The Elohim: The ID Split Between the Three Lower 4D Earths and the Higher 4D Earths Has Already Taken Place

Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, July 21, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I had a very strong energetic experience yesterday (July 19th) that felt similar to a shock wave through my entire system and which also woke me up from a very deep sleep during the night.

I have asked the Elohim for clarification on this event today (July 20th) and with the notes that I got yesterday from my HS, I want to report the following development.

As you recently predicted, the HAARP-induced earthquake on the lower three 4D levels has now trickled upwards and reached levels 4, 5 and 6 of the 4th Dimension. There has been a further proton infusion and coupled with the energetics from the catastrophe on the lower 4D, I believe a separation has been created, the upper 4D levels, levels 7, 8 and 9 (as well as lower fifth dimensional expressions) from the lower levels as a sort of ID split, where we are now irreversibly separated light from the darkness.

I welcome your comments and reflections as always.

With love and light,

The Elohim Message – July 20, 2013


Bright light surrounds All who are ready to enter the realm of Source!

The cycle is complete as the recent flood of energetic messages arrive upon the shores of your Being and herald in the new separation of upper levels of expression ready for the ascension, from the lower levels of expression which will continue on their own path of evolution to arrive at the Source in their own way.

This separation is achieved by a continued intensive proton infusion creating the release and division of upper from lower levels of expression of All-That-Is.

Concomitant with this proton infusion was the arrival of energies resulting from the magnetic pole reversal from the lower 4th dimensional aspect and together this culmination realizes identification, sorting and release of upper expressionsThe final decoupling of lower from upper expressions moves the upper timelines closer to the preferred destination of the fifth dimension.

This is like the rubber band that when stretched to a certain point reaches a threshold, where no more energy can be contained within its system and therefore must be instantly released.

The cycle of creation is complete as the upper levels of the fourth dimension are set upon a new path no longer detained further by the lower level expressions, which are now on their own.

A new age ascends!

We are the Elohim.”

Dear Carla,

this is excellent news – it is the final ID split between the lower 4D earths and the higher 4D earths, whereas the lower timelines will now merge with the catastrophic 3D earth and will be wrapped up as distinct holographic models after the MPR, as they have fulfilled their function in the ascension process of Gaia and humanity.

And here I have a key question for the Elohim: We learnt that the huge catastrophe, which we define as HAARP-induced Mega-earthquake, was unleashed by the cabal on July 16th and this has caused the death of 2/3 of the human population on the three lower 4D earths. according to Asama Mahatari’s latest message. Now we hear from the Elohim that there has been also a MPR that has actually triggered the ID split between 3D and 4D. Am I correct to surmise, as my HS is telling me now, that almost immediately after the man-made disaster, the higher realms have triggered the inevitable MPR as a prerequisite for the ID shift?

But the difference is, of course, in this case that humans ( precisely the cabal, which are not exactly humans any more) have exterminated other humans and have thus loaded huge karma upon themselves, while if the ID split would have taken place firstly in a natural manner, only those souls would have died who have given their consent at the soul level and no karma would have been created. This is a very important question that must be solved as to understand the actual dynamics behind the ID split.

This key aspect bothers me personally and I would very much like to have more clarity on it.

Otherwise, I assessed the cc-wave and the ascension test run, which I experienced massively on July 18th and reported to you and on the website, as a major ascension leap, which must have been accompanied by a concomitant ID split between darkness and light. As I receive these waves from the Source as the first one, I assume that it has taken some time, probably until July 19th and even today, July 20th, until this ID split has been fully completed and the Elohim were ready to report.

But it is not a coincidence that I wrote to you yesterday (July 19th) that I feel emotionally and mentally very much relieved and this is the direct consequence from this ID split between the lower dark timelines of humanity and earth and the higher timelines, which now can move freely and without any dark ballast to the higher 4th and lower 5th dimensions, as the overlays and interferences with the resilient remnants of dark patterns, still carried by the dark human cabal and their stooges, have been now finally severed and eliminated.

The fact that the MPR and the ID split between the 3D and 4D dimension took place only two days after the cabal-made genocide on humanity on July 16th, points out to the incredible speed with which these events now unfold. If I extrapolate this speed of unfolding of the final events, we must realistically expect the next big shifts and changes to occur on our upper 4D earth within the next few days and surely still during this month of July.

Dear Carla, I hope that you now feel much better after this energetic tsunami that must have hit you harder than myself this time. But the feeling of profound relief from all darkness is so pronounced in my emotional field since yesterday, that this is for me the most reliable proof that it is so as the Elohim are telling you.

With love and light

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