Why the MPR (Huge Catastrophic Event) Announced for End of March Was Postponed in the Very Last Minute

by April Bender, June 5, 2013

Hi Georgi,

Below is the latest message from HS. It doesn’t really tell us anything that Carla, Dorie, Jahn, Jerry or yourself haven’t already covered, but it does additionally confirm a few things. Wonderful messages by everyone by the way.

I hope to connect again for another update in a day or so, especially since this one seemed to cover a lot of older ground and I got pretty tired about midway through it. It is because of these reasons that you wouldn’t hurt my feelings should you decide not to publish this.

As always I look forward to your initial thoughts. I hope you’re feeling better today.

Much love and light,

HS Update 06-04-13

Me: Wow, what a difficult road it’s been recently but I am relieved to know that it has led me finally, to another opening, another expansion and sense of upliftment/ merging. While April was insanely difficult, May was no better despite your soothing words at the onset of that month. The level of dross clearing we participated in was absolutely inhuman and inhumane but necessary I realize, despite the tremendous levels of compression and unease. But to be honest this went on for so long, almost 2 full months with very few breaks in-between, that I was starting to doubt our chances for success.

During the last couple of weeks of May, during the heaviest of the clearing/purging, I also began to have incredible multidimensional experiences. Talk about bi-polar! One moment I’d be lamenting this miserable existence while crying my eyes out and the next, I’d find myself falling deeper into Self with the absolute clarity of past and present dimensional experiences/incarnations. While I’ve had very brief glimpses of past lives and/or various dimensional incarnations throughout this life, I never had so many shown to me so vividly and fully. The entire rich tapestry of my multidimensional existence as seen, I feel from the Akashic records or my own Book of Life. And yet all of these aspects of Self, are truly alive and living out their life purposes in the eternal NOW. For instance in one I was part of a star family and ascending line within the Pleiadian star system. In another I was a teacher/instructor on Sirius as well as a student. Then there were others that were just incredibly cool yet strange. On yet another world/realm I was a large, fully conscious plant in a realm full of conscious and interacting plant life. Interestingly enough plants were the only intelligent life form in this realm and yet we didn’t grow in dirt, but a form of water and we literally emanated out colored ethers that swirled and danced around the entire realm. The other plants I felt, were my friends and we were enjoying playing around with embodiment within this creation, this realm.

Anyhow, they go on and on and included much more detail than what I’m recounting but again there was no sense of one life happening before another, instead it felt as if they were all in play right now, simultaneously. Finally, the veil seemed to be lifting further!! And I’m happy to find that I can still access this information anytime I wish as long as it is quiet enough for me to connect.

The overall sense of heaviness and compression finally lifted for me around May 30. Blissfully absent were the overwhelming feelings/thoughts of depression, resentment, angst, anxiousness and fear. It was if the sky parted that day, and I was finally able to see and feel the beautiful new landscape that has seemingly been created beneath the mass’s view, hidden under the artist’s tarp. Words cannot adequately express the sense of serenity and expansion I felt, not to mention reassurance that all was indeed progressing quite splendidly despite the tenuous uphill climb and absence of the announced multi-day onset event of the MPR. Later on that day I left for a 4 day silent nature retreat.

I spent most of the weekend in telepathic communication/communion with nature. It was wonderful to reconnect with Gaia in such a profound way. The evening of June 1 as I was almost asleep, I heard my name called 3 times, very clearly. I waited a moment and then briefly looked at my watch – 11:11 and closed my eyes once more. I then once again felt myself fall deeply into Self, which looks a lot to me like falling into the Cosmos once you reach a certain point within. I was out after that but awoke feeling even better than the day before. The entire weekend was absolutely wonderful and just what the doctor ordered! But through it all, I do feel that a new threshold and/or space has been reached. We’ve been lifted and/or have ascended yet again, though are still not yet there in totality and/or complete form. It feels to me as if we are straddling in-between the 4th and 5thdimensions in many ways.

On Sunday I was hit with a rather aggravating headache and serious fatigue that lasted into the day yesterday (Monday.) Today however, after a little difficulty waking up, I feel very good again.

So, after all of that my questions to you are:

1.       What happened to the scheduled multi-day, onset MPR event?

2.       What did and is currently happening now?

3.       When will we ascend completely (physically) to 5D or beyond?

HS: Dearest April, to start, let me say that the multi-day onset MPR event was cancelled at the last minute. As you yourself noted there was still too much fear, anxiety, and general angst around the information as disseminated to the still slumbering (at different levels) masses. In fact it was they who chose, once announced, to not enter a period of global calamity. Instead on some level, a preference was given, over-riding their earlier preference, to still experience awakening triggers but not on such a grand and jarring level. Please understand that this is excellent news. For all along the masses have been rather stubborn in their desire for a forceful awakening catalyst, but thanks to the expanded PAT and their support of humanity’s dross clearing, the masses were able to make a better, more informed choice – again, noting that this choice was made sometimes at a conscious leve,l but mostly at an unconscious one. There will still be chaos, upheaval and calamity, but not at the levels they once desired for that is no longer necessary to complete mass ascension per their own choosing. This is what you’ve all been striving for, what you’d almost given up on, and yet you did it just the same! Therefore a somewhat smoother transition is now in order for ALL.

Also, if you’ll remember correctly, in my last message I mentioned that ascension was to move forward first, before the multi-day onset event (though the decision to cancel had not been made at this time), and this DID in fact happen and is still deepening in process. The masses are now at 4D. The PAT is very much straddling 4D-5D (and above), in anticipation of the next mass migration. This is why you may sense you’ve moved to 5D or above, however this is not yet your main reality, though it will be very, very soon. As you know the physical or the densest vehicle/form, is the last to fully transition.

Overall, this is the new sense of space/place you noticed during the course of this last week/weekend. And already physicality as you’ve previously known it while on 3D, is much less dense here in 4D/5D and beyond. For instance, yes you can still see the trees, the sky, and even the material forms built by man, but if you intuitively feel into them as I know you have, you notice they are not as solid anymore. So do note that the densest part, physicality/materiality has already begun to transition, having already had to do so to move fully to 4D, which means your physical vessels are becoming much less dense as well as you further merge with your light body and many are feeling this.

The multidimensional experiences you’ve been having are part of this deepening ascension/ merge process. (The merge process has picked up where it left off in the spring while waiting for the masses.) The veil IS lifting very high now for all of you, and each one of you will experience the unhindered flow of information/insight from Self uniquely. You will also experience more changes within the body as it loses density, and continues raising in vibration/frequency.

There will be a little time yet to go in order to allow the masses to experience and live through their remaining awakening catalysts before we can all move to support the next migration into 5D and beyond. There will be more dross clearing but you should notice a lighter load due to the scenario change and subsequent drop in fear energy. But the ascension finale process and corresponding signs and symptoms WILL continue to deepen and expand as the inevitable moment approaches. Again, your ascension is tied to theirs but now thankfully, there is only one more step to go.

As always, more information will be forthcoming shortly to put things in better context and perspective including a revised timeline. In fact right now other group channels are already receiving some of this information, but for today simply celebrate your, the PATs, first huge victorious step of the mass ascension goal. And don’t forget to stop and enjoy your new view/space, for soon enough you WILL be going Home.


Dear April,

your last message confirms indeed what we have been sensing and discerning since May 18th. It can be summarized as follows, which is an invariant motif in all our efforts as the PAT in the past:

The more successful we are in awakening humanity, the more delays we have to experience as to give some lost souls another chance to progress.

Now we are at another junction, where we must wait for the next green light and scenario to ascend. Insofar your HS cannot give us any forecast for this month, but only comment on past events and trends. It is disheartening as most of the PAT are on the verge of collapsing and some are already leaving this earth through death experience as their physical bodies can no longer cope with the energetic stress on behalf of humanity.

On the other hand, we have never been told the real truth. That only a few souls have really awakened and are ready for ascension. All  our small successes were given to us by our HS as huge advancement, only to repeat the same tedious story of dirty cleansing again and again.

I have just received a message from Jahn channelled by Sananda, where it is said that only one in 10 on 4D have awakened and are ready for ascension or life on 4D without calamities, while all other must go through these experiences at some point in time. Now they are beamed with powerful energies from the source  in the hope that this small number can be augmented somewhat, This has also been confirmed by the latest message fromGaiaPorlal. This is also the reason why we have to stay one more time longer than planned.

This is the dire truth. It has always been an optimization exercise for the HR:

How many more souls can be saved, while the bodies of the few ascended masters are completely devastated and must leave this earth by death experience instead experience the promised physical ascension. It is a brutal world and the decisions of our HS must also be brutal, if there is any chance of achieving even the smallest success with these slumbering human masses of bio-robots that resent any kind of awakening whatsoever.

I knew about this latest delay for some time (since May 18th) and now we have the confirmation .You cannot do anything about this and this overview is as honest as possible under these circumstances. The rest we can think of by ourselves.

I will publish it immediately.

With love and light

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