Live Now!

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl

Originally published in German on June 16, 2013

Translated by Andre Koessler

Live Now!

This is the only reality, which you now have to surrender to completely!The cards of the coming events are on the table. What is the point of talking about this hand, to judge, to evaluate? There is none.

Live Now! The commandment of the hour.

Kill your gurus, your churches, your priests within yourself.

Abandon them, abandon them and become faithless religious humans. Faith in what, why, where and whom? Through that you always create separation, you prolong the state of isolation like that and neglect your trust, your self-confidence, which is given through inner knowingness. Live Now!

Ascension or no Ascension. What is the point in waiting and expecting, when you should live and have to as well. Spending every day with deep trust in God, and looking after God’s vineyard one day at a time, tend to the grapevines and separate the bad sprouts from the good ones. Live Now!

Being neither good, nor bad – not adorning oneself with some coat of ornaments, but wearing the coat of beingness. Without any image of God, without succumbing to any conception of God and your Ascension to HIM.

Just be – be you, be self, and be everything. Live Now!

Living joyful, conscious and segregated. Living and keeping one’s environment clean, which means not to surround yourself with anyone whose vibration and energy makes them belong to the world of 3D. Avoid public places, avoid mass gatherings, avoid all events where people meet to experience themselves on the level of the ego. Being conscious means to always be aware of what you decide.

Live now, live in God and not with God. In God, with trust in God, in a way that there is no separation from HIM. In God and through God – as male and female, The One being everything.

Live now, now live! Turn it in all directions and it won’t change a thing. Because he who lives is in the Now, and he who is in the Now lives. You have been shown scenarios for Ascension, now stop the waiting and expecting – LIVE. Live now.

I am the I am
I am with you

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