will ask in astonishment and resignation. What is causing for many the total descent in the darkness, will for some of them be a new incentive to change something. It is taken care of all and each one to get exactly what he believes to have the right to claim.

ME: Many people will now probably be very insecure and wonder. What concerns me in these words?

Jesus Sananda: Yes, that is the question that everyone should ask. Go to the bottom. And I say unto you, that every person knows the answer, his answer. Have the courage to give it to you.

ME: Well, I feel that this conversation fades …

Jesus Sananda: This is correct. It is given. In the coming weeks, please stay in peace in everything that happens, and always know: you are now the kings of heaven and you return back to the kingdom of God, so that nothing can happen to you. Nothing and no one can harm you, though you must participate for some time at these events and you shall. Check your individual orders to that end. He, who will be called, knows this, he, who should remain for some more time, knows it. Only those are ignorant, who have adorned themselves with borrowed plumes.

I am Jesus Sananda

The world thrives, the life that is eternal, now captures the higher kingdoms of this world -you will be removed from this inert matrix and freed from it, because verily: How could God abandon his first and best warriors in their crucial hours?

In infinite love, I am omnipresent, as a man among men.
Jesus Sananda

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