The Chronicle of the Two Most Dramatic, Destiny-Forming Weeks of Humankind – July 3-17, 2013

by Georgi Stankov, July 19, 2013


In order to make correct predictions on what will come next, one must have a clear idea of what has happened so far. Human memory is not always a reliable buddy. The density and intensity of the events in the last two weeks have exceeded anything humankind has experienced before, although, or precisely because these events took place beyond the horizon of limited collective human awareness and can only be perceived by rare, gifted seers as the members of the PAT and those who work closely with us.

Hence it is very important now to make a survey of the most dramatic, auspicious events in the history of humankind that occurred in the last two weeks, because their extrapolation into the near future will give us a reliable prognostic tool when the greatest event of all times, not only in this solar system, but also in this universe will occur – the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity from the greatest possible density achieved in All-That-Is into the radiant multidmensionality of the 5th and higher dimensions.

Below I will present the chronicle of these most important events in the history of mankind as documented on our website.

Chronicle of the Events: July 3 – July 17, 2013

July 3, 2013

1. GaiaPortal announced the arrival of a new proton wave.

2. I immediately discussed the essence of this proton wave and gave a first preliminary overview of the role of protons in the creation of life. I explain why this new life-spending proton energy coming from the central sun will change the energetic structure of Gaia and humanity and will lead to the separation of all darkness as embodied in collective human thoughts and gestalt patterns in the astral atmosphere as well as in humans and their heinous behaviour:

After this wave has settled and its effects are complete, it will be impossible for all humans to sustain any old paradigms in their emotional and mental bodies anymore. Those who are already selected for ascension – and the decisions have been made last month –  have now fully cleansed their fields and bodies and are ready for their individual ascension. From now on, their total energetic detachment /vibrational incompatibility from the old matrix will dominate their daily life till final activation of their light bodies. There will be no possibility for us to return to the old ways of life and this may increase the tension and pressure on all of us for a while, before the final solution will come.

Those who are not scheduled to ascend – and this includes in the first place the whole ruling cabal and their stooges with or without a soul fragment on this upper 4D earth – will no longer be able to follow their dark thought patterns and insidious plans to decimate humanity in a clandestine, seemingly civilized manner. The inner constraint in the psyche and emotional bodies of such dark entities will be now so strong that these old thought and gestalt patterns will erupt like explosions on the surface and will manifest as a major efforts to commit a final global crime /genocide on humanity as to save the old matrix to which these entities energetically belong.

This is their last ditch effort before they drop out from this reality and descent to a lower catastrophic earth. It is the only survival mode these low-frequency entities now have at their disposal, in their energetic arsenal, to respond to the rapidly changing energetic conditions on the upper 4D earth, which they currently only populate as to preserve the camouflage and to participate in this final drama of total separation of the worlds. But they will not be allowed to have any say on the destiny of this upper 4D earth, which is the only timeline that will not experience any major catastrophes, but only the collapse of the old matrix. “

Knowing what happened afterwards, these statements are remarkably precise in their prophecy and I urge you to read the whole article one more time in depth as to internalize the full scope of the subsequent drama that is still unfolding in front of our eyes.

July 4, 2013

The proton wave and its effects, which I first announced and discussed, is fully confirmed by the Elohim channeled by Carla. They told us that these proton waves actually began on June 30th as already discussed by myself and Carla in our correspondence:

“Our recent message regarding the extreme energy burst which so affected your physical vessel was, indeed, a surge in proton energy, coming from the Central Sun within this quadrant of this Universe.

We know you were aware of it in the moment it was released and note that there have been further bursts of proton energy since that particular event (the burst on June 30th).

This event was the first of several events that shall be carried out over a series of many days. While these initial bursts seem striking in their quality and character, they are a mere reflection of what is to come (fasten your seatbelts, George)...

The purpose of these proton energetic bursts lies within the natural properties of the proton and its perfectly natural ability to re-set all systems/ bodies including mind, emotion, and subtle energy bodies, but it is perhaps most effective within the subtle energy body system as this is the basis of all energetic systems in All-That-Is...

The flood of this energy does have the effect of a cosmic re-set, where any and all expressions of All, within All, that are not supportive of the Whole, in its goodness and within the parameters of purity and connectedness/ love, shall enjoy the fruit that falls from the tree, to feed the soul and nourish it in its return journey to the Source from whence it came...

Yes, you are correct in thinking that this is a breakthrough. It is indeed a breakthrough for the focus of understanding the true nature of your Universe.”

Thus the Elohim confirmed the imminent separation of all carriers of darkness on all earth’s timelines from the ascending aspects of Gaia and humanity as announced by myself the previous day.

July 5, 2013

I publish my pivotal article “Proton Versus Photon” where I discuss in popular terms the scientific and theoretical basis of these fundamental elementary particles in the creation of life in All-That-Is. I must admit that I was very positively surprised by the huge response this publication evoked in all PAT members and readers of this website. This was the most clear sign that the proton waves have already begun to expand and streamline human consciousness, where the quest for new, truly scientific knowledge has been immensely enhanced.

July 6, 2013

I present my vision on bi-location as a natural consequence of the huge inflow of proton energy from the central sun that enables the reintroduction of such human abilities in the new rapidly changing energetic edifice of the upper 4D earth that is steadily ascending step by step.

July 7, 2013

The Elohim channelled by Carla confirm that bi-location will soon be available to many PAT members and that this ability will make them renowned members of humanity overnight. All this is part of the rapidly progressing separation of the worlds. While bi-location represents the bright side of life, massive death and destruction will very soon become reality on the lower 4D earths due to their drifting away from the light and falling into the abyss of unimaginable darkness.

 July 8, 2013

I publish my pivotal article on “Multidimensionality” and why it is so difficult for most people to grasp this fundamental aspect of All-That-Is. This cognitive deficiency prohibits an understanding of the energetic processes that are currently ongoing with an incredible speed and sweeping power behind the veil and shape the destiny of mankind:

The biggest cognitive problem of this humanity is that the concept of multidimensionality, which is the essence of all existence in All-That-Is, has not been internalized at the mental and emotional level by most LW, although this idea has been introduced by various channels long time ago, and is a non-entity for the masses. Multidimensional thinking is still not an established intellectual dimension in everyday linear human thinking that still sustains the illusion of the old 3d-matrix. This holds true for most New Agers and for the blind masses, and herein lies the biggest problem of human awareness now.

July 9, 2013

I publish a  dramatic “Urgent energy Update” where I evaluate a series of ascension test runs /huge descents of source energies on the upper 4D earth and predict in a moment of remarkable clairvoyance the beginning of the final act:

“According to my assessment and personal experience, the final act has just commenced. The last four days I had four subsequent cc-waves…. The wave today was the peak of this series that have brought another huge descent of source energies through my field and that of the PAT (through the web of light) into Gaia and this time in particular into all humans at the cellular level. The energetic transformation has been immense – the most intensive one since the opening of the portal 12. 21.12….  

The energies are such that to my perception they will induce very soon an “act of desperation” on the part of the dark elite, which will be their last ditch effort to cope with the thin “high altitude air” of these new high frequency energies that these dark, low vibrating entities can no longer bear and hence must inevitably perish, as also Jophiel announces in his latest message published today. This is the current ongoing scenario.

I wished I were not so damned right in my visions.

July 10, 2013

1. The Elohim confirm that on July 9 a new unification of Gaia with All-That-Is has been achieved and that this unification will “create the underpinnings of world change. They shall trigger events that will be likened to a cascading domino set.”. Then in a cryptic, though very clear prophetic manner the Elohim announced the imminent capital crime which Obama and his dark stooges have decided to perpetrate on humanity a week later on the lower 4D earths. This event will also accelerate the final ID split and the separation of light from darkness, and will propel the upper 4D earth and us to higher dimensions. We have entered the accelerated last phase of ascension:

“All alignments of this reality, upper 4D as you call it, have been reached through decisions outlining new purpose of intent. Intentions creating new possibilities upon the event horizon shall trigger a massive shift in Man’s propensity to withdraw from challenge of aggression in the face of implicit disregard for the well-being of your fellow men.”

2. On this same day I publish an article on “What Will Come Next“, where I analysed the current political situation worldwide and came to the conclusion that the only country and ruling dark cabal that want to instigate a capital crime on humanity are the USA and its president, the human monster Barrack Hussein Obama. I explained why this crime cannot be performed by conventional warfare or by employing nuclear weapons of mass destruction and proved that this can only be done first through a global crash of the Orion monetary system and then through a failed attempt to establish the NWO by means of alien technology after triggering some devastating natural catastrophes. In this analysis I dealt only with the favourable situation on the upper 4D earth, which will not experience huge catastrophes, but has chosen a more gradual evolutionary pathway of change. Hence these predicted events are still imminent, their energetic potential is great, and can occur any moment from now on.

I did not consider the lower 4D earths in this publication, as I have no direct experience with their current situation apart from the knowledge that they are in turmoil and suffer under huge natural devastation. In particular, I considered the MPR that happened on the lowest catastrophic 4D earth on June 8th and was physically experienced by myself:

“Hence, there is virtually not a single possibility to trigger another war, which will be the final act of the dark cabal before they disappear for ever from this reality as empty soulless images, while their soul fragments will continue with their endless incarnation cycle of death and rebirth on the 3D dog’s planet.

What is then the most likely event that will trigger the collapse of the system? The answer is almost inevitable – it will begin with a financial meltdown, with a total crash of all financial institutions within a few days. All the banks will close they doors overnight and the world population will remain without cash and the ability to buy food and other stuff to survive. The economy will come to a grinding halt. This is the most efficient way to eliminate the old system in a bloodless manner. It is quite possible that the dark cabal, such as politicians and banksters, may trigger themselves this financial crash by declaring mass bankruptcy or simply by stopping issuing money to the public. It is already very difficult to take a big sum from your bank account as was the case in the past. The banks simply do not have any cash anymore.

Without money not only the economy, but also the whole national state will cease to function and exist. This will immediately end the power of the ruling cabal in a most effective manner as they currently exert their power over the people entirely through the numerous national institutions and laws. The health care system will also cease to function and the people will realize for the first time the fragility of this dysfunctional Orion system, in which they have believed and supported for so long with a blind mentality….

According to my estimation, this can happen this month and definitely during the Lion’s Gate until August 12th. After that there will be a short period of chaos before the ID split and the MPR will take place. All these events will happen in a rapid sequence with a mind-boggling force that will sweep away the old order and will leave the people in a state of total shock….

The only hope that remains (for humanity) is the PAT – as ascended masters, then the turmoil will be so huge that All-That-Is and humanity will need real gods walking on earth to cope with the situation.

These events are still to come, so that these two most dramatic weeks will be prolonged to the most dramatic month in the history of mankind.

July 11 – July 13, 2013

These three days can be defined as the “dreadful lull before the storm“. I felt so depressed and agitated at the same time for no apparent reason, while my cellular memory was loudly crying “foul” all the time, and I was immensely pissed off by all these political dwarfs and stooges of the former PTB, while reading the daily press releases.

Retrospectively, it has become obvious that during this time Obama and the dark US cabal behind him had made their final heinous decisions to decimate humanity on the lower three 4D earths and establish their horror regime worldwide. This timeframe was given to me by my HS as a very important time for decisions ten days earlier as I have reported.

My discontent and abomination with regard to this act of utmost atrocity against humanity gained momentum in my subconsciousness and materialized in two articles, revealing the ongoing crimes of the Obama regime that ultimately prepared the ground for this genocide on the lower 4D timelines and will, with a great probability, also manifest in a mitigated form on the three higher frequency 4D earths:

How the Final Act of Evil of the Dark Cabal is Prepared


Obama’s Next Major Crime on Humanity in His Attempt to Establish the NWO

July 15, 2013

My negative assessment of Obama as being the worst human monster of all times is brilliantly confirmed by Sananda in his message “Flight to Freedom” channelled on July 14th and sent to me by Jahn the next day, July the 15th. I expressed my surprise and also satisfaction about this validation in a letter to Jahn. Here is what Sananda has to say about Obama, knowing already that he has committed himself to coil the entire humanity two days later.

The crimes of this darkest human entity are evaluated on the background of the total failure of the New Age movement to present a viable alternative to the dark ones and to establish a more favourable balance between light and darkness on the earth before these catastrophic events could unfold:

“Based on the example of the current American president one can very well discern the perception of the people. Many still do not want to admit the truth. Hence they are persistently looking for evidence in order to talk nice the facts of darkness or to distort them so long, until they appear as a “truth”. All the mass media do the same, which indicates how much the fear dominates and how messy these people are, who still succumb to this president.

After this statesman was basically created to abolish the system of exploitation, he went astray and rejected, as a last resort, even a soul transfer (walk-in of another old soul in his body, comment George), which brought all this turmoil in this world. Because there are few who decide upon the good or the evil in this world. It is not until the 5th dimension of being, where all the energies of the people act for the benefit of society.

July 16, 2013 – The Worst Day in the History of Humankind

1. First I read the latest message from GaiaPortalabout the:

Energetic “infernos” (that) envelope the planet at this moment. Numerous “fire” type manifestations may thus be observed at various portal locations throughout the Earth surface. Gaia Essence is unaffected by these “inferno” energies as that [Gaia Essence] is of a Higher Dimensional structure. Yet she has “approved” of these in order to cleanse 3D 4D earth surface and underground of veiled dark (shadow, negative) constructs which have served their purpose. Some of these have displayed a reticence to leave the Gaia collective, and thus the “inferno” manifestations.”

and then saw with a lightning intuition that all my worries in the last days of an impending inferno, which the dark cabal have decided to unleash on this earth as to exterminate most of humanity and establish the NWO as a last ditch effort amidst crumbling political power, are true and imminent. However, I interpreted this message first as a vision from a higher vantage point of view as to where Gaia and humanity are heading to in the coming days in terms of energetic potentials caused by the huge relentless proton waves. At that time, early in the morning of July 16th, I did not consider seriously that this inferno is already reality on the lower 4D earths.

2. Then I received Angelika’s report from Italy regarding her out-of-body experience with AA Uriel and the information she has been given on a huge HAARP-índuced Mega-Earthquake with the help of two alien facilities under the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. I immediately realized the importance and validity of this information and guided Angelika to learn more about this event. I had a prolonged and very comprehensive email exchange  with Angelika corroborating at length this event and information. Simultaneously I prepared a full dossier on this event, translated our correspondence from German into English and published it the next day, July 17th:

HAARP-Induced Mega-Earthquakes May be the Last Act of Evil of Obama and the Dark US Cabal Before They Leave Our Reality and Go to Hell, thus Fueling Our Ascension to Paradise

In an accompanying article “How I see it” to this dossier I analysed and explained why such an event is most likely to be performed by the dark US cabal:

“I have been receiving strong impulses from my HS since last week that this act of evil will not be accomplished with conventional warfare or with nuclear weapons of mass destruction for two reasons:

1) Conventional warfare is currently widely used in many wars around the globe and the people do not even take notice of them.

2) All nuclear weapons of mass destruction of the dark cabal have been neutralized by the forces of light and cannot be activated. This is part of the decision of the Source to prohibit any nuclear explosions on this planet in the End Time. This information is widely distributed in the New Age scene and should be known to everybody.

Hence the only possibility that is left for dark ones is to use new, unknown alien technology to realize their heinous plans of “terraforming”, before these dark entities are sent to the 3D hell-earth of the dogs”.

Then I raised and solved the key question concerning the proper understanding of the perverse logic of the dark side behind the current End Time scenario:

“Why should be the dark elite so keen to trigger such a global catastrophe to decimate a large portion of humanity as confirmed by my HS, by the Elohim through Carla, by Jahn’s messages and also by GaiaPortal yesterday, when the natural event of the MPR will also accomplish this same job?

You should read the whole explanation in this dossier one more time.

3. At the same time I established immediate contact to Carla and asked her for an independent validation of this news of paramount magnitude. She confirmed intuitively the correctness of these news and that they are of great importance and promised to ask the Elohim about this event as soon as possible. The Elohim then prospectively confirmed the occurrence of this event on the lower 4D earths. Due to the time difference, I received this message in the evening of July 17th and could publish it first on July 18th:

Elohim Message on the HAARP-Induced Mega-Earthquake on the Lower Three 4D Earths

July 17, 2013

I am processing the fallout from this breaking astral news. Many PAT members confirmed the imminent occurrence of this mega-earthquake and shared their dreams and visions as reported in the “Energy Update of the PAT-July 18, 2013“.

July 18, 2013

I received early in the morning from Jahn the message “Deaf Years – Part I and II” where I found the ultimate confirmation that this HAARP-induced Mega-earthquake has already been triggered by Obama and the dark US cabal on July 16th on all lower 4D earths. On  July the 17th this has already caused the death of two third of the human population on these timelines or about 4 billion incarnated human beings with or without a soul fragment, which is irrelevant now. I immediately published my “urgent energy update“, together with the Elohim message as an independent source of validation, where I wrote:

“I have just received a new message from Jahn where it is confirmed that the announced HAARP-induced Mega-earthquake announced by Angelika yesterday has been triggered on July 16th on all three lower 4D earths and that about 2/3 of the human population there – roughly 4 billion human beings with soul fragments or soulless empty images of humans – have been annihilated. It is Obama who has personally taken the responsibility for this.

This event will trickle down or better upwards to our upper 4D earth in the coming days as the Elohim assure us in their message below, while also essentially confirming the occurrence of this event.

This greatest crime on humankind of all times has sent shock waves in the whole universe and has dramatically accelerated the whole ascension process on the upper 4D earth, which will be the only timeline that will ascend. The lower three 4D earths will be very soon wrapped up and will merge with the catastrophic 3D hell earth of the dogs after their population has been exterminated to a large extent.

The upper three 4D earths must now experience similar catastrophes in a diminishing gradation to higher frequencies, while this upper 4D timeline will go through the ID split and will ascend. Hence we shall not experience directly any of these calamities and natural catastrophes. Besides each person will make his individual experience depending on the level of evolution and advancement in the LBP.

The PAT and some other advanced human beings will ascend beyond the 5th dimensions, while other LW may ascend to the lower levels of the 5th dimension on the new earth A. The rest of the 800 million ascension candidates will reach the higher 4D levels and will fully separate from the holographic overlays of the lower 4D earths. Some human beings from the higher 4D earths may join them after they have gone through the impending catastrophes and have awakened. Those of us, who have made this decision, will appear as ascended masters on this ascended 4D earth and of course on the 5D earth, and will begin to guide the people how to adapt to the new way of multidimensional life.


Given the current dynamics, when can we expect our ascension?

There is a fair chance that this may happen this month and almost certainly in August as I predicted in my article “What Will Come Next”. It took only two weeks since the proton waves from the source began to flood earth and humanity to force the dark ones to commit their final desperate act of global destruction on the lower three 4D earths.

Yesterday, July 18th, there was another major leap to a higher frequency level of the upper 4D earth, when I consider the huge cc-wave that hit me the whole day due to a massive descent of proton source energy in my body and Gaia. This crescendo of incoming relentless proton waves was predicted by the Elohim for the coming days. These waves are the major driving force of all change. And change shall be very soon, there is no doubt about this.

The lower three 4D earths have had the worst possible End Time scenario as confirmed by Asana Mahatari in his latest message “Deaf Ears -Part I & II“:

 “What has happened to the 3D earth, that will be repeated in a weakened form on the lower 4D earths, this is not new to you, the new information isthat these events will be far closer to the catastrophic 3D scenarios than originally expected….

It is an event that is very close to the 3D event (the MPR on May 24/25th, comment George) that has already manifested, whereby an entire world has been almost entirely depopulated and extinguished….

…. they (the dark forces) have banished the forces of light and are now approaching with the speed of light the timeline that ends nearly 2/3 of the life on this earth….”

That this outcome was not predicted in this worst form by the HR is evident from their comments:

“The violent death of many people by a human hand has never been foreseen in God’s plan – and it is a great mystery as to why have the low vibrating 4D earths now made this choice.

Angelika also underlines this utter despair, unbelief and almost paralysis of the forces of light in the higher realms in front of this darkest act of utter hatred of the cabal for all Life in her second out-of-body experience in July 18th (Energy Report of the PAT – July 18)  :

“Today I was again shortly outside my body and deeply out of me  a bitter sweet incredible tone came, which I sang, I somehow had a thin black headgear over my hair, as the women sometimes carry in the East at funerals. Then I was brought back again above Mother Earth and all the archangels and great light beings were gathered around the Earth. They radiated incredible love, but what was shocking, was that it was absolutely silent, you could hear a pin drop in the universe. Everyone looked on the earth, and Uriel told me that they are all waiting for the inevitable as to help then Mother Earth into the light, while the other hologram returns to the darkness with all the people who stayed there. It was incredible to see her so quiet.”

Only the New Agers continue to publish in their utter blindness and profound stupidity their fluffy, rosy optimistic “love and light”-messages on the Internet which is the most disgusting mockery of the billions of victims of the dark cabal on the lower 4D timelines. I can tell you – I am really disgusted by this dumbed down, most primitive human species in this universe and I am so happy to know that very soon I will no longer have to deal with them in the present physical form.

These idiots, these human wannabes, do not even grasp that there is such a thing as multidimensionality and omni-earth with infinite parallel holographic earth’s models, but they all expect to ascend by the touch of a magic wand and then grasp their loving God in the balls and cry “hurrah“.

It is not sufficient to conclude that the New Agers have totally failed as confirmed by the recent messages from Jahn and his sources. These cretins have already committed a major crime on humanity with their inherent and rapidly growing stupidity and inability to process any abstract gnostic content whatsoever as to evolve further and expand their consciousness. In this way they paved the way for the dark ones to commit this capital crime on the lower 4D earths. The New Agers eliminated themselves freely as a possible alternative to the machinations of the dark cabal and disappeared from the historical stage.

After all, Obama was also an evolved soul that was incarnated by the GF to pulverize the old system of enslavement from within. And what happened to him – he ended up as the greatest human monster in the entire history of mankind. The warnings of Sananda and Asama Mahatari that many LW will not make it to the 5th dimension is not an empty statement – it is a dire reality already.

When I read some comments in German sites on Jahn’s and our messages and consider their utter idiocy and inherent nastiness of these derailed Teutonic individuals, I know for sure that the soul fragments of these people have either left this upper 4D earth and have already moved to the catastrophic 3D earth or will not ascend in the next thousand years. Why then bother about these marginal figures, who have had all the chances to evolve. We have finished with our mission now and there is nothing left for us to do anymore – not even being indignant about such idiots. They are actually no better that the Internet trolls and these are, as this should be known to everybody, the scum of society.

There is nothing an enlightened avatar, as most of the PAT members are, can do on this earth until ascension. Our mission is finished and we have reached a full detachment from this reality after our soul fragments were retrieved from the lower 4D earths in the wake of  this Mega-catastrophe. We are no longer responsible for anybody and have actual never been, but only for humanity as a totality. This is a completely different matter.

Now everybody will ascend in his own way and according to his own progress in the LBP and personal spiritual evolution. The consensual reality of the old 3D earth is gone for ever and will never return where we go. Those who are doomed to stay on the dogs’ earth have already reached their destination and their empty holographic images that you encounter from time to time can no longer be an object of distraction for anyone of you.

Just sit patiently and enjoy the last act of this human ape drama, before it is over and extinguished from the energetic continuum of All-That-Is


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