The Problems of the Crystalline Generation

by Daniel Akkerman, June 21, 2013

The recent messages of Anthony and Cedric inspired me to write a bit about the crystalline generation.

The topic of the failed new age community is something we discuss a lot. Especially the mistakes made by a majority of the indigo generation. But what I haven’t seen discussed enough is the failure of the crystalline generation. We, the crystalline children are often praised, but I as a crystalline child see there are also many difficulties experienced by our generation. Many who were supposed to wake up kept sleeping, or are only half awake. 

This topic is coming to our attention these last few days in Cedric’s and Antony’s letters. Note the strong contrast between the difficulties they explain they experience in their life, and Aegil who shares with us several books he wrote.

It was also brought to my attention this week when I was sent to travel to meet some friends in another town and stay with them for a few days. This may have been the most important reason of going on this trip. We went to high school together but our paths separated when they decided to go to college and pursue an Orion education, and I decided to stay at home. Even if I would want to get such an education, which I don’t, I can’t imagine how I would accomplish this. The LBP burdens make this impossible.

I will get back to what happened with them soon. On a side note when I traveled back home I saw the most amazing example of the failure of the Orion monetary system. It was a very hot day, probably somewhere around 30 degrees Celsius and there was a very high humidity. So, I was drinking a lot of water and orange juice and had to visit the bathroom.

There was a bathroom at the train station but it required a payment of €0, 50. Usually you have to put this money on the counter to give it to the attendant. But, instead there were electric gates and you could only pass by putting the money in the (probably very expensive) machine. There was even an emergency exit so nobody would be blocked from leaving by the electric gates in case of an emergency! But it did not accept the 5 cent coins, so I had to exchange my money for a coin of 50 cents. However the attendant was unable to do this. I tried to do it at several shops in the train station, and the first couple of ones refused to. Only when I bought a piece of chocolate somewhere I was able to exchange the coins at the same time. Instead of a simple bathroom break of a minute, it took 20 minutes just to be able to enter the bathroom.

But back to the main topic. There have always been many things I completely refused, such as working as a slave in the Orion machine for money, fueled by fears and other bullshit. Or corrupting a clear mind with false knowledge from the Orion school system. This refusal allows for no compromise. If I had the choice between living a life in the Orion machine, or death, I would choose the second without doubts. And this is a strong mechanism of protection designed to help the crystalline generation do what we have come here to do, and I see it also in the successful indigos, PAT members mostly. If you want to bend the world, you must be unbendable, or it will corrupt you.

So, I have never had an Orion job, and I, although I attended high school was never changed by this school system. Because if you are stubborn about your refusal to conform, then the world around you will bend completely. For example, when I finished high school last year my parents conveniently suggested I take a year off and don’t go to college. They said it is so I can ‘orientate’ myself, but they know very well it is because my destiny is to ascend. But they and other family members also try to pull me into 3d sometimes, however it does not work because I don’t allow it to.

We were supposed to be born from indigo parents, and their level of awakening was supposed to support all of our decisions in such matters. But indeed many indigos failed to wake up and this has repercussions for us. Instead of support, many of the crystalline generation receive the opposite from their parents and family. And the only way to defend yourself against this is as I explained, to absolutely disallow any of that to affect you in any way. Because if you do allow yourself to be affected and dragged down, your extremely strong defenses will be eroded away step by step. Unfortunately many could not defend themselves adequately.

For not wanting to be a slave and fool in the Orion system, people will inject fear, guilt and shame in you. They will tell you that you are useless, that you will not get a job, will not have food, and more of this nonsense. And fear guilt and shame infect your mind and are able to feed off your own energy and multiply, which will cause you to conform to the Orion system. So if you allow any of that at all, you will have a big problem, it will get worse and worse. Read what Cedric and Antony wrote and you will see exactly that, the same I see in many others of my age, except often they are also highly ignorant of spiritual matters.

Back to the friends I visited, I have explained to them extensively the mistakes in the school system and society in general. But they decided to do it anyway because they see no alternative. Yet they know that I am correct and it creates a conflict in their mind, but taking big action is something they do not do, because they fear the consequences. And instead of at least being highly critical of what they have to learn there, some just swallow it without much doubt and are happy to finish the day so they can sit back. The exam period is closing in for them and this adds even more pressure.

Another consequence of the indigo parents and their failure to awaken is in how crystalline children experience the school system. Of course the parents cannot be blamed entirely, but it is a large factor. If home made it easy to create a strong foundation of knowledge of all kinds, if home supported that instead of attacking it in many cases then the Orion education would be a different experience. It would have been the perfect opportunity to learn about what is wrong with this society and how to perform the mission of changing it, and the foundation of knowledge created before that would be unshaken by the false ‘truths’ presented at school. But instead for many school was a time of confusion and indoctrination, they failed to create a strong foundation and untruth took a hold of them, combined with pressures of getting high grades to get a good job later. Not to speak of other ways fears are induced like student debt.

There are many other traps created by dark ones to distract our generation from our mission. Some of the most prominent ones are video games and television, drugs, and soulless music.

I have played video games myself and believe some are works of art. They tell a story with interesting lessons and events. The same applies to some movies or television series. So I’m not saying these things are bad by definition, but a majority of what’s out there is completely useless. It starts with hundreds of cartoons, movies and games targeted at children of a very young age. This continues while growing up and some people become very addicted. I know a couple of people who spend nearly all their free time watching television or playing games in the most mindless way, instead of trying to grow in any way.

There is a similar trend in music. Most of what’s popular is crap. Instead of art people sing about materialism, money etc. A lot of music is soulless and especially the majority of the electronic genres such as techno and exactly these genres are presented to the youth.

All this, crappy music and televisions, combines perfectly with the drugs of choice of many in my generation. Large amounts of alcohol and cigarettes, and also a lot of cases of cocaine, heroin and similar drugs. While they drink their beers and smoke their cigarettes in a busy bar or at a festival at the same time soulless music plays on the background, and nobody discusses anything of real value. Instead, escapism of the negatives of society is the norm, negatives these same people are allowing to keep happening at the same time.

Continuing the drug topic, even those who use the class of drugs with the most positive potential, the psychedelic ones, often fail to use these tools correctly. Instead of using these drugs as tools for personal growth, they are used to escape to different worlds. People believe they evolve spiritually because they take a drug and have an amazing experience for a couple of hours, but that is very far from the truth. Using these drugs a few times can open someone up a lot for the higher realms and the soul.

But then what? The usage continues most of the time with escapism in mind, and not to ask the hard questions and facilitate spiritual growth. The more frequently you use psychedelics, the more determined you need to be to grow and face all issues without fear, and to apply it also to the world, or you will learn nothing and waste your time. But many frequent users have a lazy attitude of escapism just like in the 60s and 70s. One example, I know some people who have used some of the most powerful psychedelics but they will still tell me they think there is nothing after the death of the physical body, no life at all. Obviously they have learned nearly nothing.

And of course there are the pharmaceutical drugs like xanax and temesta as described by Cedric. Inhibiting drugs specifically designed to block and hide things, to promote escapism instead of facing one’s problems and looking within. The dark ones ‘diagnose’ so many with nonexistent things like ADHD or ADD these days, to give them these kind of drugs to inhibit their growth.

Maybe I’m being too negative; it is true there are also many successes in the crystalline generation. But just like the indigo generation, what our generation was supposed to do, and what we managed to do in the end is not even close. Many were supposed to awake but relatively, only a few did. Instead of being very clear about what we want, what we need and how we’re going to accomplish it, a lot of people just gave up or never tried enough. And many of the mistakes made by the indigo generation are made by many of the crystalline generation as well. So many people I met are still sleeping and did not succeed at all in doing what they initially planned to do.

We are now very close to ascension and there is no doubt the mission has and will be completed with success. But the critics of the indigo generation came years too late so I wanted to cover this topic regarding the crystalline generation now in the last moment, so it will be possible for those who have made these mistakes to learn very quickly from them very soon.

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