High Altitude Air – Not for Ugly, Soulless People

Archangel Jophiel
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 3, 2013

first published in English on July 9, 2013 in

Loved ones,

My love is ubiquitous, paradigmatic and always present! Never hesitate to call me and pull me into your reality. Because what is impossible for a man, is possible for an angel from the subtle realms, and what is impossible for us, angels from the subtle realms, is possible for humans. Calls me and I shall rush because your call brings the whole creation into vibrations.

Time stands still, the waiting for the storm has commenced and many souls are preparing to wrap up their physical vessels and to give them back to this earth, so that they can accept elsewhere new embodiments or shall fully return to the spirit. A slight notion has captured the awareness of the people, they feel that now something of unimaginable quality will happen and must happen – because the old game of infamy, created by the dark forces, is now being repeated in intolerable proportions and no “natural ending” to this is in sight.

People realize very precisely, at whatever levels of their being, that despite the relative peacefulness in many parts of the world, in the background something very powerful is building up and, virtually unnoticed, completely changes life and that the people are fully transformed. Inside as outside. And the focus is now in the inner strengthening and cleansing of the human hearts and souls, so that the success and the logical consequences of this process of transformation can unfold on their own.

The souls of men have exact knowledge about the fact that the transformation of the world is now ongoing and brings significant changes. The last lies are presented and the last crimes are perpetrated, so that even the most persistent doubters can awake. The last dramas unfold their power to ensure that everybody finds the place he has chosen to be at this time.

In the higher vibrating 4D earths, a new reality has been created since several days, where the lie no longer holds and any dark and sluggish principle is repelled. This is a cosmic, magnetic process that acts at the cellular level of the people, which means that the crystalline structure of human DNA is now fully awakening. And all who have chosen this to be, will now experience it.

For the dark forces, this means that their lies will get shorter and shorter legs, before they disappear entirely. This creates despair among them and encourages them to resort to panic actions, to uncontrolled warfare, thus bringing their degradation to the lower levels of the 4D earths. There is no place on this world in the process of ascension for all those, who refuse ascension or for those, who want to deny ascension to their siblings through the manipulation of mind and body. The air is thin and these people can no longer survive in this high altitude air, they, who could previously keep themselves alive only through the anxiety of the people and who declared themselves, through the oppression of humanity, to be the masters of this world.

The source of nourishment of the dark forces dries up – and they must move to new levels of being. So it happens now that in a final “act of desperation” which the dark forces will commit, the dice will fall in favor of the ascending humans – because as soon as the new devastations shall take place, the worlds will be separated. The critical mass will be reached then, because evil is energy that produces light, and the people can perceive the light only because of the darkness.

Before the time comes when the light shall no longer cast any shadow, it will become deeply dark and out of this darkness the light point at the end of the horizon shall emerge, the light at the end of the tunnel shall be shown to you. And there we shall expect all those light warriors, who were ready and willing to fall through the cosmic fire of transformation into the arms of the Creator. Call me into your presence – life is eternal, even though the transience shall take possession of many people again.

Wise rulers shall come on the earth and shall lead humanity into the new era of their Being – and every one shall take his place assigned to him by the Creator, in dignity and in joy, in gratitude and in the knowing that he has chosen for himself exactly this new place of being. The journey ends now, while the other journey begins. The decisions are made, life is eternal, the world shall be destroyed and will nonetheless remain intact, the people’s hearts shall return back to the Creator and many of them shall still get lost on the new space-time levels of being in order to contribute to the growth of all life in this way.

Goodness, love and grace – in this quality the creator finds those people’s hearts that now ascend in his light. You are meant by this, you are the one,

I am

In the following night, I have the following dream:

A very good friend from my childhood tells me that in our birthplace someone we knew well has died, and if I shall go to the funeral with him? I reply that I do not have any time but after that I make up my mind to postpone the appointment on that day in order to participate in the funeral. I come to the place with my scooter and I drive up a steep hill, in the assumption that the funeral will take place on top of the mountain where the church is built. And this church lies really very high, above the tree line and I’m amazed at how easily I get forward on the scooter.

It is a friendly sunny day and the diluted high altitude air is noticeable. When I arrive up on the hill, I see the church but no mourners – no one can be found. Then I go back to the valley, and behold, the funeral takes place in the valley and a huge crowd has already gathered there. As I look into the faces of the people, I think to myself – they are really ugly and lifeless. (End of dream)

Interpretation of Jahn’s dream by Asama Mahatari:

This dream confirms again the separation of the worlds. It has been shown how the lower levels (valley) are carried to the grave, and it is clear that at the summit none of the mourners can be found. Here it becomes cogent that the diluted high altitude air is detrimental to many and that the people’s crowd continues to live in the valley, while nobody from Jahn’s childhood with his power quality can be found at the higher levels.

The energy of this old world, from which I (Asama Mahatari) have emerged, is carried to the grave, and exists on a different level, which has nothing to do with me anymore. The perception of the people, being lifeless and ugly, shows how pronounced the differences between the two worlds are and acknowledges all messages that have been given to Jahn on this issue.

The fact that Jahn postpones his appointment to attend the funeral shows that the people need again and again a confirmation of this new truth of the existence of the (parallel) 4D earths, because it always eludes them in their daily consciousness – this idea is for many people so incredible and unique.

Until the worlds separate and as long as it is required, the people, who will ascend, will be  provided with knowledge from the spiritual light levels that confirms the facts already given, so that understanding and familiarity can be established. Dealing with this truth must be learned and you are about to make great strides in knowledge. That Jahn’s scooter can overcome every hurdle and also works perfectly and with ease in a difficult terrain suggests that the ascending people will move very easily and with appropriate means towards the light, towards God (the peak with the church).

Truly, you are leaving the back plains, the plains and the valley behind and below you and when you will look back, you will lose very soon everything from your sight and will truly open for new realities.

(Interpretation of the dream ends, in cooperation with Jahn, I’m ASANA MAHATARI)


As I write this, I am sitting in a mega-trend new restaurant in the center of Vienna. The evening hustle and bustle of a big city unfolds before my eyes. People go out after work and enjoy their leisure activities, the crowded restaurants are full of life, and when I look into the faces of the people, the dream image of the “ugly” and soulless men is almost incessantly present in my mind. Another world that spreads here in front of me – even though alive, but without actual life. One that I know only too well, but seems also, as soon as I watch it more carefully, to be a world that is infinitely far away and strange. It takes a few minutes, I have already paid the bill and I am leaving the restaurant when I hear the following scraps of words from an “Ober” (this is how a good Viennese waiter is called): “… all ugly people …”

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