Urgent Energy Update – Major Ascension Shift This Night, June 16, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

This night there was a major ascension shift  to higher dimensions that encompassed the whole population of humanity that is already selected for mass ascension and also the upper 4D earth. In this respect the announcements of ascension this weekend seem to hold true with the usual caveat that this whole ascension process is incremental – it takes place in gradations as April’s HS stressed one more time in her latest message

This was not another ascension test run, although my lungs and body suffered very much the same way as during such episodes. The quality of the energies was much more pure and the fear component was almost absent. The intensity of the energies that shook my body the whole night was comparable to the hell episode I went through on June the 8th on my trip to Austria when the MPR on the worst catastrophic 4D earth took place.

This energy thrust that was propagated through my body and field symbolically affected in the first place Jahn as a representative of the ascending humanity. It was only comparable to the massive opening of the heart chakras of the PAT members on November 22, 2011 and your ascension to the 5th dimension at that time. After that you were fully thrown into the epic cleansing battle for humanity and Gaia for another almost two years. The PAT mission entered its most intensive phase.

Another comparable peak was when the whole PAT connected to the source on January 26th, 2013. I have no precise idea what happened this night, but to my assessment and information from my HS, this energy shift led to another major separation of the upper 4D earth from the other parallel catastrophic 4D earths as also announced and explained in the latest message from Sai Baba of today.

According to my personal estimation we need one more thrust /shift of this magnitude and we shall have removed the veil, so that the final ID split and ascension will be completed.

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