Time to Say Farewell – Emotional Image of Ascension V

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 23, 2013

first published in English on June 24, 2013 in


I sit in the Vienna Prater near the “duck pond”. It is called so because in these small waters cavort alongside sea turtles, swans and fish, especially ducks. A pleasant summer breeze blows, people play table tennis, children play in the grass or feed, although prohibited, the ducks or enjoy the sky above us that now exhibits clouds of all kinds … slowly it gets dark … I experience these scenes as if they were events from a different world, as if absolutely unreal, as if this all would take place somewhere else …. I experience this activity, as if I am sitting in the cinema as a silent observer of scenes from another world. Where am I then? (End of match).

Beloved Jahn,

you, your soul and other aspects of your being are now anchored exactly in the ninth hologram of the 4th dimension level of Being. All observations that you make from there, feel far away and estranged. This anchoring is constant from now on, but the intensity will vary in terms of the observations made – your consciousness is anchored on the ninth hologram creation of the fourth level of being. Completely in accordance with your monad, these anchoring has arrived in your psyche, in your physis, your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. So much about  this.

Loved ones,

what Jahn has experienced and presented here is what you will experience increasingly from now on. The “unreality” of all events will be shown to you, indicating how far you have already been removed from the reality of the lower earths of 4D. This means neither an escape into a new illusion, nor is it a denial of the states at the lower levels of Being, but is the exact opposite of it – it is the escape from this illusion in the reality of God.

Observe your time, observe yourselves during the coming period. Do not assess it, do not judge – but perceive it, accept it. In your souls a new life emerges and you begin to experience yourselves at the new level of Being, and to attune yourselves into it.

The breaking of all illusions is progressing rapidly, and the more you encounter the illusion of suffering, the pain, and also the human “joys”, the further you have already removed yourselves from all lower vibrational levels of Being. This process of “inner distancing”, has now fully commenced in all people whose ascension to the 5D is imminent.

What is reality, what is illusion?

This eternal question of humanity now finds the required answer, so that you can tap into paradise and into heaven beyond all earths. It is you who is now awake and the process of your ascension brings new qualities into your everyday life, until you glide almost unnoticeable into the fifth dimension level of Being.

I’m with you, ye sons of God! And before enlightenment occurs, miracles will happen that will herald the grand day, lessons will come in appearance that will teach you joy in anticipation of your arrival and show you life in all its facets. You are like a captain who, after his ship has sailed out of the port, looks around again and observes for the last time the land, before he sets sail and surrenders completely to the vastness of the ocean and his new tasks. The time of parting from this world has come, and farewell will bidden in many ways – the unreal experience of this reality is the clearest sign of this.

March on, one by one the life plans of the people, who have come to this world, are fulfilled, one by one the new Ascended Masters (the PAT) shall go to heaven before the planned portion of humanity, as a whole and in one jerk, shall be lit by the light of God, and by His light shall be heaved in the Garden of Eden. I am the love and the life.



I look around and it seems as if I am “back” again, as if the veil of illusion has fallen again, because the Unreal fades away and the “reality” of screaming and aggressive people reaches my sensations ...

8:23 PM: On the way back home with my scooter, I notice at the crossroads again and again very unusual cars that stop in front of me or park nearby. Cars that you rarely see in Vienna, a flamboyant quite flattened Jaguar, two rare Chryslers which can be recognized as such only upon a closer look, and much more mobile rarities. Back at home, I am told: “Ascension will be accomplished with unusual means of transport.” 9:21 PM.

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