Prisoners of the Matrix – Part II

Jesus Sananda, Erzengel Jophiel
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 23, 2013
first published in English on July 25, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Part II

ME: It concerns me to think that there has been in recent decades an incredible amount of spiritual events. Books appeared en masse, courses were offered, healing methods were developed that activated self-healing and the like. These offers had and still have a tremendous acceptance. And all that, with which I am arriving at my question, all that is hardly worth anything?

Jesus Sananda: I am the love and life, I am among you people up to the end of the days. Beloved Jahn, beloved people, we will now look at this question, because where understanding is, recognition is following. Hardly worth something? Yes, that may be reasonably ascertained. Why?

Because so many people are stuck in their processes or because they succumbed to very poor healing methods on the other hand, which has only created new dependencies. Many people were groping into the ego-trap, insofar as they themselves developed healing abilities in themselves and then considered these as panacea for any and everything or simply rose themselves above all people.

People who create certain skills and then only define themselves through these, stand still, stagnant and go their own ego into the trap. This is very common. Then it happens that many people are simply satisfied with the praise and the power, which they have obtained through their skills. They just do not want to achieve anything more. Here too, stagnation occurs, before it comes to setbacks in the development of such an entity.

The point is that there are very few people who put day by day their thinking, their speech and their actions into the light and thus are day by day fully conscious that the decision to ascend into the light and to attain enlightenment must be confirmed every day. Many people, and that defines the broad masses, have changed easily from the established churches to the new gurus of the time, but have preserved their old, unredeemed behaviors.

Instead of prayers mantras are recited now, instead of Sunday Mass or High Mass, meditations are now created, rather than to convince people of a religion, the people are now faced with current seminar skills of these New Agers. A coat that has only changed its color, but still consists of the same material and has remained unchanged in itself. Spiritual progress is measured by how much a person can change, how much a person wants to be inwardly transformed and how much a person allows it.

Any external change, which is not preceded by internal revolution is not worth mentioning. Whether incense or joss sticks, as long as man remains unchanged in its essence, nothing has changed. And so it is largely. Therefore it is true to say: “Hardly anything of value.”

ME: That is, if the people would progress, then this esoteric help would certainly has a meaning?

Jesus Sananda: Yes, definitely, and originally it was also anticipated this way. Esotericism should build a bridge over time into the timeless Being. But be only a bridge and not the path itself, This was profoundly misapprehended and misinterpreted.

ME: What about those people who are striving to build their light circles, who conscientiously read in the light-filled readings of our time and transpose this, to the best of their knowledge and belief, into everyday life, what about those people, who shine well within, but can hardy advance only for lack of competent leadership?

Jesus Sananda: Know that every man receives spiritual guidance, which he attracts into his life, which he deserves. Everyone who is looking for it with all his heart, is either guided by a competent master on the site or directly from heaven. In this area there are only “winners.”

What is meant is the fact that every man brings into his life exactly what he chooses through his soul. And it is to be understood that what a man says that he wants to achieve, does not coincide necessarily with what he really wants deep in the heart. These are two pairs of shoes. As an example, you can take the widespread pattern that many people complain about their suffering. Whether physical suffering, financial lack or deficiency of any kind – the loud proclaiming of suffering is still widespread.

Although among esoteric disciples it often seems as if they would handle it in a far more mature manner and thus escape suffering, exactly the opposite is widely distributed. In appearance, yes, but actually, no. Now try to take away the suffering from a person. Try it, make the effort, make the probe as an example and you will see, you will hardly be welcome with reciprocal love. Please keep in mind that many people define themselves by the amount of suffering that was, as they believe in a fatal manner, imposed upon them by the Creator.

This occurs in a tiny minority of people in a conscious manner,because the love of suffering is very deeply rooted in many people, as their many lives in Catholic and religious milieu are still unresolved. Tell the people what they should change in their thinking, speaking, and in their actions, in order to free themselves from suffering and you will only reap astonished – at best – but mostly, absolutely uncomprehending looks.

ME: Yes, I can fully confirm. It’s been a few years ago, when I was still a top waiter in a Viennese coffee house. A regular guest had visited Sai Baba in India and came back very much uplifted from the ashram. We talked about it. And we talked about the suffering, because Sai Baba had for some years absorbed a lot of suffering of the world and this was also manifested through his body.

And we also talked about the crucifixion of Jesus. When I told him that this never took place and pointed to the book THE JESUS BIOGRAPHY PART I, the man was almost infuriated and said: “I will not let this been taken away from me.”

Jesus Sananda: Yes, that’s the point. Deadlocked mental images and ideas, ways of thinking and thought patterns that do not want to be released, are the obstacle on the path to the light. And the “New Age”-movement is full of them. Yes, this point is still too often forgotten, if a correct evaluation of the current events should follow. Therefore, never forget – the people wanted it this way and now serves them accordingly.

Me: I just made a very interesting observation. After swimming, I went into the sauna. Usually I’m all alone in this area, since at that time hardly anyone is there. Today, a young man joined me. He immediately begins to engage me in conversation, not directly uncomfortable but still annoying for me, because I want to have my peace, when I am there. The man used the familiar YOU-word, although we do not know us. A question, to which it is unnecessary to enter into detail here, I give him an answer. And suddenly he starts to talk to me as SIR (contrary to English, in German the polite form of “You” is different from the familiar form of “you”, as is the case in most European languages, hence it is not possible the explain the difference or translate it correctly, comments, George).

Jesus Sananda: This shows how vibrations operate. Once a person enters into a higher vibration, he is unconsciously aware of it and he alters his behavior. There are fewer words, it is the vibration that captures the people and according to which, so they are at least a little bit aware of, attune to. This shows at the global level – and hence this scene was played out for you – that from now on all the people who vibrate with lower frequencies than those people who are ascending in the higher light realms of the 5th dimension and beyond, will behave differently and more appropriately when they are directly confronted with you.

To achieve this, the direct physical encounter is necessary because your vibrational field affects directly the vibrational field of the others. Know that many people would never condemn or denigrate the Light Warriors of the first hour, if they would stand directly in front of them (that is why all Internet trolls use false email addresses as they are afraid of a direct discussion with me and the PAT as they know very well that they have no chance to prevail with their inherent nastiness and human hatred in this open way, comments George). As it was in Jerusalem at the time when they arrested me, and I only spoke the words “I am”, it happens again nowadays, that people bow down to you, in the consciousness to meet here another (higher) vibration.

I am,” this is the characteristic spell of this time, you do not need more, more is not needed. This means you are protected beyond all measure, because you protect your own vibration.

ME: What comes next in the big game?

Jesus Sananda: It happened, what has to happen now

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL: Loved ones, it happens now to the world and to you! It happens. We, the Archangels associated with the Ascended Masters stay at the cradle of the new world, and we stay on the timelines of the sunken worlds (the six lower 4D timelines, comments, George), in order to make the final orders, so the people can wake up in a distant time. These days, we conclude with this work and we start to withdraw from the lower 4D Earth entirely. There, the great darkness has spread and people begin to put up  in resignation with what they experience.

The incarnation cycles of most people there will be measured by only a few years because the enslaved mankind, marked with the “sign of the beast”  (by special chips, comment, JJK) will be arbitrarily deprived of life and send to death, as it appears opportune to the ruling caste. And in this cycle of incarnation will the people be fed, who have elected this destiny in these days. Awakening will also be granted to them, just at a time that lies in the further away in the future.

Furthermore, we are now preparing ourselves for the events to unfold on the higher vibrating 4D holograms. Although we from the spiritual realms of light are familiar with all the potentials, we were nonetheless surprised by the choice of many people, who altered their decision in the very last minute. Now it is mandatory for us to align to this outcome   and to take all precautions, so that you can quickly and unharmed move to the mansions that the Creator has prepared for you.

ME: I see the picture now, how me and my beloved son Noah had a ride with the train a week ago. Not with the miniature railway that the readers already know, but with a really big train of the Austrian Federal Railways. And in the almost empty wagon, there was a big fat fly which had nothing better to do than to sit exactly on our window and stare at us intently during the whole trip (30 minutes). She could not be chased away by anything.

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL: This brings us to the key and to the end of this conversation. The fly points out to the Now. Remain anchored in the Now. Do not bother how it will be, how it can be, when it will be, and through what something can be. This advice applies to all people, who are in the process of ascension, but who are not directly connected to the knowledge regarding the individual steps. The number of people who receive this knowledge is rather small (e.g, Jahn and the PAT, comments, George), and it is sufficient that these people pass this information to you.

You should never bother about details, but take this knowledge and put it aside and center yourself in the present. What was yesterday is long gone, what will be tomorrow, far away – what is now, is the reality.

Also, the fly is a carrion eater, which shows that on the lower 4D-levels the great dying of the people has begun and that the powers of darkness feed on the energy of the people and have exhausted them completely – this is what the “thick” fly indicates. Not necessarily a pretty picture, but an actual inventory of the status quo, so that you can be aware of the scale of destruction and thus, as long as you will still be reached by these events, to remain vigilant.

Loved ones,

Time of ascension into the light is the time of entry into your heart, in your divine reality. All ascending candidates have withdrawn or dissolved their incarnations from the lower levels of the 4D earths. This has caused many a great sadness and depression, and the fact that many of your brothers and sisters now indulge in new incarnation cycles of karma did the rest. The period of mourning is over, then the time of joy has arrived. The joy about your arrival in the light and the arrival of this world in the higher realms of creation.

Remain vigilant witnesses of this hour, remain conscious actors these days, stay devoted companions of mankind in the light in these weeks, and remain anchored in the Now in the coming months. The Now is the solution, if you want to understand the simultaneity of all life and the infinity of the holograms.

Unfold your consciousness accordingly, you are authorized and encouraged to do this. We are all one, and the final separations are now canceled.

How very much we love you

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